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Mario Kart Super Circuit

Game Reviews for Mario Kart Super Circuit


Quick Reviews

DisappointingAdded 20 Jul 2005, ID #5902
I'm not writing a full review because I don't have immediate access to the game at the moment, and frankly, I'm still trying to figure out what makes this game so bland to me. I really like Super Mario Kart (which is my favorite game of all time) and Mario Kart 64, but the game just feels empty.

I think this is because the gameplay is just not distinctive and not very deep. In Super Mario Kart it was important to manage the balance between speed and cornering. This was a lot of fun because of its difficulty and universal skill required. And since characters can go extremely fast in this game (in comparison to the track size), this balancing act becomes all the more exhilerating and demanding. Mario Kart 64 introduced a more developed version of the powerslide that again created a level of depth in the game design.

Mario Kart Super Circuit, on the other hand, just seems slow and bland. The dumbed down controls lack depth and most of the time it just feels like I'm driving on air, waiting for something to happen.

This is a more minor point, but the style of the game is a little annoying. I can almost hear the little voice inside the game saying "I'm trying to look as impressive as Mario Kart 64!" In a way, the voice is correct - the game certainly looks like it's trying to look impressive, but it misses the cheerful, comic appeal that other Mario titles are famous for. Besides, it isn't as if Mario Kart 64 looked that impressive in the first place - the game ought to have emulated Super Mario Kart's graphical style .

All in all, though I was mildly intrested in trying to lap the computers on Vanilla Lake 3 and Ribbon Road, even that interest died out in a few days, and the rest of the game was simply too boring for me to actually want to play. I've given Super Circuit many chances - I've wanted to like it - but I can't. I want to see a Mario Kart game that lives up to the legacy of the original two. I doubt that will happen any time soon.


Awesome!Added 23 Dec 2004, ID #3927
When I bought Mario Kart Super Circuit and played it for the first time it was an amazing experience! The graphics were so great for a small handheld Game boy. This includes the various backgrounds, karts, tracks and characters. The menu layout is so easy to understand that the instruction manual is not needed at all. There are many new fun tracks, 8 great character karts to chose from, and a random option that will chose your kart if you cannot. Oh did I forget to mention the fabulous music! If you are looking for negative comments there are none here. Buy Mario Kart Super Circuit now. You will be happy!!

ReviewAdded 5 Jan 2004, ID #1339
Well this game is pretty good. In a few hours I got to the Special Cup so it is pretty easy. Well it is so hard in the Special Cup .. I do not like the fact that I always lose .. Help me!!

ID #171

One of my favourite GBA games. I like being the almighty Bowser or the weak and feeble Toad.

I feel it's not as good as Mario Kart on the Nintendo but it's still brilliant!

A great game to buy (so buy it).

I'd have to give it 9 and a half out of 10.

ID #170
Although some people think anything that has something to do with Mario is excellent I think this game is a dissapointment. It just doesn't give you what you want from Mario. I'd say to any of my friends who want to buy a game like this forget about it. My brother, who always does this, looked through my GBA games but as I'd moved all my games 'cause I knew he'd do it again he only found Mario Kart and he left it. Marksout of ten, 1!

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