How to Make Money in My Time at Sandrock

Updated: 30th Nov 2023 by Team SuperCheats

How to Make Money in My Time at Sandrock

How to Make Money in My Time at Sandrock

If you hope to survive in My Time at Sandrock you will need to make a lot of money. Thankfully there are a lot of different ways in which you can earn gols, the currency of the game. This How to Make Money in My Time at Sandrock guide will tell you the best ways to fatten your purse.

  • Mining

    The most basic way in which you can earn money in My Time at Sandrock with relatively little effort is by breaking rocks. You gain access to the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins early in the game and the mines there will enable you to find resources such as Copper and Tin which you can farm and then sell if you mine enough of them for decent money.

  • Sell Items

    To sell items in My Time at Sandrock you need to visit town stores with your items. These stores will allow you to exchange your items for gols. To sell your items you need to make sure you have the items you want to sell in your inventory. You can't sell items you don't have on your person.

    You can find out which items each shop is willing to purchase from you by checking the 'Buybacks' section. The price at which you can sell your items may vary so you need to keep an eye on the market value. The higher the market price, the more gols you can get for your items. If you build relationships with shop owners there is the possibility of getting discounts.

  • Complete Missions

    Completing missions will enable you to earn a steady stream of gols in My Time at Sandrock. Don't just complete the main campaign missions, but also complete side missions. Besides allowing you to earn gols side missions are worthwhile doing as they also teach you a lot about the game and give you plenty of relationship points.

    Whenever you see the little blue exclamation mark in the mini-map at the bottom right of the screen it indicates that a side mission is available. Simply go to the location and talk to the NPC to start the mission which will earn you between 200-300 gols and a lot of relationship points when it has been completed. Keep in mind these side missions can also open the door to other money-making opportunities.

  • Do Your Daily Commissions

    Every day at the start of My Time at Sandrock you can get one commission from the Commission Board in the Commerce Guild. As you progress in gaining Workshop Reputation, the number of Commissions you can receive increases.

    You must complete the current Commission(s) you have before you can get new ones. You can complete multiple Commissions in a day. At the start, you will only get one-star commissions which you can complete for about 200 gols, but at three stars, you can obtain around 2000 gols.

  • Choose the Right Skills

    My Time at Sandrock is an RPG that includes skill trees. The more activities you complete in the game, the higher your level will climb, and the more points you can put into your skills.

    The best skill you can prioritize to earn a lot of money is Treasure Knowledge which highlights treasure chests on your map. When this skill is at Level 2 it also grants a 10% chance that you will get a large amount of gols when opening a treasure chest.



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