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Little Big Workshop Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Little Big Workshop

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Little Big Workshop is a simulation game where a magical factory appears in your living room with diligent workers capable of throwing together anything customers want. Manage your workers, stations, machines and create awesome stuff as your little big workshop grows into your dream factory and turns you into a factory tycoon with the ultimate goal of creating the most efficient and successful workshop possible. Little Big Workshop is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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How to Easily Repair Machines

In Little Big Workshop maintaining your machinery and having it in working order is important. Make sure you have the 'Repair Status Lens' active in order to see a colour code displayed on your machines indicating how much they are worn. This will make them much easier to repair as you will be able to deal with the problem when they turn pale green or yellow as opposed to when they totally break down. The 'Repair Status Lens' can be enabled by going to the top right of the gray-white buttons with the crossed tools, it is the second one from the left.

Create Small Break Rooms for Exhausted Workers

It is essential that your factory has break rooms for when your workers become exhausted. Once a worker needs a break they will start moving towards the closest break room that has available refreshments. It is better to have a simple tiny break room in a strategic spot rather than designing a massive break room at the center of the workshop. The main reason this is more beneficial is because moving back and forth between workstations and break rooms takes a lot of time and is highly inefficient. Short distances are better.

How to Manage your Workers Energy in Little Big Workshop

It is important that you keep an eye on the mood of your workers in order to manage their energy efficiently and conserve it's drain. One factor that affects the energy levels of your workers is the noise that rooms have. The noisier the room, the more it will drop the mood of your workers. If your workers enter a negative state of mood their energies will drop a lot quicker. To counter this you need to add decorative items to the room to improve the mood of your workers, the more decorations you add to comfort them the more their mood will stay high.

To regain a workers energy when they are exhausted they need to go to a break room to rest and replenish it. In any given Breakroom there will be 10 cups that will provide your workers with energy. Additional machines that give you just the right amount of cups your workers need can be installed. Adding a lot of breakrooms will require you to have a lot of recovery items in them. It is important that you ensure you have both as your factory grows so that you can manage your workers with their energies.

The size of the room itself can also affect the overall mood and comfort. Workers generally don't feel comfortable working in very large and too open spaces. Simply adding a few dividing walls here and there will substantially increase your workers mood.

How to Unlock Decorations to Increase your Workers Mood

It is important that you keep your workers comfortable and happy in Little Big Workshop and the way to do this is with the addition of decorations to increase their mood. Having workers with a high mood is important because an unmotivated worker that is forced to work in a bad environment will lose energy a lot faster, this will lead to more frequent breaks and result in lower efficiency which is not good for your factory. Basically, the higher mood is, the longer a worker can work before needing a break.

Decoration items for your rooms become unlocked as you level up, more decorations means a higher mood effect. The decorationns you place will counter the noise, wierd smells, and disturbance machines and workstations in your factory create. If you add two duplicate items in a room, the second item will have decreased values but will still contribute to the total. Below is a list of the different decorations you can add to your factory when they become unlocked, to see when this happens you need to take a look at the decorations panel each time that you reach a new milestone.

- Potted Plant
- Cactus
- Palmtree
- Carny Plant

- Flower Box
- Shrubbery
- Street Lamp
- Small Fountain
- Small Sign

How to Sort your Workstation Queue

Each workstation in Little Big Workshop has a queue of jobs that it is associated with. The upcoming job will be at the top of the queue and all the following jobs will be after it in descending order. If you are not happy with the order of the queue for whatever reason you can sort it to your liking by hovering the pointer over a job. When you do this you will be able to:

Split one job into two jobs.

Allows the moving of a job to another workstation within the factory.

Send Back:
This demotes a job and sends it to the bottom of the workstation queue.

To change the position of the job you have selected in a queue you just need to click and drag it to the desired location.

How to Make Money in Little Big Workshop

The key to making money is to have multiple market projects running concurrently. For example, simultaneously work on a medium/advanced project with a basic one. You can stack up to four market projects, do the simple ones first like the Orcish Multitool to get quick cash while other products are still in the process of being manufactured. Try to avoid contracts unless they are really lucrative. You can speed up production by having different sections of the factory working on specific products and arranging the area so every station is active and contributing. For example, if you are making multitools you can also make ducks or beach buckets. Make sure all your workstations are in the green. If you find yourself in a negative cash flow take a look at what workers you can fire.

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