How to get Water in My Time at Sandrock

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How to get Water in My Time at Sandrock

How to get Water in My Time at Sandrock

Two very important resources you need for farming and keeping your machinery running in My Time at Sandrock are Water and Dew. This How to get Water in My Time at Sandrock will tell you how you can get both in the game.

My Time at Sandrock is set in the desert which means Water in this hot and dry environment is a precious resource. Water is essential for farming and as a coolant to stop your machinery from overheating and breaking down. With so many construction projects and complex components to assemble, ensuring your crafting stations are always running is essential, especially when you are away from your workshop. When you begin the game you will just have a tiny amount which will keep you going for the first day or so and it will be stored in the Water Tank outside of your house in the yard.

How to get Water in My Time at Sandrock

There are three different ways in which you can get Water in My Time at Sandrock.

  • Using Dew to craft Water at your Worktable
  • Buying it from Water World which is located to the west of the oasis
  • Getting it as a Mission Reward from certain Missions

Using Dew

You can get Dew in My Time at Sandrock from the logs and bushes that you find scattered around your workshop. Early in the game Yakthorn and Yellow Lavender bushes are good sources but once you have upgraded your Axe you should focus on Deadwood trees and logs that are on the ground as they will provide even more Dew. It is important to remember not to chop down any living Boxtrees or cactuses as doing so will result in a penalty.

Collecting Dew will become an easier task once you have unlocked and assembled the Dew Collector and placed it in your home. You will be able to acquire this workstation's blueprint by giving 8 Data Discs to Qi at the Research center. The schematics will then arrive by mail several days later. In total, the research process will take 3 days but once your Dew Collector is up and running you will be able to collect and store up to 20 stacks of Dew at a time.

Materials required to build the Dew Collector:

    • 3 Wooden Stick
    • 3 Basic Leather
    • 2 Marble Brick
    • 12 Stone
    • 2 Stone Trough

You will be able to craft 1 unit of Water using 10 stacks of Dew you have gathered via foraging or through your Dew Collector. Purchasing the Level 2 Water Conservation in your Knowledge Workshop skill tree will result in only needing 8 Dew to make 1 Water. This is not easy to do as the Mass Production skill node locks this upgrade which means you will need multiple Workshop skill points to reach this level. You will also need to be at least Level 5 to access the 'Knowledge' skill trees.[/li]

Buy Water

How to get Water in My Time at Sandrock

You can buy water from Water World, this is a shop that is near Arvio's House and the Civil Corps building. You can purchase the first 25 units at a standard low but once this stock has sold out the price increases significantly. You will discover that the market price is then influenced by your progress in the main story of My Time in Sandrock.

If you interact with your Water Tank you will be able to view your Water consumption. You must check your water each hour to see how much you have because if your tank runs out your machines will overheat and production will grind to a halt until the tank has been refilled.

Keep an eye out for a red, cross-outed water droplet above your crafting stations as this signifies they are beginning to overheat which means you need to deal with the problem as quickly as possible by cooling the machinery down with water.

Mission Rewards

Water can be obtained as a Mission Reward from certain missions. The first of these missions is 'The Gift of Water' and it occurs a few days after you arrive in Sandrock. To complete the mission you must have created a Recycler and registered the Workshop with Minister Matilda in 'Becoming Official'. In this mission Burgess gives you some water on behalf of the church and must add it to your water tank.



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