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Neon White Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Neon White

Last Updated: by Dennis

Neon White Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Neon White is available on Switch and PC. Take a look at our cheats and tips to get help in the game. Neon White is a first-person shooter and puzzle-platforming game where you take on the role of White, an assassin from Hell who slays demons for a chance to ascend to Heaven. White is a member of a group of assassins known as the neon who are required to wear animal masks during their duties. Collect 'Soul Cards' to attack your foes or discard them to use unique movement abilities. Compete for the best times by cleverly combining cards to discover massive shortcuts. Uncover Heaven's mysteries by getting to know the other assassins.

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Neon White Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why you should try and optimize your movement and why you should always try and stay on the ground.

Complete the Tutorial

When you start a game of Neon White you will be introduced to 10 levels that basically serve as the tutorial of the game. Try to get through these levels as quickly as possible, so you gain access to the hub and open the game up. Resist the temptation to restart the game over and over in order to beat high scores from the leaderboards. The reason for this is that during the game you will need to return to these levels anyway in order to advance through the chapters.

Don't Be Afraid to Slow Down

Although you will instinctively want to go as fast as you can there will be times when your best runs will be when you explore a level slowly, looking for minor time saves. It can sometimes pay to have a look around and try out jumps from different angles. Keep in mind you can restart whenever you want and after practicing sections of a map, you will be familiar enough with it to get a better overall time.

Follow the Hints When Replaying Levels

Following the hints when you replay a level in Neon White is not cheating, they are there to help you get through it as quickly as possible and make the most of the level each time. Once you know how to get through a level it's up to you to see how much further you can actually push.

Try to Optimize your Movement

If you don't take wasted steps and move with as little side-to-side movement as possible throughout the level you will be able to get substantially faster times. Keep in mind that even the smallest movement changes in Neon White can help you to optimize a level.

Stay on the Ground

Remember that in Neon White you will always be faster when you are on foot, try to avoid jumping and falling through the air as this will slow you down. If you stay on the ground and there is water you will be able to increase your speed considerably. The only time you should be in the air is if you have a power like Fireball or Godspeed.

Avoid Sections with No Demons

Whenever you are going through a section in Neon White that does not have any demons in it there is a good probability that you can avoid that area altogether. Remember in order to unlock the exit you need to kill all the demons in the level which basically means if there are no demons present in a section it is not necessary to enter it to complete the level.

Find the Hidden Gift

Once you have managed to get bronze on a level a hidden gift will become available to find in each stage. These are worthwhile collecting as they not only enable you to increase your social rank with each character in Neon White but also give you a different way in which you can tackle each of the levels. Each of the hidden gifts is a puzzle you can solve which also opens up a sidequest mission.


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