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Roblox Kaiju Arisen Codes - Are there any?

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Enter Kaiju Arisen codes when they become available to get free rewards that will help you create more chaos.

Roblox Kaiju Arisen codes to claim free rewards

Kaiju Arisen is a Roblox game dedicated to Kaiju. Kaiju is a term given to a giant monster of a type featured in Japanese fantasy and science fiction films and television programmes, the most famous of which is Godzilla. Kaiju Arisen positions you as one of these huge monsters causing carnage in an open city. Enter codes when they become available to get free rewards that will help you cause more destruction.

Roblox Redeem Codes

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All Kaiju Arisen Codes

There are currently no codes available that you can redeem for rewards.

We last checked for New Kaiju Arisen codes on 11th July, 2024

  • There are no active Kaiju Arisen codes

Expired Codes

  • Thanks10K
  • BmvSjWvPhl
  • DmjoAjJHcw
  • WcCfSnTwYN
  • TqWfKFHfFw
  • UeNmoCklyD

How to redeem Kaiju Arisen codes?

The redemption function for Kaiju Arisen has been deactivated by the developer. Instructions on how to redeem codes will be added here as soon as it becomes available again.

Kaiju Arisen Monster Tier List

Take a look at our Kaiju Arisen Monster Tier List to find out which ones are worthwhile spending your G-Tokens on unlocking. Unlock the best Kaiju possible to give you the upper hand in battle. Keep in mind that each of the different monsters has its abilities and strengths which means you may prefer one that has been ranked in a lower tier.

  • S-Tier
  • These are the best Kaiju in the game, they are also the most expensive.

  • A-Tier
  • Not quite as good as the S-tier Kaiju but still worthwhile unlocking.

  • B-Tier
  • These Kaiju are average.

  • C-Tier
  • Don't waste your G-Tokens unlocking them.

  • D-Tier
  • The worst Kaiju in the game.


    • Shining Construct-01
    • Cost to unlock: 19K G-Tokens

    • Mecha Titan
    • Cost to unlock: 23.9K G-Tokens

    • Mecha Dinosaur
    • Cost to unlock: 16.5K G-Tokens


    • Magma Mutant
    • Cost to unlock: 4.25K G-Tokens

    • Lance Angel
    • Cost to unlock: 10K G-Tokens

    • Ultimate Cataclysm
    • Cost to unlock: 14.5K G-Tokens

    • Brawling Snowstorm
    • Cost to unlock: 10K G-Tokens


    • Nuclear Ancestor
    • Cost to unlock: 1.25K G-Tokens

    • Bladeface
    • Cost to unlock: 6K G-Tokens

    • Lowest Point Disaster
    • Cost to unlock: 15K G-Tokens

    • Throttle Puma RR
    • Cost to unlock: 11.5K G-Tokens

    • Nuclear Dinosaur
    • Cost to unlock: Available free

    • CyberDragoon
    • Cost to unlock: 11.25K G-Tokens

    • Legendary Titan
    • Cost to unlock: 24.5K G-Tokens

    C Tier

    • Avian Cyborg
    • Cost to unlock: 11.25K G-Tokens

    • Wild Dinosaur
    • Cost to unlock: 4.5K G-Tokens

    D Tier

    • Massive Cephalopod
    • Cost to unlock: Free or 750 G-Tokens if you didn't select it as your starter

    • Mutated Abomination
    • Cost to unlock: 1K G-Tokens

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Kaiju Arisen FAQ's

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Will they add new godzilla characters, for example, monster zero?
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