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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mother 3 Pack Shot

Mother 3

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Latest update by Goemon on Dec 4th 2012

One of the strong points of Mother 3 is the cast of characters, listed here for convenience.

Warning: spoilers lie ahead!

Player-Controlled Characters

Lucas is one of the sons of Flint and the youth who plays the role of main protagonist. Although he is made out to be a crybaby in the first few chapters of the game, he matures after the timeskip and eventually learns powerful PSI powers on his journey. Along with his dog Boney and companions Duster and Kumatora, he pulls the "Seven Needles" and has his final confrontation with the game's antagonists.

Kumatora is a PSI-user and outgoing tomboy, and also happens to be the princess of Osohe Castle. After battling the Pig Army she stays at Club Titiboo undercover as "Violet" until the timeskip and she reunites with Lucas and party. Her strong offensive PSI techniques make her a valuable companion.

Duster is a young thief and the pupil of his down-talking father Wess. He walks with a limp, but uses kicks to attack, along with thief skills to bind, distract and disable enemies. Before the timeskip, Duster gets separated from the group and loses his memory, working at Club Titiboo as "Lucky", the bassist of the club's band DCMC. After the timeskip, he meets Lucas once again, and despite not remembering who they were, he agrees to join Lucas, Kumatora and Boney on their adventure, and becomes a key member of their team.

Boney is the family dog of Flint, Claus, Lucas and Hinawa. He accompanies Flint during the beginning of the game, and eventually takes his spot as a member of Lucas's party as he journeys through the Nowhere Islands. Boney is an exceptionally smart dog, and can even stand on his hind legs and pretend to be human.

Flint is the father of Lucas and Claus, and husband to Hinawa. He is the first character the player controls. Although he is merely a farmer and sheep herder, Tazmily calls on him to help in times of crisis, as seen in Chapter 1. After Claus goes missing and Hinawa dies, he leaves for years to search the canyons for Claus.

Salsa is a monkey captured by Fassad to perform for the town of Tazmily in order to woo them into allowing the Pigmask Army to take over, facing death if he doesn't comply. He is the main character of Chapter 3.

Side Characters

Claus is Lucas's more outgoing twin brother, who goes missing after leaving to get revenge for his mother's death. Near the end of the game, he is revealed to be the Masked Man and the leader of the Pigmask Army, and must be confronted by Lucas and party.

Hinawa is the mother of Lucas and Claus, and the wife of Flint. She dies in Chapter 1, and her death is a focal turning point in the lives of all of Tazmily. She appears to Lucas and party as a spirit several times during the story.

The Pigmask Army is the primary antagonist group of the game, led by the Masked Man and Porky. They are responsible for the corruption of Tazmily from a peaceful village that had no knowledge of money to a sprawling tourist destination, employing the once carefree residents in a harsh factory. They are brought down once and for all by Lucas and party.

Porky is the antagonist of Mother 3, but made his first appearance in the prequel, EarthBound. His motivation is his hatred of life, and because of this he wishes to destroy the Nowhere Islands and the entire world, so he can be truly alone. In the end, he gets what he wants, as he is trapped in an "Absolutely Safe Capsule", a machine that will protect its contents from anything but can never be re-opened, dooming Porky to solitude forever and ever.

Fassad is the high-ranking member of the Pigmask Army responsible for abducting and torturing Salsa, and is one of the prime reasons the Pigmask Army was able to take over Tazmily. He is a very greedy man who will lie, cheat and steal to get what he desires, but he meets his end at the hands of Lucas and party.

The Magypsies are a race of humanoid beings that aid Lucas and party on their quest. It is revealed early on that they have lifespans thousands of years long, and they view human existence as very short in comparison. Later in the game it is revealed that they are the protectors of the seven needles Lucas and party are questing for.

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