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Immortal Destiny Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Immortal Destiny

Last Updated: by Dennis

Immortal Destiny is an Asian fantasy RPG played from an isometric perspective where you complete quests, grind EXP, and level up your character. Your sole objective is to make the character powerful and dominate in the PvE, PvP game modes. Immortal Destiny is available on Android and iPhone/iPad. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Join a Faction

You may want to consider joining a faction in Immortal Destiny as doing so will give you access to faction game modes which will enable you to earn more rewards, get exclusive content, and meet other players. To join a Faction you simply have to tap the + button to expand the menu and then select the 'Faction' option and join the faction of your choice.

Participate in Time-Limited Events

Make sure you keep an eye out for the time-limited events. As the name would suggest these events are only available for a limited amount of time, and they are well worth participating in as they allow you to earn some great rewards which will help your progression in the game. Time-limited events are accessed from the 'Daily' menu. Listed below are the different types of time-limited events that may appear and the valuable resources you can expect to get from them.

Faction Banquet
Experience, Faction Contribution

Fate Runes, Upgrade Stones

Hero Treasure Hunt
Silver, Gems, Edict Stones

Kill The General
Fate Runes

Fate Runes

Do the Daily Missions

In order to earn bonus Experience points, get powerful equipment, and more levels it is essential that you complete the daily missions when they become available. These tend to be straight forward, and you will complete a lot of them simply through game progression anyway. Make sure you check the daily missions screen every 24 hours to find out what you can do and also to collect your rewards.

Use Ingots to Buy a Demon

Ingots in Immortal Destiny is a valuable currency that is hard to get if you are playing for free. Make sure when you do manage to earn them you use them wisely. This means not spend ingots on opening chests or VIP membership as these are things that will not give you a significant advantage and their effects are temporary. It is far better to spend the ingots you earn on buying a demon which gives you an Experience bonus with lasting effects. A demon will allow you to earn 55% more Experience points both online and offline and also level you up 55% faster for a month. The level of a demon can also be increased which will also increase the bonuses. Demons are sold for 380 ingots.

How to Enter Gift Codes

The developers of Immortal Destiny periodically release gift codes which you can enter to claim the reward. In order to redeem Immortal Destiny gift codes you must tap the 'Benefit' option on your screen. If there is no 'Benefit' option you need to progress further into the game by clearing some stages and leveling up. Once you have unlocked the 'Benefit' option you need to tap it and then tap the 'Pack Exchange' option and enter the gift code.

Enter the latest code to get your reward, this code expires 11th April 2021



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