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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team

Game Reviews for Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team


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Overall Review of Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DSAdded 16 Dec 2005, ID #405
The latest installment in the Megaman Battle Network Series is a good one and a step in the right direction for the series. The touch screen features made possible by the Nintendo DS make menu commands simpler to use and chip folder customization more interactive and easier to keep track of while editing. The game includes both of the original GBA Battle Network 5 games and there are two save files to save on so you can keep a save file for each of the games. And if you If you finish one special items called Transport Chips (TP Chips) will appear if you start a new game on the other file, allowing you to transfer navis from the other game (Colonel if playing Protoman and vice-versa) to the game you are playing during liberation missions.

One of the most game-changing new features added for the DS version is the Party Battle System. This allows you to take image data, as its called, for up to two of your team members with you that during battle you can alternate between your party and Megaman on the custom screen and even in the midst of battle. There is also a Party Customizer that is similar to the Navi Customizer except, of course, that it is for your party. Support (for Megaman) and P. Support (for Party Members) programs allow navis to perform certain things while your not using them. This can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your combat strategy. A disadvantage of this new system is that you cannot use it during points in the main story.

Other new features include the two new souls available by inserting certain GBA games into Slot 2 on the Nintendo DS. This also can unlock other features by putting in other Megaman Battle Network games and you can even transfer your folder from a Megaman Battle Network 5 GBA game to this game as your Extra Folder. Multiplayer modes are pretty well the same as the GBA games except that modes have been added for battles with the Party Battle System. Fans of the series will be delighted to see Megaman rendered with DS graphics on the bottom screen while you are not accessing the menu. There are even a few DS exclusive chips in the game.

Overall the game is definitely worth buying, especially if you are a fan of the series. It presents the same sort of challenge that has come to be expected from the Megaman Battle Network series and should keep anyone occupied for hours of enjoyment.

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