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Dream League Soccer Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Dream League Soccer has featured on Android and iOS devices for a number of years and has a massive following of loyal fans and so far has amassed over 40 million downloads. In the game you build your own Dream League Soccer team as you try to take them through the different divisions and cup games.

You can buy and sell players and also improve and customize your stadium. On our pages we'll show you some great tips on how to get more coins in Dream League Soccer which are suitable for all versions of the game.

While we've been playing the 2020 version, we are sure that in later years newer versions of DLS will be released and these tips should also be suitable for those version too.

Please support the developers of Dream League Soccer by not using hacks for free coins in DLS, play the game, earn them or purchase the coin packs that are for sale in the shop.

More Dream League Soccer iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 5 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Dream League Soccer please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Dream League Soccer Questions & Answers page.

All Dream League Soccer Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

How to Set Up Multiplayer in Dream League Soccer

It's not always been possible to play multiplayer in Dream League Soccer, and while it's fair to say it may have had it's initial teething problems, we are pleased to say that it's now fairly easy to get multiplayer working in Dream League Soccer 2020.

How to Set Up Multiplayer in Dream League Soccer

Both players need to be on the same WiFi Network, so if that is not the case by default, then one of you will need to set up a WiFi HotSpot, and the other player should join that HotSpot, now you'll both be on the same WiFi network.

Start up Dream League Soccer on both devices. With the phone that started the hotspot, go to Local Multiplayer and you should see listed the other phone and be able to connect.

Money Cheats

Getting more money in Dream League Soccer is something that interests a lot of players of the game because coins are used for so many things such as purchasing players and improving your stadium. There have been several versions of the game, these money tips work for all of them right up to the current DLS 2020 version.

While we definitely disagree with Dream League Soccer hacks for more money, we do think there are loads of easy ways to get more money in Dream League Soccer. So while we can't get you unlimited coins, we'll point you in the direction to become a better player and start earnings more coins in Dream League Soccer legitimately.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Money Tips

More Money Tips

New Player Reward

Players with a new account are given a nice coin bonus at the start of their DLS journey, in most cases the reward is given automatically, but in case that does not happen, tap the coin icon from the main menu and grab that new player coin bonus.

Be Social

As with a lot of mobile games, Dream League Soccer offers players rewards for connecting their FaceBook account to your game. As well as giving you a fallback log in method and a way to retrieve your account details, connecting your FaceBook account to Dream League Soccer will give you 100 coins too. If you are unsure as to how to connect your FaceBook account to your Dream League Soccer account then here are the steps telling you how to do it.

While in Dream League Soccer to Game Settings > Advanced Options. From there you can connect to your FaceBook account and then you should be able to collect your reward.

Watch the Ads

Another easy way to get free coins in DLS is to watch the ads when they are offered. If there are coins associated with the ad view, you can usually expect about 30 coins once you have completed the ad view.

GamePlay Tips for More Coins

Win games for more Coins

The game rewards you with more coins for wins, and even more coins for decisive victories, so wherever you can avoid losses and draws, and when you do have a chance to win, try to keep on putting those balls in the back of the net to achieve more coins for the win.

Obviously your ability to make these decisive victories will depend much on your ability in the game, so keep training hard, as a way to get those big wins and bigger coin bonuses.

Conceding goals and committing fouls will decrease any potential reward you get at the end of the match.

Only keep the players you really want

While it's important to not only have a good team, you also need a good squad so you have enough variety and replacement players in times of injury or game bans. You should consider selling the players that you don't ever use or that just don't fit into your plans. Keep your squad lean and use the extra coins that you get reinvest in better players or improve your players and stadium.

To sell players you go to the transfer market and place any players you don't want for sale there. Once they get sold you'll get your coins and open up a new slot in your squad for a player which is better suited to your game.

Check out the Daily Objec..

Red and Yellow Cards Removed

1.Go to free transfers

2.Add the equal number of players as the players who are having red or yellow cards.

3.Release the players having red or yellow cards.

4.Take back all the players you released.

5.Release all the players you took.

If you don't understand it you will never be able to do it.

Get a player off your game permanantly

Play for at least an hour and keep the same player in your main position and then release or finish his contract and he will go off permenantly

30 Coins for watching a Video

At the bottom of the main page there will be an option titled "Get Coins" click that. One on the next page there will will be an option titled

"+30coins - Watch Video Clip" click that and sit through the 15sec advertisement video. Once the video has finished it will give you options one of which allows you to download the free app if you want it, another just says continue, if you just want to proceed to your coins click continue. You will then receive your 30 coins. Now what I do, is keep going back to that video option and clicking it as many times as possible and watching multiple videos to get the max amount of coins available from that option. But you can only use this video clip option 10-15 times it varies unfortunately I don't know what it varies on. But if you do this correctly and get 15 videos you will get around 450 coins MAX. Buuuut there's a catch. Once your unable to use the video clip option it will be unavailable to you for 24 hours. Hope this helps!

Dream League Soccer FAQs