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Assassins Creed Identity Cheats for iPhone

Cheats and Tips for Assassins Creed Identity

Assassins Creed Identity Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

We have 8 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Assassins Creed Identity please send them in here.

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Assasin Cheat codes

Forlì Story Campaign $1.99 >>> “MAqs70JU_k3”(Updated: 6 days ago)
2. Coin Pack: Medium $4.99 >>> “R_B87hVU_lr”
3. Coin Pack: Large $9.99 >>> “LDdRRoOF_Kk”
4. Coin Pack: Big $24.99 >>> “8qtCXNMj_yk”
5. Pack pour Spadassin de rang Initié $9.99 >>> “T7nBvbM9_Qm”
6. Hero Token Pack $4.99 >>> “dat14FH4_5g”(Updated: 5 days ago)
7. Berserker Pack for Initiate Rank $9.99 >>> “vWwT5pT8_Fm”(Updated: 5 days ago)
8. Coin Pack: Huge $49.99 >>> “oCIzvU_t_D4”
9. Trickster Pack for Initiate Rank $9.99 >>> “DG3tmNAW_Bc”(Updated: 3 days ago)
10. Coin Pack: Ultimate $99.99 >>> “xg1vB885_IC”

Hero Tokens

After you have completed the intro campaign (A Murder of Crows) you will be able to start earning Hero Tokens. Hero Tokens is the premium currency in the game and allows you to purchase locations, character options and Contract missions. You will earn Hero Tokens whenever you complete a Contract mission.

Contract Missions

Don't forget you can always earn extra experience points, coins, and level skills by doing the Contract missions which are basically short side missions. These Contract missions are not connected to the main story and are optional.


When you need to jump of a ledge you can either use the parkour system which is a white line that appears on screen that shows you where you can jump to and how you can land or you can simply tap where you want to jump and hope your calculations for making a successful jump are correct.

Instant Kill

Each time that you land an attack the meter at the bottom of the screen will fill up a little bit, once it is totally replenished you can tap it to execute an instant kill.

Skill wheel

Dodging and parrying is done automatically based on your stats but to perform skill moves that can quickly turn the tide of battle you need to pull up the skill wheel which is at the bottom of the screen.


Hirelings is a social feature that enables you to summon help to deal with the enemy, Hirelings can be summoned once a mission and they come with useful passive buffs. The passive buffs each Hireling has is as follows, Berserker Hirelings raise your health, Trickster Hirelings increase the chances of your enemies fleeing a fight, and Shadowblade Hirelings raise your critical hit chances. Remember that once you have used a hireling's active ability their passive ability will disappear for the rest of your mission.


There four classes that you can choose from, three of these classes are available from the start while the fourth is unlocked with Hero coins. The three classes unlocked at the start are Beserkers, Tricksters, and Shadowblades. Berserkers charge in swinging, their special abilities can stun opponents and damage multiple enemies, and they use special bombs that bleed their opponents out. Tricksters complete their objective by confusing enemies with the use of disguises and by setting time bombs. Shadowblades rely on stealth and use smoke bombs and throwing knives which can pierce armour. The Thief class is locked and needs to be unlocked with Hero Coins, the Thief has the ability to pickpocket and blind enemies.

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