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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Game Reviews for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance


Quick Reviews

Great gamme!!Added 11 Mar 2006, ID #19941
A good game not better than deception and a COOL game cant describe it ummm.. it is kinda like the old 80s MK game. the story lines are good, 21 people and 23 storylines. you should buy it if you are MK fan especially old ones and this game can get trickey but a good game.

Graphics are nice not anything like the 1980s game but it has blood, full of blood, good reason for rating it M. It now it has way better graphics they have new traps which gives it more blood, a very nice game. Mid way has improved its graphics but anyway it is for the PS2 so what do you expect.

gore sound nice sounds for the setting it but i did not like the sound at all the sound was just lame this gives it to be in the negetives, they should have better sound in deception has way better sounds. atleast the gave you a sound volume which is good for the game still a good game.
over all 8.5/10.

Kombat ReviewAdded 10 Oct 2004, ID #11082
I'll start positively. The graphics are crisp, the 'kombat' is action packed, there is loads of unlockable content. This is a good game overall, but I have my complaints. The characters, there are about 21 characters, there where a lot more in mk trilogy. Plus, the most common complaint... ONE FATALITY? what the heck! trilogy had 2 fatalities per character, plus a brutality, anamality, babality, and a friendship. Plus, a lot of the fatalities glitched up on occasion. Scorpions spear impale fatality, the spear often showed through the top of the victims head. Plus, I think the last day of creation, they were still working on Quan Chi's fatality, but they couldn't decide and just gave him the crappiest fatality they could muster.

Replay value: 8/10
Available content (or in this case Kontent): 8/10

Final thought:
Deception is going to rule! there are 2 fatalities per person plus a Hari-Kiri (aka suicide), game informer gave Deception 9/10, but I havent played the game. I will do a review on Deception whenever I get it!

Added 11 Dec 2003, ID #5332
THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Although I do not have the game my cousins have It *lucky* seriously Molchi (or what ever his name is) Likes to throw you around But we still killed him *D-- we didn't get"Molchi" but the game is still COOL!!!!! ^U^

ID #2370

Mortal kombat deadly alliance is the best so far. Midway has really outdone their selves his time. Blood and gore, ingredients for the perfect fighting game.

The krypt is a great feature and the gameplay, even better. I'm really looking forward to getting the next mk game. i would easily give it a 9/10 1 point taken away for giving us only 1 fatality. hopefully there will be more next time.

ID #2369
I have just bought this game and so far have only unlocked a couple of the characters but am enjoying it thouroghly.

The characters look fantastic, the way they move and react to the punishment they are taking. Also characters like Sub-Zero, where the vapours form where he's breathing look amazing.

On the whole this is a great game ....BUT!! not enough finishing moves!! Just one per character. Fine they may look spectacular but it gets boring after awhile doing the same one fight in and fight out!! Oh well better luck on the next installment, LOL!!

Mortal MayhemAdded 8 Sep 2003, ID #716
This is a simple basic tip that will help a lot!!



Don't back off just keep at him with the fire ring and your sword (Or dagger if you were stupid enough not to buy your sword back)DONT forget to get the ring he drops i found it extreamly useful(IT IS AN ATTRIBUTE RING)

Trust me i do it



When you come out of the starting cave

(An area in the game were i think they just put it there to help you get used to the buttons and experience(EXP.))

go to the second hut along the road. Talk to the assistant captain,give him your sword and take the weapon order form.

Go to the warehouse (Huge Building that looks a bit like a barn)talk to the guy inside he will just blab on about you being new after he's finished press START go into items select "Weapon Form" use it and hell give you a Dagger really bad weapon short range and bad attack.Talk to him again and hell ask you what do you want buy the Sword back for 8 Gems.

Thats all for now just to get you started ;>)

Have fun enjoying your game.

BYE..............for now

Great,huh?!Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #2169
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