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It Takes Two Codes and Tips

Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PC
Last Updated: by Dennis

It Takes Two is an action-adventure platformer that is specifically designed for split-screen cooperative multiplayer. A young girl called Rose is upset that her mum and dad are divorcing and, when she cries on two dolls she has made, her parents' minds are transferred into these miniature cloth and clay bodies. Guided by a talking relationship self-help book named Dr Hakim, they must work together to get back to their daughter, save their relationship and reverse the spell.

It Takes Two is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

It Takes Two Trailer

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How to get the Minigame Megalomania Achievement/Trophy

To get the Minigame Megalomania achievement/trophy you must find all the minigames. In It Takes Two there are a total of 25 minigames, and they are scattered throughout the game. The minigames must be found in order and once you find one they will appear in 'Chapter Select' and can be played at any time. This means if you are in the process of mopping up you can come back to the minigames later. Take a look at the video below to see where each of the 25 minigames can be found and what achievement/trophy you can unlock by finding them.

How to get the Minigame Megalomania Achievement/Trophy

The Shed: The Depths:
0:27 - Minigame: Whack-A-Cody
0:52 - Minigame: Flip the Switch

The Tree: Captured:
1:30 - Fried Friendship Achievement/Trophy
2:09 - Minigame: Tug of War

The Tree Deeply Rooted:
2:38 - Struck A Pose Achievement/Trophy
3:24 - Minigame: Plunger Dunger

Rose's Room: Pillow Fort:
3:51 - Minigame: Tank Brothers
4:13 - Plastic Prison Break Achievement/Trophy

Rose's Room: Spaced Out
5:17 - Minigame: Space Walk
6:04 - Minigame: Laser Tennis
6:45 - Faraway Frequencies Achievement/Trophy
8:00 - Look at Him Go Achievement/Trophy

Rose's Room: Hopscotch:
8:40 - A Daring Devil Achievement/Trophy
9:24 - Minigame: Rodeo
9:46 - Minigame: Feed the Reptile!
10:14 - Break the Bank Achievement/Trophy
10:51 - Minigame: Batting Team

Rose Room: Dino Land:
11:08 - Snackosaurus Achievement/Trophy

Rose's Room: Once Upon a Time:
11:43 - Minigame: Birdstar
12:11 - On the Rails Achievement/Trophy
12:51 - Realize Your Art Achievement/Trophy

Cuckoo Clock: Gates of Time:
13:39 - Minigame: Bomb Run
14:19 - Platforming Prodigy Achievement/Trophy
15:50 - Minigame: Horse Derby
16:17 - Force Triangulated Achievement/Trophy

Snow Globe: Winter Village
17:25 - Lost and Found Achievement/Trophy
18:40 - Mood Swing Achievement/Trophy
19:30 - Minigame: Snow Warfare
20:12 - Minigame: Shuffle Board
21:09 - Minigame: Icicle Throwing

Snow Glob..

How to get the Faraway Frequencies Achievement/Trophy

The Faraway Frequencies achievement/trophy can be obtained on the Spaced Out Level in Rose's Room Chapter. This is the third chapter in the game. Before you can unlock the achievement/trophy you must make your way through the level until you get to the second collection of three portals.

Once you reach it you need to enter the portal with the pillows stacked outside it. Find the highest stack which is on the right side and make your way to the top of it. Once there you will find a frequency-detecting satellite dish you will be able to control. If you keep moving it around until the frequency is at it's maximum you will be able to hear people talking.

In total there are four frequencies, these will be Rose, Moon Baboon, Hakim (the book), and a recording of Josef Fares who is the creator of the game saying 'f**k the Oscars' back in 2017. Once you have listened to all four you will unlock the achievement/trophy.

How to get the Fried Friendship Achievement/Trophy

The Fried Friendship achievement/trophy is completed in the chapter 'The Tree - Captured'. Once you have completed a few puzzles and some platforming you will eventually break through a wooden gate. If you look left before you continue forward you will see a path with a button at the end. Whichever player presses the button will be sucked into a torture device and the other player will be able to press four different buttons to torture the player inside the chamber and unlock the achievement/trophy.

How to get the Bug Sized Relaxation Achievement/Trophy

The Bug Sized Relaxation achievement/trophy can be obtained in the chapter 'Garden - Green Fingers' once you have found the vine covered greenhouse. To the left of the greenhouse is a sign with an arrow pointing to the spa on the right. To access the spa you will need both Cody and May. Inside the spa go to the right and turn the nozzle, doing this will activate the shower. If you now press Y on your Xbox controller (Triangle on your PlayStation controller) you will unlock the achievement/trophy.

How to get the Plastic Prison Breakers Achievement/Trophy

The Plastic Prison Breakers achievement/trophy can be obtained on the Pillow Fort Level in Rose's Room Chapter. This is the third chapter in the game. To begin with you need to make your way through the level until you reach the flashlight you can interact with.

From there you will find a staircase on the right which you can climb up, jump across, and down into a room with two toy characters which you will recognize from 'A Way Out', the previous game the creators of 'It Takes Two' made. If you simultaneously interact with the two toys by slamming the buttons a short cut scene will play and the achievement/trophy will unlock.


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