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Clash of Clans Bot | ClashAuto v5.1

by Clash of Clans Bot

Beginners Guide for the Clash of Clans Bot "ClashAuto". Follow these instructions:

Step 1:

a. Download ClashAuto v5.1 (Use google to get the link)
b. Click "Secure Download"
c. Your download will start
d. Once your download is finished open "Tutorial.pdf"
e. Install BlueStacks on your computer by clicking the first link in the tutorial.

Step 2:

a. Open BlueStacks
b. Navigate to "Play Store" or simply search for Clash of Clans
c. Click on "Clash of Clans"
d. Click on "Install"
e. Clash of Clans will be added to your BlueStacks application

Step 3:

a. Navigate to "All Apps" 
b. Go to "BlueStack Settings" 
c. Go to "Advanced Settings" 
d. Accounts > + Add Account 
e. Add a Google Account 

Read below :

- If you're already an Android User, just add your existing Google (Gmail) account which you already play Clash of Clans on you cell phone. (SAME GOOGLE ACCOUNT)
- If you're an Apple User, create a new Google Account (Gmail) and link your device to your new Google Account. 

a. Fully exit BlueStacks (bottom right tray icon and Quit) Bottom right tray icon , right click on BlueStacks Icon > Quit

Note: When you do the next step which is running the 800x600.reg without closing bluestacks completly. (Shown above) it will not load correctly and you will need to restart

Step 5:

a. Run 800x600.reg
b. Open the ClashAuto folder, extract its' content using WinZip or WinRar
c. Find "800x600.reg" 
d. Click on it. Run > Yes > Yes
e. You should get a successful message

Step 6:

a. Open BlueStacks: Right Click > RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR
b. Start Clash of Clans
c. Settings > Langaunge > English

Step 7:

a. Open ClashAuto Folder > Right Click ClashAuto.exe > RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR
b. Click free trial or enter License Key.
c. Click ok to pop up window. (You will only need to do this step once - not every time you open ClashAuto)

Step 8:

a. Customize your ClashAuto settings (See tutorial video above)
Note: You must have 3 barracks for this to work properly. 
If you only have 3 Barracks: Troop Settings > 4th Barracks > None

Step 9:

b. Make sure you have nothing touching the bluestacks screen. (The ClashAuto window can be hidden, minimized or off to the side. It does not need to be visible)
c. Ensure you antivirus is off or ClashAuto is added to the safe list. (Note: Mcafee and a few others automatically turn back on after being deactivated for 15 minutes. It is your job to ensure your antivirus / firewall is not blocking the ClashAuto bot from working)

Step 10:
a. Click start > Leave your mouse on the start button
b. Your bluestacks screen should zoom out and ClashAuto will begin to work


Quick Start Guide :

1. Download BlueStacks and Setup your account.
2. Download Clash of Clans
3. Link your account or Sign In
4. Fully exit BlueStacks (bottom right tray icon and Quit)
5. Run 800x600.reg
6. Re-open BlueStacks and start Clash of Clans
7. Once loaded, open ClashAuto.
8. Customize your own settings at your own free will.
9. Start ClashAuto. Enjoy !