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Mega Man X DiVE Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Mega Man X DiVE

Last Updated: by Dennis

Mega Man X DiVE is an action-platforming game in the Mega Man X Series. DiVE features elements from across the franchise including characters, stages, enemies and abilities. You play as the legendary irregular hunters X and Zero, and take on the internet world known as 'Deep Log' when an unexplainable error occurs causing the game data of 'Mega Man X' to malfunction. Mega Man X DiVE is available on PC, Android, and iOS. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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Reroll to get a Top Tier Character

Mega Man X DiVE has a huge roster of playable characters to collect, upgrade, and customize, and it is important that you invest your time and resources into one that is worthwhile. The game employs the gacha method of obtaining new characters and weapons, so you are relying on luck as to what you get and when. Although it is possible to play through the game with any character you are given, getting your hands on an S-rank character at the start of the game will make progressing the early part of your adventure in particular a lot easier. It is therefore recommended that you reroll until you get an S-rank character.

In order to reroll in Mega Man X DiVE it is important that you choose to play as guest in the game and avoid linking your game to any social features available. Play the game normally so you complete the second stage, if you check your mail at this point for in-game rewards you should have enough Element Metals to purchase 10x capsule summons twice. The Casule icon on the main screen holds several banners which you use your 2,000 Element Metals on trying to pull an S-rank character from the gacha. It may take you several attempts repeating this procedure, as there is only a 3% chance of securing an S-rank character. The S-Rank characters you can obtain from the original banner are Cinnamon, Black Xero, and First Armor.


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