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Cars: Fast as Lightning Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Cars: Fast as Lightning


We have 13 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Cars: Fast as Lightning please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Cars: Fast as Lightning Questions & Answers page.

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Don't waste coins or gems on things like decorations as they are not essential and some races have a specific number of elements you need to build before you can start them.

Stickers and Paint Jobs

You can win stickers and unlock additional paint jobs for your car by challenging the other cars you see driving around the practice tracks before you race. The stickers and paint jobs you win are purely cosmetic and will not help you advance to the next track.

Expand Radiator Springs

If you tap one of the arrow signs at the end of any road you will be able to expand Radiator Springs. Although doing this is expensive it will give you more room to build.

Extra XP Points

If you correctly follow the indications when swiping the screen or tap the acceleration pedal at the right time will earn you extra XP point and boosts to your speed.

Lightning McQueen and Mater Missions

Keep an eye out for the exclamation mark that appears on Lightning McQueen and Mater as this indicates missions you can do to earn extra coins and Experience. Lightening McQueen missions are usually racing related while Maters tend to be based in Radiator Springs.


You will not be able to hold the gas down the whole time you are on the track, corners are best taken by easing off the gas as you approach them and then hitting it again once you're through most of the curve.


A meter will appear before you begin a race indicating how difficult it will be for you to win. Return to town and spend some coins or gems on upgrading your car at the garage if the race looks too hard.

Speed Boost

On some of the curves there is a blue circle, if you tap this blue circle when you are directly over it you will get a boost.

Sleeping Cars

When you return to the game after a break you will notice that some vehicles are sleeping in their pits. If you tap on them to wake them up you will earn some Experience points.

Practice Races

You can earn rewards that include accessories and paint jobs by winning practice races.

Thought Bubbles

You can earn some extra coins when you are in Radiator Springs by reading the thought bubbles which are above the cars and then sending them where they want to go.


You need to slow down when approaching a dangerous turn as a speed boost will usually follow it. The speed boost will allow you to increase your speed by slowing down. If you try and take the turn without slowing down you will more than likely crash.


It is more beneficial to try and save your diamonds for when you reach the later part of the game where there are more opponents and the tracks have bigger rewards.

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