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Call of Duty: Heroes iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: Heroes please send them in here.

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Don't waste units by dropping them in before they have a clear path to what you want them to attack. Plan your attack so you take advantage of each units strength so they can easily achieve their task.

Hero Post

When you have upgraded your Command Center to Level 4 you will have the option of erecting the Heroes' Post which will allow you to assign heroes to defend your base. Build the Heroes' Post as soon as possible and assign a hero that you do not use much in attacks there.

Daily Rewards

Logging in daily will earn you rewards, for five consecutive days you will be given five different freebies on increasingly long cooldown timers, the final reward on the fifth day will be Celerium.


Take advantage of the time you have with the shield that protects you from other players attacks when you first start the game. Resist the temptation of jumping straight into PVP as your first attack on another human base will cancel your shield.


Try to always have numerical superiority when you engage the enemy, even when you get the 'match-up' you want.

Barrier Sections

You will not be able to construct enough Barrier sections to fence everything in so only surround important structures like the Command Center and as many resource depots as you can. Your goal is to make those places as difficult as possible for attackers to get to so it gives your defenses as much time as possible to eleminate the enemy.

Special Abilities

Make sure you send your Hero to the right place at the right time so you can take full advantage of their special abilities so they help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Command Center

It is important that you upgrade the Command Center whenever possible as this building enables other structures, units and game modes to be unlocked as well as increases the limits for how much oil and gold your base can store.


Gold, oil, and Diamonds are the three resources that are required to build or upgrade, to get more of these resources attack other players' bases or complete the single-player campaing missions. Make sure you build mines and oil pumps to increase your stock piles for when you are not logged in.


Whenever you lose a defense your shield against PVP attacks will reactivate for a period of time. Don't go looking for revenge straight away, use the time you have the protective shield to recover stockpiles and research troop improvements so you improve your chances in your next battle.


Any new construction or upgrade requires a Builder, you start the game with one Builder but you can purchase more using Celerium which is the game's premium currency. A good strategy is to invest in at least one more Builder so you can have one tied up with construction projects that take hours to complete while the other focuses on tasks that have shorter build times.

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