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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Game Reviews for Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition


Full Reviews

Northo20th Jun 2005, ID #86
Midnght Club 3: DUB Edition is another great tuner game to be placed on the market, but also arguably the best so far, edging out the former great PS2 racing game Need For Speed Underground 2, and t..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

darideexpert16th Jul 2005, ID #123
Midnight club 3 dub edition is is good game. It has great graphics good sound but one of the biggest problems with the game is that they don't have all the good cars. They only have like they need m..

Rating: 74%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Great GameAdded 11 Jun 2007, ID #26840
midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is definately a must have for anyone that likes a gopod reacing game. Every race from start to finish is fast, furious and challenging and with all the hundreds of performance and visual upgrades you can do more or less anything to your car. This game comes second to none the graphics, soundtrack and cars are all fantastic. If you see this anywhere buy it you will not regret it.

A good buy?Added 6 Apr 2007, ID #26113
When I first obtained this game it was very enjoyable, due to the new effects added on from the previous game. The sound of the vehicles is extremely realistic, and the tuning that can be made to them is spot on. The graphics are fairly good, as the surroundings are perfect and the cars look brilliant. The gameplay itself is good, as you work your way through a career in which you have to achieve certain ranks and beat people in races to win items and new cars. The lastability is quite poor as it can be completed in a short period of time.

Overall, this game is very enjoyable due to the good graphics and gameplay. It could be improved, but Rockstar have provided us with a very enjoyable racing game.


Good game

BEST GAME EVER!!!!Added 20 Feb 2006, ID #19686
This has got to be one of the best games i have ever played!! Lots to do and plenty of city races! Gameplay is fast and extremly good! This game has without a doubt the best soundtrack ever!! The Graphics can sometimes be a little sketchy but are other then that amazing! One of the best racing games i have ver played hands down!!!! A must Have! I would have to give this game a 9/10! MUST HAVE!!!!!

This is totally wickedAdded 14 Sep 2005, ID #17217

Better than NFSU2!!
CARS 100% perfect
gameplay 10/10

Thank you rockstar for making this game.

I can say its 10000..0000..... times better than NFSU2.

GreatAdded 26 May 2005, ID #15167
midnight club three: dub edition is a great driving game for all people whether you like tuners or muscle cars or bikes it is the game for you. It has realistic graphics amazing sounds and a lifespan of gameplay.

It has loads of body and performance
mods to build your ultimate car. You can do lots of different race types and if you dont want to race you can just drive around.

It has lots of features in 2 player mode aswell as having net play. overall a well desserved.


Added 13 Apr 2005, ID #3538


1.Go any level in the game where you can talk to a permanent charcter e.g. Kenny at the Zoo

2.Go near enough so that it says "Press O to talk to..."

3.Bust a kool trick and press and hold O when yor in the air

4.Yor skater freezes!Now you can move the camera round yor skater in a kool MATRIX MODE!


1.Go to the place where you can bet on charging rhinos in the Zoo level to the guy and agree to bet

3.decline at the last moment and watch the rhinos collide sk8 over to the fallen rhino(must be 1 rhino fallen,NOT both)

5.Now each time u bump in 2 his head he makes a high Elephant squeal instead of a rhino 1!!


1.Unlock Jango (enter Watch_me_Xplode to get him)

2.Go to the Zoo on career mode and go to Kong's cage

3.Accept the "get kong back in his cage" challenge

4.Pull a lip trick to get 1 of the cage doors open

5.Now use Jango's Jet Pack to get onto the roof where Kong is

6.The first glitch is that u can sk8 str8 thru Kong!!!

7.The second is that u can sk8 on the black hole!

7.The third is when yor time runs out,Kong disappears and the cag shuts u in, leeving u sk8in on black nothingness!!

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