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Mars Horizon Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Mars Horizon

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Mars Horizon is a strategy simulation game where the goal is to build a space agency's program from starter orbital missions into more advanced spaceflights that span the solar system. You begin the game in 1956, at the dawn of the space race and then progressively advance into the not-so-distant future. Mars Horizon is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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Choosing your Lauch Date is Crucial

Launch dates in Mars Horizon are crucial and can make all the difference in whether you come in first place in a Milestone mission. Before you launch you need to wiegh up whether it is worth risking an earlier launch with less reliability or waiting for a later launch where your chances of success will be increased. This is an important decision so think carefully before you make it.

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Create your Own Agency

In Mars Horizon there are 5 playable preset agencies from which to choose from, these are ESA, USA, China, Japan, and Russia. Each of these agencies has unique traits that you can take advantage of during the game. There is also the option to create your own agency. It is recommended that you create your own agency as doing so will allow you to pick the traits that match your playstyle. Creating you agency will involve choosing your name, the location of your base, and your flag design. Two traits that are particularly useful are flexible launches and diplomacy bonuses.

Select the Right Game Mode for You

Mars Horizon has three different game modes which each offer a different experience. Each game mode is fully customisable and has it's own challenges and the one you ultimately choose will be the one that best suits the type of game you are looking to play. The game modes are as follows:

This mode offers a relaxed experience. Missions are less demanding, and there's reduced competition from other space agencies.

This mode offers a balanced experience. Missions will test you, and other space agencies are competitive.

This mode offers a demanding experience. Missions are tough, and other space agencies are extremely competitive.

Be Aware of your Rivals

As you progress through time it is important that you are constantly aware of what missions competing agencies are planning so they don't beat you to it. The 'Recent Events' button will enable you to keep track of what is happening as well as by paying attention to the announcements pop-ups that appear on screen. Each Milestone mission has it's own Space Race screen which shows you where you place against the other agencies in the race to completion.

How to Win the Game Easily

In Mars Horizon you will not be penalised if you fail to get to the key milestones first in a mission. It just means you will get fewer rewards, you can though make up the shortfall by completing the Request missions which will give you rewards that include vehicle upgrades, science, and money. The only milestone that matters is the endgame goal of landing a crewed mission on Mars. Whoever does that first 'wins'. The easiest route to victory is to be on such good terms with a rival agency that they invite you to do it in a 'joint' mission.

Carefully Plan your Base Layout

When you plan the layout of your base it is important that you take into careful consideration the costs and benefits. Remember that clearing space to place buildings you researched comes at a cost and although some buildings you construct will provide an adjacency bonus, others may create negative penalties so make sure you check this before you place them. It is recommended that you place a Rocket Test Pad as soon as you are able to as doing so will help improve your chances of successful launches.

Complete Bonus Objectives and Request Missions

Once you have achieved the goals for your Milestone mission you should continue playing in order to get the bonus objectives which can earn you extra resources. Another way to get additional benefits is to complete the optional request missions which if you take them on can earn you rewards such as upgrades for your vehicles, science, and money.

Become a Space Expert

As you progress through Mars Horizon unlocking the various content you will also unlock entries in Spacepdia. This feature is a glossary of all things space and gives you the opportunity to read up on the history of the events that take place in the game, take a closer look at the rockets you are putting together, and also learn about the wonders of the solar system.

Work Together with Other Agencies

There may be instances during Mars Horizon where it will be more beneficial to build a relationship with another agency and work together towards the same goal by sharing costs and science. If you Keep an eye on the 'Diplomacy' menu you will be able to see when you can propose joint missions with other agencies.


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