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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

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Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is a rhythm action game that retells the story of the Dark Seeker Saga, starting with the first Kingdom Hearts and moving in order through Kingdom Hearts III. This is done through Kairi, who reflects upon the events of the series. This provides returning fans with heartfelt memories and newcomers with the bones of an incredible story that has been weaved over decades. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Take Breaks

It's time to take a break when you find yourself getting frustrated, tired, or your hands are starting to cramp. Trying to continue playing a rhythm game like Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory under any of those circumstances will just make the game more difficult as you will not be able to focus and hit the buttons in the correct manner. If you have any of thse symptoms it is more beneficial to just give the game a rest and return when your mind and physical state have recovered.

Adjust the Game

It is recommended that you adjust Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory to yourself so the game is set up in a way that you're comfortable with it. In order to do this you need to go to the 'Options' menu, there you will find a music stage settings section where you can change different aspects of the game and controls. These include amongst other things turning on the directional buttons if you need the extra help to turning off voices or sound effects if they put you off.

Recognize your Weaknesses

In order to be able to improve in a rythm game you need to be able to recognize what you're good and bad at. In Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory you can always use the 'Share' button to record your attempts and watch them over to see where and how you messed up. Doing this will enable you to see what you must do to improve and also isolate the areas where you need to take extra care to be sure you get it right.

Select your Difficulty

There are three play styles across three difficulties available to select in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. If you are new to the franchise and not familiar with rhythm-action games it is recommended that you select One Button mode on the Beginner setup. Choosing this setting will enable you to experience things at a slower pace and give you the opportunity to learn more easily. You will still be able to unlock trickier songs and get help from team members. As you progerss through the game switching things up as you learn the ropes you will eventually be playing Performer mode on Proud difficulty.

Take Advantage of Demo Mode

Next to the large button that starts the level there is a smaller button which gives you the option to watch a demo of a perfect playthrough before you play the song. It is worthwhile taking the time to watch the demo as it will show you what's to come and helps give you an idea whether or not you may be able to complete the song. If you pay attention and listen carefully it will also help you to relate button presses to different audio cues in the song.

Take it Down a Level

If you are struggling with a particular song you may want to consider playing it on a lower level to give yourself the opportunity to adjust to the song and it's tune. Playing songs on a difficulty you feel comfortable with and slowly progressing to slightly harder songs is the best way to deal with this game.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Trailer

Select Songs you Like

Keep in mind that you may have to play the song mulitple times in order to get a full chain on it so it makes sense that you try to choose the ones you enjoy and are fine with listening to over and over, and most importantly are within your comfortable difficulty range. If you don't find a balance between enjoyment and difficulty you will only struggle and get frustrated.


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