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Game Reviews for kill.switch


Quick Reviews

Please kill the switch!Added 1 Mar 2005, ID #13279
Kill switch. The title is evidence enough that this game had poor planning and development. At first the game is very run of the mill military assault. Then it drops you into a soldier of one like story. The game doesn't give you much of a story to start off with other then your a soldier and your being trained for a mission. Before every mission you hear "say my name" what in the blue hell does this mean and why do I hear this every time before a mission? After each mission you get a cut scene which is no better. You see a young woman at night. These cut scenes get longer but you see the same cut scene from before just extended! That is cheap and very annoying.

Now to the very basic gameplay. If this came out for the playstation one it might have been a hit other wise the graphics, which at best would be standard, make it somewhat worth to have been made for the playstation two. The zoom for the guns is the same expect for the sniper rifle. That is if you can get them up with out being fired upon. The objectives change very little from kill everyone, steal an item, or place a bomb. The game AI does not help either the start of every mission you can simply walk up place a grenade and walk away with out being noticed. When you get shot your life meter drops but regenerates back after a few seconds. Only if you take heavy fire or an explosive will you really take damage, plus there is life items every few sections. The only plus side is that they use cover and cover fire technuqies. I think other developers should have developed this so that we would not have to suffer with this game. I would not suggest this game at all, if you must play it rent and save you money for better games out there.

Added 11 Jan 2004, ID #6129
I give killswitch 9out of 10 overall
10 out of 10 on graphics
9 out of 10 on reality
some people say they don't like that you die so easily.

Well that's good because that makes the game more realistic.If you duck and cover u will take over!

The 1 and only thing I don't like about this game is the difficulty of the levels.

They are harder than heck!

I love this game!!

This is a pretty good gameAdded 8 Jan 2004, ID #6118
This game is a good game i give it a 8 out of 10.

This game has preety good graphics and preety good AI too the way u can use objects for cover is amazing!!!

The only problem i have with this game is that you kinda of have to use the cover you would probably get killed, if really fast if you stand out in the open for about 5 seconds or you would be pretty much dead.

I also love the way u can dive in this game. thats all i got to say about this game.

See ya

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