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Super Mario Run iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 26 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario Run please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Android

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Coloured Coin Collections

To complete the coloured coin collections for the Tour stages you must collect ALL 5 coins in a single run.


Although Toad Rally's score is a combination of coins and Toads impressed it is slightly more beneficial to impress Toads than it is to collect coins because if you win you receive the number of Toads you impressed as new members of your Kingdom and they are a little more harder to come by than coins.

Scroll Backwards

The only character in the game that can backtrack is Princess Peach. This is done by doing her 'Floaty Jump' move (tap and hold) and then swiping hard to the left. If performed correctly Princess Peach will float backwards, backtracking the level as she descends.

Coin Count

Remember that when you play a level in Tour mode any pink/purple/black coins that you pick up will be added to your total at the end of the run when you reach the flag.

Collecting Coloured Coins

The coloured coins are hidden throughout the level with some of them not being easy to find. You can play a level as many times as you want so a good strategy is to start of by having a few runs to find where they are and figure out what needs to be done to pick them up and then dedicating later runs to getting ALL 5 in a single run.

Ghost House Doors

Always select the door in the ghost house that does not shake intermittenly. Although watching the doors to see which ones shake will take you several seconds it will save you time in the long run by not entering the wrong doors.

Easy Coins

Play the underground levels which have plenty of rooms full of coins if you are running low or the last level in a world, especially those that have a castle as these reward you a bonus 100 coins per completion.

Killing Ghosts

When you encounter a ghost that is carrying keys or coins you have to kill it by jumping over it backwards to make it vanish and drop whatever it was they were carrying. To jump backwards over a ghost you just have to use a backwards arrow tile.

Unlock Characters House

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding character's house will become unlocked. When you place the character's house in Kingdom Builder it will also make the character playable for ALL modes.


Collect 150 Green Toads and 150 Purple Toads in Toad Rally.


Defeat Bowser in World 6-4.


Create or Link your existing Nintendo Network ID to the game.


Collect 200 Red Toads, 200 Green Toads, 200 Blue Toads, 200 Purple Toads and 200 Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.


Collect 30 Red and 30 Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Losing Coins

Try to avoid being hit by an enemy or hazzard as this will cause some coins to be knocked out of Mario, usually the last ones you collected.

Level 5-3 Keys

You will find one key in the second room inside the block at the top right and there is another key in the third room inside one of the ghosts that chases you.

Change Rally Opponents

If you do not like your current set of Rally opponents you can change them by doing the following. Return to Tour mode, play a level and then go back to Rally mode. When you do this you will be presented with a new set of opponents to choose from. Note: You do not have to play the level in Tour mode, you can just enter it and then quit it.

Special Items

Once you have collected ALL 120 of each coin colour in Tour mode you will unlock special items in the kingdom that will enable you to unlock three bonus levels.

Pink Coins

Keep an eye out for Pink coins in Rally mode as they are worth 10 coins apiece and will also earn you Toad applause.

Question Mark ? Blocks

If you place Question Mark ? Blocks in Kingdom Builder you will receive free gifts daily in the form of coins or Toad Rally tickets. Each type of Question Mark ? Block gives a random gift. Note: You can only place one of each type of Question Mark ? Block.

? Block:

Purchase the Full Version of the game in World Tour mode.

Long ? Block:

Collect 100 Blue Toads, 50 Purple Toads and 50 Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Mega ? Block:

Collect 150 Purple Toads and 150 Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Castle Levels

Attain the indicated number of toads in Toad Rally to increase your castle's size to the corresponding level.

Castle Level 02:

Play Toad Rally at least once.

Castle Level 03:

Attain at least 25 toads in Toad Rally

Castle Level 04:

Attain at least 100 toads in Toad Rally

Castle Level 05:

Attain at least 200 toads in Toad Rally

Castle Level 06:

Attain at least 400 toads in Toad Rally

Castle Level 07:

Attain at least 600 toads in Toad Rally

Castle Level 08:

Attain at least 800 toads in Toad Rally

Castle Level 09:

Attain at least 1,000 toads in Toad Rally

Castle Level 10:

Attain ..


If you want a summary of the various moves available to you go to your Mushroom Kingdom, select 'Menu', then 'Notebook' and 'Tips and Tricks'.

Unlock Characters

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.


Build Luigi’s house in Kingdom Builder.


Complete world 6-4.


Link your game to your My Nintendo Account.


Build Toadette’s house in Kingdom Builder.


Build Yoshi’s house in Kingdom Builder.

Speed Boosting Arrows

Although the speed-boosting arrows you find in the ground on some of the levels are helpful for jumping across gaps there will be times you will want your normal speed to reach a nearby ledge. In these circumstances just let Mario walk over the boost at his normal pace and do not jump until you are clear of it as it is tapping/jumping that activates it.

Rainbow Bridges

When you earn and place Rainbow Bridges in Kingdom Builder mode it will expand your Mushroom Kingdom by one screen each. You can earn and place up to 5 Rainbow Bridges.

Rainbow Bridge #1:

Collect 20 each of Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Rainbow Bridge #2:

Collect 80 each of Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Rainbow Bridge #3:

Collect 150 each of Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Rainbow Bridge #4:

Collect 250 each of Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Rainbow Bridge #5:

Collect 400 each of Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Unlock Secret Level

When you have collected ALL of the pink coins in each level of the campaign you can head over to the Kingdom Builder mode to purchase a Pink Pipe that will unlock a secret level.

Coin Magnet

When you have an invincibility star active it will act as a coin magnet collecting automatically any coins that come near you. This is particularly useful when you encounter coloured coins that are just out of reach in Tour mode and for collecting lots of coins in a short period of time in Rally mode.

Out-Of-Reach Coins

When you encounter coins that are located in an out-of-reach spot you may need to vault-jump off an enemy to get to them. When you jump of an enemy you will get a slight boost to your jump which allows you to get higher.

Invincibility Star

On certain levels you will encounter thick red rings that are not on fire, if you jump through these five red coins will appear for a very short period of time and if you can collect ALL five before they vanish you will receive an invincibility star.

Bonus Game Houses

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Bonus Game Houses to play the Bonus Game. Bonus Game Houses become available once every 8 hours and will enable you to earn coins and Toad Rally Tickets.

Blue Bonus Game House:

Collect 50 Yellow Toads and 30 Purple Toads in Toad Rally.

Yellow Bonus Game House:

Collect 50 Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

Red Bonus Game House:

Complete the Tutorial.


In world castle 4, if you stay on the pause block for long rnough, biwser will defeat himself!!!!.

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