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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats and Tips

We have 23 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Questions & Answers page.

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Focus your efforts on completing projects as this is the most important part of the game. Projects include photo shoots and acting gigs and can be done more than one at a time. Select the 'Quest' tab to check which projects you can do and see which ones you are currently embarked on by tapping the check mark box in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Collect Money and Rewards

Make sure that when you complete a task you collect ALL the money and rewards you earn by tapping on them. If you let them disappear you could miss out on free energy points.

Star Power

Increasing your star power will enable you to network with people who are on a higher list.


A good strategy is making sure you talk to everyone as anyone of them could be the next person that will help you advance further in your career.

Change Greeting

If you want to change your greeting you need to tap the hanger to open your wardrobe and then tap the purple speech bubble that is located to the left of your character.


Make a point of always trying to date someone who is higher than you on the list. To invite someone on a date just go to a club or restaurant and click the pink heart icon with the plus sign and choose the person. A good strategy is to start dates with full energy so you have a better chance of completing the gig with 5 stars.

Charm Power

Use your charm power on someone by spending a K-Coin when you are in a discussion with them.


There are a number of locations in the game that players can choose from and move between on public transport so you need to remember where you are.

California Locations

Downtown LA

Pop Glam

DuLuxe Lifestyle Apartments (First Home)

So Chic


Luna Condos

The Brew Palms

CTM Management & Publicity

Mirimount Pictures

Beverly Hills

Metropolitan Magazine


Mystery Entrance



West Inn Apartments

Championship Business Centers

Outside California Locations




Beach House

Las Vegas

Chateau Nuit

Miraggio Grande



Connect with friends who also play the game via Facebook by sending them a request or a message so they can help you earn more. To invite someone to a gig just tap the blue person icon with the plus sign and then choose the person.

5 Stars

For a faster rise to the A list and more money and fame you need to focus on getting 5 stars on every gig.

Unlimited Energy

Shut your game down and go to 'settings' on your device and set the time forwards 30 to 60 minutes. When you now return to your game your energy will be fully replenished. This game is constantly being updated so there is a chance it has now been patched.

Extra Money

You can earn extra money if you do not have enough star power to complete a quest by working at the So Chic department store. Basically it is a case of the longer the shift the more money and Experience points you will gain.

Love Power

To be able to date people on a higher list you need to increase your Love power. Adding new clothes is one way that will help you accomplish this.


Don't be afraid when your manager calls with a long gig to ask him if he has something else as gigs with shorter times are easier to complete.


When you are in clubs buy drinks at the bar and ask for gossip and tips to get more Experience points.


Use your money and silver stars wisely, it is best to try and save them for when you need to charm people who are above you.


You will be rewarded with bonsues, including money and energy when you adopt a pet.

Change Appearance

This is done by going to the Clothes store and tapping the hanger button. If you then tap the head icon a new head and eye icon will appear which will give you options that include changing the skin, eye colour and hairstyle.

Hidden Rewards

Hidden rewards can be collected twice at events that are held at clubs, restaurants and bars by entering both the location and the event and tapping the same wine bottle.

Pick Up

Make a point of picking up everything and anything that you see as you never know when you will need it.


Try to meet as many people in the game as possible by going to places like clubs and bars as adding contacts earns you a fan bonus and will also enable you to connect with them in some of the projects.

New Clothes

To increase your star power you need the paparazzi to notice you, adding new clothing items will help you accomplish this.

Energy cheat

Watch the video

(skip to 1:52 to see the steps)

If you can't see/open the video here are the steps:

(By the way I don't know if it works on any other device besides iOS, sorry,)

1. If you are on Kim Kardashian Hollywood exit out make sure to remove it from your multitask by double tapping your home button and swiping the game from the screen.

2. Go to your setting, General, and then down to Date and Time.

3. If the time is set on automatically, take it off and change the time to a day ahead.

4. Go back to the Kim K game, but when the game is on the loading screen with Kim, click the home button fast and exit the gam..

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