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Horned Knight Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Dennis

Horned Knight is a challenging 2D action-platformer where you must overcome all fears, enemies, and traps as the Hero Knight. Your quest is to rewrite destiny with your trusty sword, destiny - the realm depends on it. Horned Knight is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to Complete Levels Quicker

You will be able to complete levels quicker in Horned Knight once you have earned the Slay Them All! Achievement/trophy as you will then be free to dash/jump past the enemies to complete the levels. To get the Slay Them All! Achievement/trophy you must defeat 50 enemies. An easy way to do this is to grind the boss at the end of Level 8 who attacks you with his minions which are small and can be dealt with easily.

How to get the Nobody Can Stop You Achievement/Trophy

To get the Nobody Can Stop You achievement/trophy you must block 15 projectiles. In order for the blocked projectiles to count you must thwart them using the Square button on your PlayStation controller (X button on Xbox controller) to hit the projectile with your sword just before it reaches you.

This may initially take some practice to get the timing correct, but it is not difficult to do once you get the hang of it. If you finish Chapter 1 and have not blocked the required 15 projectiles to unlock the achievement/trophy you can always get them by heading back to Level 4 which has the snake at the start of the level that spits lava.

How to get the Advancing By Leaps and Bounds Achievement/Trophy

To get the Advancing By Leaps and Bounds achievement/trophy you must defeat the boss within Level 8. The easiest way in which to defeat this boss when you encounter it in Level 8 is to stand either to the left or right of it and keep mashing the Square button on your PlayStation controller (X button on Xbox controller) until you have defeated all the enemies including the boss.

Don't worry about taking the occasional hit while doing this because your power bar will be continually replenishing as you kill the smaller minions of the boss. Once the boss has been defeated the Advancing By Leaps and Bounds trophy/achievement will become unlocked.

How to get the Infinite Resurrection Achievement/Trophy

In order to get the Infinite Resurrection achievement/trophy you must die 27 times. There is a possibility that you will get this naturally by the time you have completed Chapter 1.

If you have not got it don't worry because you can get it easily in Chapter 2 by grinding a spot just after the first checkpoint in Level 9 by simultaneously pressing the top, left, and bottom buttons of the d-pad on your controller to fall into the lava. Keep repeating until you have died 27 times and the Infinitive Resurrection achievement/trophy will unlock.

How to get the Invincible Achievement/Trophy

To get the Invincible achievement/trophy you must collect 7 hearts. You start each level in Horned Knight with 6 'Hearts', each of which represents a life. In order to gain extra hearts you must kill enemies as you progress through the game. Each time you kill an enemy a power bar will replenish up in the top left corner and once it has become full the next enemy you kill will drop a heart. All you simply have to do is collect it, pick up 7 hearts in this manner, and you will unlock the Invincible achievement/trophy.

How to get the Step by Step Achievement/Trophy

To get the Step by Step achievement/trophy you must successfully complete the first 3 levels in Horned Knight. Keep in mind when you attempt this that there are checkpoints scattered throughout each level that reset your Heart meter once you reach them. Therefore, if you find yourself struggling to complete any part of a level for whatever reason you may want to consider dying in order to have full life when you attempt the part of the level you are having difficulty with. This will more than likely be the sections that involve dashing to another part.

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