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Nexomon: Extinction Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Nexomon: Extinction

Last Updated: by Dennis

Nexomon: Extinction is a turn-based RPG that is a monster catching game that is similar to Pokemon. In Nexomon: Extinction there is a roster of 381 unique Nexomon from eleven elemental types, each with powerful evolutions to trap and tame. The world is on the brink of extinction as mighty Tyrant Nexomon fight for dominion over humans and monsters. Join the guild of tamers and begin an epic journey to restore balance before all hope is lost. Nexomon Extinction is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Take a look at our beginners guide to get tips on choosing a starter and how to capture Nemomon easily.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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Nexomon: Extinction Beginners Tips

Choosing a Starter
At the start of Nexomon: Extinction you are given 9 different types of Nexomon to choose between to be your companion. At least one Nexomon of each element can be found early on and there is not much difference between them anyway so just simply pick the design that looks most appealing. You will find that the most common elements at the very start of the game are normal, electric, plant and wind, while ghost and psychic Nexomon are a little rarer. The best starter in our opinion is the fiery feline known as Lume who is deadly all around the board. Other good starter Nexomon you may want to consider are Trebly and Mara.

Tip: You will be able to find Ultra Rare normal-type starter Dinja and the electric-type starter Gekoko in the wild in the very first zone.

How to Capture Nexomon Easily
To capture a Nexomon you need to throw the Nexo crate and wait for the animation to complete after which the Nexo crate will bob sideways two to three times depending upon the level and rarity of the Nexomon. When capturing Nexomon it is important to take into account food as each creature has a selection of foodstuffs that it prefers, and using one of these food items dramatically increases your capture chance. So in order to have an easy time capturing Nexomon you will need to buy a good variety of food items for your inventory.

Watch your Stamina
Make sure you keep an eye on your stamina bar at all times as the game will not warn you when you select a move that costs more stamina than you have. Selecting a move which you do not have the stamina for will result in you skipping a turn which is a mistake that could be the difference from winning or losing the fight. Stamina in Nexomon: Extinction does not replenish outside of battle so it is important you stock up on stamina-restoring items like ethers. Failing to do so will mean having to rush back to the nearest medic with a healthy but exhausted team.

Nexomon: Extinction Beginners Tips

Visit Palmaya Early
The main story of Nexomon: Extinction will take you east and then north through increasingly difficult trainers. Before getting started on the main adventure you should go west to the optional town, Palmaya. This tropical paradise which can be reached by ferry has wild Nexomon of each of the 9 elements so gives you the opportunity to pick up a particular type that you may be lacking. Palmaya also holds rare food items, and a secret sauce that will make all your food items ..


Nexomon: Extinction Questions & Answers
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