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Huntdown Cheats and Tips

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android
Last Updated: by Dennis

Huntdown is a retro side-scrolling arcade shooter set in the future. Marauding criminal gangs have taken control and police are all but powerless. Only the bounty hunters can free the city from the thugs that have turned it into a smouldering warzone. Take control of one of three bounty hunters and recieve your oders from the Wolf Mother, spokesperson for the Shimamoto Corporation who will provide you with intel on the whereabouts of five bosses for each of the gangs spread across the various areas of the city. Huntdown is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Take a look at out tips to get help in the game.

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Huntdown Tips

Timing is Important
There will be situations in Huntdown where you will have no option but to implement a tactical approach that will require precise timing to pull it off. Being able to slide from cover to cover to avoid taking a hit and getting your timing right to avoid bullets while jumping between platforms are two super important things you need to master.

Choose the Right Weapons
It is important that you know the strengths of your character's primary weapons and use them as much as possible to your advantage. Each of the bounty hunters have their own unique primary weapon with infinite ammo and each works differently. Mow Man you can spam the trigger button to fire faster, John Swayer's weapon is able to deal more damage at the cost of having to wait slightly longer between each shot, and Anna Conda's gun fires in bursts. Make sure you choose the bounty hunter who has the weapon that best suits your playstyle.

Conserve Ammo
It is important to remember that if you manage to pick up a great weapon in the levels the ammo for it will be limited. The best tactic in Huntdown is to switch back to your less powerful primary weapon in order to save ammo for a harder fight ahead. You can pick up powerful grenades that will replace your throwing weapon but they can be dropped and re-equipped at any time.

Study Enemy Attack Patterns
In Huntdown there are different types of gangs you need to wipe out, these enemies include feral punks, organized hockey hooligans, and a murderous rockabilly motorcycle club. One thing all these enemies have in common are their attack patterns which by studying will enable you to take them down swiftly. Although the gang bosses will challenge your skill and reflexes more they can also be easily defeated by learning their attack patterns.

Study Enemy Attack Patterns

How to get Full Health
Each of the stages Huntdown challenges you to defeat a number of enemies and collect 3 caches which are either hidden behind breakable walls or carried by a fleeing foe which you will need to dash into danger to catch. Therefore it is inevitable that while attempting to comple..


Huntdown FAQ's

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