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My Horse Stories Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Dennis

My Horse Stories is an Adventure, Simulation, and Single-Player game where you play the role of a young city girl who goes to live with her grandma in the country to train horses and become a horse racing champion. My Horse Stories is available on Android, iPhone/iPad. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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My Horse Stories walkthrough and guide

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Don't Spend Money on Clothes Early

In one of the first quests you are given you will be asked to put on clothes to impress the judges in the competition. Do not fall into the trap of spending all your Coins on clothes and then later finding out you need coins to purchase grains to feed the horse. This will mean you have no option but to compete again, and you may not have enough Stamina or Energy to do so. Prevent this from happening by putting on the free riding helmet and maybe purchase one item of clothing, this will be enough to impress the judges. Resist the temptation to buy clothes until later in the game when you can afford it.

Focus on the Tasks

Make sure you focus on the tasks you are given in order to keep the story moving forward, this is particularly important early in the game. On the left side of your screen there will be a list of tasks on what resembles a notepad. Work your way through these tasks and also try to save the Gems you earn for later in the game when you will be given the opportunity to use them to buy premium outfits which will give you some bonuses.

My Horse Stories Walkthrough and Guide

Take a look at our exclusive My Horse Stories Walkthrough and Guide to get additional help in the game. This includes how to unlock competitions, how to unlock buildings, and how to do the time cheat.

Don't Waste your Energy

Competing in competitions costs Energy, so it is essential that you manage your Energy carefully in order to progress in the game. In My Horses Stories one point of Energy will recharge every 3 minutes and if you fail a stage in the game it will cost you Energy to replay it. This basically means you need to try and nail the stages on your first attempt to avoid wasting Stamina and Energy. If you are low on Energy you can always feed and train your horse to replenish it quicker.


My Horse Stories FAQ's

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How to make bags of grain mix?
You build a food mixer then you go in your greenhouse and grow the wheat after you add you wheat into a wheat bag by holding the wheat bag then you drag it into the mixer then wait a few minutes and then tara you have you wheat bag
How do I get more wood in the game
You can send the truck out or you can earn from competitions
How do I get my progress back if it makes me start all over
I'm afraid it's not possible - the game doesn't let us connect gameplay to any account, unless somehow from the cloud, but I have no idea how can we access the save from the cloud if we don't have a game account connected to anything :/
How do I get more wood on my horse stories
I normally win races to get wood but sometimes it doesn’t give you wood
How do you sell 5 bags of grain mix in the market?
Hello! It means it's the grain with the wheat, and the grass. It's the second grain you learn to make in the game! Hope this helped

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My Horse Stories walkthrough and guide