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Game Reviews for League of Legends


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GamerJoe24th Jun 2013, ID #1457
Hey there my name is gamer joe and I'm here to talk about a game that has found great success in the past years if you haven't heard of it now is the time. The game is called League Of Legends . Its..

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The Legendary ConspiracyAdded 5 Sep 2013, ID #18066
Riot made a website for themselves listing all the games they'd ever made, which was rather impressive seeing as they'd only ever made one game: League of Legends.

In my first fifteen out of thirty levels of playing this game, it seemed like the fun would never end. Really, it hasn't, I'm just running out of friends who are willing to play the game.

This entirely PvP game is filled with unique characters, each one with their own unique abilities, and you can equip them with unique weapons and armor with their own unique abilities. It's really very interesting, and a new character is added "every month" as Riot says, although it became increasingly apparent that the game looked very much like World of Warcraft.

Blizzard- I mean, Riot- seems to have a problem with balance, though, which is to be expected in any game where all the powers are unique. In many battles, players will be evenly matched. However, if someone plays a character well enough that idiots start complaining that he's OP, Riot will most certainly nerf them. Twisted Fate had this happen to him when he had his cast times reduced so that you couldn't utilize his cards. And characters who idiots play but are naturally OP will be given buffs, such as Master Yi being given true damage, which literally ignores all armor and just does the damage it says it does.

All in all, I love the game, but if you start playing a really bad game, at least four of your five teammates must accept surrender in order for you to get out. Three to two won't cut it. Even then, you have to wait 20 minutes to surrender at first, and if you don't the average game lasts nearly an hour.

Riot also created the ultimate free-to-play game, in that people don't have to spend money for extra gameplay, but they will do it anyway. Childish wallet-suckers like Wizard101 let you get to a certain point, but then OH NO! You have to pay five dollars to walk down a different street. In League of Legends, you can only buy skins with actual money, which don't affect gameplay at all, but people STILL DO IT. Riot even gives you 400 Riot Points the instant you sign up. You can also spend your money on the champions themselves, but they can also be bought with IP, which you can get simply by playing the game.

I myself have fallen prey to the skin trap, mainly because when a person owns a skin, it's usually a sign that they've spent a lot of time working with this character and have gotten good at it. This is not always true, sometimes their just smug morons who want to look cool. NEVER SPEND MONEY ON A CHAMPION YOU CAN'T USE.

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