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Follow the dark path or use the light

Infinity Blade III Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Infinity Blade III

Infinity Blade III Walkthrough and Tips

We have 21 cheats and tips on iPhone.If you have any cheats or tips for Infinity Blade III please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Infinity Blade III Questions & Answers page.

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Weapons and Equipment

Always try to complete the Achievements so you are rewarded with Battle Chips which can then be used to buy Weapons and equipment.


You will no longer earn XP when you have fully upgraded any of your weapons/armour to Master status so makes sure you master them all to gain as much XP as possible.

Hidden Sacks

It is always worth scanning environments for hidden sacks of gold and ingredients.

Unlock the Imagine Dragons Axe

Tap the gear icon at the upper right corner of the 'Characters' menu and select the 'Chair Store' option. Then scroll to reach the 'Imagine Dragons: Monster' and select the 'Gift' option so that a website appears in Safari. If you close the website when it has finished loading and return to the game the Imagine Dragons Axe will now be in your 'Items' inventory.


You can add perks by equipping gems, tap on the gem if you want to know what it does. Gems are capable of boosting your defense, attack power or increase your ability to find gold.

Buying Items

When the Goal system specifies that you need to buy a certain item just grind out enough cash to buy the cheapest items from that category.

Easy Chips

You can earn easy Battle Chips in the early Goal tiers by mixing up your approach to battles by using different combat types.


You can earn Battle Chips quickly if you work through the list of one-time Achievements doing the easiest ones first.


To parry an attack you must swipe just before the enemy strikes. Unfortunately you cannot parry kick attacks.


If you use a spear you may find that you lose the ability to dodge.

Skill Points

Skill Points have several puposes, they are used to boost a character's Health, Attack, Shield and Magic while at the same time unlocking new skills in the process.


Complete the following tasks to earn the corresponding Achievement.
Obtain the Infinity Blade - 500 Chips.
Recombination - Tier I:
Do 10 combo attacks - 20 Chips.
It's All in the Reflexes - Tier I:
Do 5 parries - 10 Chips.
Saw that One Coming - Tier I:
Do 50 dodges - 10 Chips.
Brace Yourself - Tier I:
Do 25 blocks - 10 Chips.
Hand is Quicker - Tier I:
Cast magic 5 times - 20 Chips
Deathless - Tier I:
Isa reaches level 10 - 100 Chips.
Hunt and Gather - Tier I:
Collect 10 potion ingredients - 20 Chips.
Socially Responsible - Tier I:
Participate in a ClashMob - 50 Chips..

Titan Elements

When faced with a Titan that is immune to a certain element you will need to equip weapons that are the opposite of that element in order to defeat it.


When given the required ingrediants the Potionmaster can brew different potions that will give your character enhanced stats. Tap the blue circle on the tower to visit him and drag the desired ingredients from the list on the left to the right side of the screen and press the 'Cook' button. You then have the option of either waiting until the potion is complete or spending Chips to finish it immediately.

Exclamation Point

Before engaging a monster tap the exclamation point in the lower right corner of the screen to view it's current level, along with the level of your character.


Get yourself a bargain by keeping an eye on the Merchant as he sometimes sells items at a discount for a limited time.


Try to always equip a ring as these powerful pieces of jewelry let you cast different forms of magic that help your character and damage the opponent. To use the rings you must first wait until the magic orb on the top right of the screen is full, when it is full just tap and then trace the necessary shape to cast the desired magic.


A great way to keep a favorite blade is to go and see the Blacksmith who will upgrade previously mastered weapons.


Listed below are three effective combos used during battles and the amount of damage they yeild upon using them.
Huge Hit Combo:
Left, Right, Left.
Mega Hit Combo:
Left, Left, Right, Right.
Ultra Hit:
Left, Right, Up, Down, Left.

More Battle Chips

When you have the Battle Challenges skill unlocked you will be able to to earn more Battle Chips as you will be given extra tasks to complete during the Titan battles.

Getting the +500 Fire Attack Gem

Getting the +500 Fire Attack Gem
By Rene A. Torredes:
1. Slay the Dragon by equipping the diamond shaped Gem Dragon Stays Longer (buy from the Shop)
2. The Dragon will leave the Map of Ash and Sorrow
3. View the Map
4. Get the +500 Fire Attack Gem from in the center castle courtyard (castle of Infinity Blade I & II.

Infinity Blade III Achievements
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