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Lacuna Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Lacuna

Last Updated: by Dennis

Lacuna is a dialog-driven adventure game set in a 2D sci-fi noir jazzpunk universe. A murder. A hack. A bombing. All it takes to plunge the solar system into war - unless you do something about it. Help CDI agent Neil Conrad make a string of increasingly difficult decisions. The game contains mysteries that will make you work for the answers and fully explores the weight of choice and consequence. Lacuna has a very elaborate and clever script, memorable characters, several political extensions, intrigues, and many ethical questions, that it will remain etched in your memory for a long time. Lacuna is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our hints and tips to get help in the game.

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Lacuna, Tips Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why it is crucial that you think through your decisions before you make them and why you should always complete case sheets.

There is No Saving or Rollback

It is important to remember when making decisions in Lacuna that the game does not allow you to manually save files or offer any form of rollback feature that allow you to explore different routes in the branching narratives. Once you have made a decision in Lacuna it is permanent and its consequences are inevitable. It is therefore crucial that you think through your decisions before you make them.

Read Dialogue Carefully

There is plenty of dialogue to read in Lacuna, and it is crucial that you read it carefully as it is not just there to tell the story, it also contains that will help you solve the mysteries that the game throws at you. Make sure you listen to everything that is said, whether it's discussions about crimes taking place or subtle hints given by background characters because when you put it all together it will give you the answers you need. Be careful when searching for clues, as some characters will intentionally try to throw you off.

There is No Map

There is no map in Lacuna, so you need to pay attention to your surroundings as you walk around, investigating the various crimes taking place within the world. Learning the layouts of revel ant areas and making a mental note of how to get to places will save you from interrupting yourself getting help navigating every time you want to get somewhere new.

Take your Time

Lacuna is a slow paced game that is occasionally interrupted by short bursts of action. There is no need to rush in this game, it is more beneficial to take a slow and steady approach and immerse yourself into each case as you do some in-depth detective work to dig up clues that will solve it.

Complete Case Sheets

Make sure you fully complete the case sheets during investigations as these offer you a set of key questions and missing information which you fill in using clues and your findings of the current scenario under supervision. It is important that you fill in these case sheets, as doing so will provide you with a clear next step throughout the game and help you to solve the crimes.

Don't Ignore Interactions

Lacuna is a detective game and in order to get clues and insights that will help you to solve the crimes you need to interact with the various characters you come across during the investigation. Resist the temptation to ignore the optional interactions you encounter, as there is always a possibility you can get hold of a piece of information from them that will shed light onto the case. Remember also that your inaction when it comes to important optional interactions will have consequences.

Solving Puzzles

Lacuna will not prevent you from progressing if you slip up and get something wrong while trying to solve a puzzle. The game will simply continue, not solving the puzzles may make you struggle later in the game when it comes to putting all the clues together and solving the case.

Multiple Playthroughs

You will have to play Lacuna multiple times in order to earn several of the achievements/trophies in the game as several of them require you to commit to a certain type of interaction throughout the play through. An example of this is the Chonky Boi and Happy Boi achievements/trophies where one requires you to feed Horace, your pet lizard three times a day while the other requires you to pet it three times a day.

Enforcing the Law

During your investigations it is inevitable that you will encounter disagreements between citizens, and as an officer of the law its up to you how you resolve these situations. Whether you stick to the letter of the law or let certain things slide if you feel it will help your case is entirely up to you.

View Different Endings

There are eight possible endings in Lacuna, and the one you get will be determined by the choices you made throughout the game. Most of these endings will be obvious when you make your decisions, but others are hidden beneath layers of character interactions. This means some of the interactions you have will be more influential than you realize at the time. Keep in mind that Lacuna does not have a rollback feature, so to view all eight endings will mean playing the game at least that many times.


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