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Just Dance 2017 Achievements for Xbox

Achievements for Just Dance 2017


There are 40 Achievements for Just Dance 2017 worth 1000 points
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10 A long road ahead
Reach level 5.
10 Come at me!
Beat 1 Challenger.
10 Entering the competition
Participate in a Tournament in World Dance Floor.
10 Gonna make you Sweat!
Complete a Playlist.
10 Just Dance Warm-up
Get 3 stars on 5 different songs.
10 Like a rollercoaster!
Dance to a Just Dance Machine Experiment.
10 Perfect Finish!
Get a Perfect Move on the last move of a song.
10 That's a start!
Reach the 'Superstar' rank on a song.
10 Who's the boss now?
Beat a Boss in World Dance Floor.
100 I Want It ALL!
Unlock everything with your Mojos.
15 Bring it on!
Beat 10 Challengers.
15 Dance Crew
Get 4 Jewels on a song in Collaborative mode.
15 Gold Rush
Finish first on all the Dance Quests (any difficulty).
15 Low Profiling
Check out your friend's Dancer Card.
15 NAILED it!
Get 5 stars on a song.
15 Solid Gold Performance
Perform all Gold Moves in a song.
15 Variety Act
Dance to every type of song (solos, duets, trios, quattros).
15 You've got a friend in me....
Finish 5 songs with 2 or more players dancing.
20 Loaded!
Spend 2000 Mojos.
25 Born to Perform
Get 5 stars on 5 different songs.
25 Competitive Spirit
Beat 50 Challengers.
25 Funky Four!
Get 10 Jewels on a song in Collaborative mode.
25 I got the power!
Create a custom Playlist.
25 The perfect combo
Get 10 Perfect moves in a row in any song.
30 Complete your journey
Finish first on all Dance Quests with difficulty set to Hard.
30 First quest
Finish first on a Dance Quest (any difficulty).
30 It's all Good!
Perform only Good Moves or better in a song.
30 Make it RAIN!
Spend 5000 Mojos.
30 Need more energy!
Charge 50% Ship Battery Energy.
30 Out of this world!
Get 3 stars on all songs (No Alternate versions or Mash-Ups).
5 Finding your feet
Get 3 stars on a song.
5 First purchase!
Spend 500 Mojos.
5 Welcome to Just Dance 2017!
Complete your first song.
50 Dance Master
Reach the 'Superstar' rank on all songs.
50 Dance Quest Master!!!
Finish first on all the Dance Quests with Superstar difficulty.
50 Take all comers
Beat 100 Challengers.
50 The ULTIMATE Just Dance fan
Get 5 stars on all Songs (No Alternate versions or Mash-Ups).
50 To infinity and beyond!
Charge 100% Ship Battery Energy.
50 What? Already???
Reach max level.
50 You're Gold. GOLD!
Perform all Gold Moves in 5 songs.