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Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats for iPhone

Cheats and Tips for Hungry Shark Evolution

We have 14 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Hungry Shark Evolution please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Android

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Unlimited Daily Bonus

Collect your daily bonus and leave the game. Then change the date and time on your device ahead for one day and start Hungry Shark Evolution again. Collect your daily bonus and repeat the process.

Free Coins and Gems

If you view the official Hungry Shark plush toy and watch the trailers you will be able to get free coins and gems.

Point Multipliers

When you eat lots of creatures in quick succession you will gain Point multipliers.

Flak Jacket

Buy the Flak Jacket which costs 100 Coins if you want to protect the shark from mine explosions.

Unlimited daily bonus

To do this cheat and to get unlimited daily bonus is very easy but quite painfull. Step 1.. Get your first daily bonus. Step 2.. Leave game and double tap home button(iPhone) and stop game running in background. Step 3.. Change date and time settings to one day ahead. Step 4. Play Hungary shark Evolution again and get daily bonus. Step 5.. Rinse and repeat. Smile

Gold Rush

Whenever you reach a points milestone you will be rewarded with a 'Gold Rush' which consists of bonus coins and an extra points multiplier.

Gold Rush Mode

When you have filled the Gold Rush bar and entered Gold Rush mode make sure you make the most of this time which makes you invincible while the effect lasts. In Gold Rush mode extra fish will spawn and your health bar will fill and you can earn points by running into objects that would normally harm you. The exact duration of Gold Rush mode depends on the variety of shark you are using what accessories you have equipped.

Upgrade Shark

Keep an eye out for the edibles that are scattered around the map which contain Coins or Gems. When you eat these you will be able to spend the money you get from them on upgrading your shark.

Sunken Items

Hidden around the world are 15 sunken items which when collected will earn you points.

Extra points and coins

Of you go to the part of the ocean where megalopolis and great whites are (you must achieve gold rush in the process) you will become invincible to any attack and you can eat the Sharks and mini subs however you can but only when you get gold rush

Jelly Fish

Fed up being stung by Jelly? If you purchase an Antidote for 100 Coins you will be protected from the sting of a Jelly Fish.

Unlock Sharks

Keep feeding your shark so it grows. When your shark reaches the maximum size the next shark in the series will become unlocked.

Easy Eating

When there is a lot of edible fish for your shark to eat, then shake your shark's head rapidly!
(works awesome on rays and enemy sharks)


Buy your compass thing than you tap or push start more likley to be tap but anyway than youm play then you will see a little compass tjhan you tap mthat you go leftt and you will see a teasure chest

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