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Homesteads: Dream Farm Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Homesteads: Dream Farm

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Homesteads: Dream Farm Cheats, Tips, and Questions

Homesteads: Dream Farm is available on iOS and Android, take a look at our cheats, tips, and questions to get help in the game. In Homesteads: Dream Farm you create an ideal place to live in the Wild West. Harvest crops, take care of pets, get milk, eggs, and other materials needed for farming, sell and exchange goods to develop your city. Open diners, theaters and other public buildings to encourage social life. Catch criminals in the town, don't let them scare the townspeople. Play the Saloon mini-game for valuable rewards. Get jewelry in the mine, and send ships with them for sale abroad. Bargain with Indians and establish business relationships with them. In Homesteads: Dream Farm you will meet new friends and take part in exciting adventures in the vast expanses of the Wild West.

Homesteads: Dream Farm Walkthrough and Guide

Homesteads: Dream Farm Cheats and Tips

Below is a collection of cheats and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why you should build houses to increase the population of your town and how to get free dollars and coins. As well as these hints and tips, we also have a beginners guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

Collect your Daily Bonus

Each new day you log in to Homestead: Dream Farm you will collect a daily bonus of 20 coins. You can double this amount to 40 coins by accepting the option to watch a video advertisement. Keep in mind on the seventh day of every week you will unlock the contents of a chest which will be full of useful items.

Increase your Population

Make building houses one of your priorities in Homestead: Dream Farm as doing so will reward you 40 coins each time and raise the population of your town. This is important as there are buildings that require a certain number of residents to be living in your town before they can be built.

Prepare the Feed for Animals

Feed is the food grown or developed for livestock and poultry, and you can make it in Homestead: Dream farm from wheat. To prepare the feed just go to the Feed Factory and drag the Wheat onto the building.

Always Have Crops Growing

It is essential that you are always growing crops in your fields, so you are continuously increasing the resources you have available in the Barn. As soon as you have harvested your fields be sure to sow them with new crops. Never leave them empty.

Send Off the Stagecoaches

Load up the stagecoaches whenever possible, so you can send them off to bring back building materials and tools which you can use to develop your town further and open new territories.

Feed the Chicken

Don't forget to feed the chicken as they will provide you with useful produce. To feed the chicken you need to tap on the Paddock, select the egg and swipe through the Paddocks. To collect the eggs you just need to tap on the Paddock and swipe with the basket. You will be rewarded 50 coins when you feed the chicken.

Get Free Dollars and Coins

If you go to either the Market or the bank the game will offer you free dollars and coins in exchange for watching a 30-second video advertisement. Make sure you always take advantage of this offer whenever it is available to get free money.

Invest in the Safe

Consider purchasing the safe in Homesteads: Dream Farm so you are able to collect dollars and then redeem them at a bargain price.

Get Missing Goods

Don't forget that if there are particular items you need you can always purchase the missing goods on the Train.

Exchange Materials

You can exchange materials for ones that you need at the River Station. At the River Station you will also be able to send steamboats to get building materials and tools.

Help Friends

Keep in mind that in Homesteads: Dream Farm you can help friends or ask for their help if you are struggling with something. When you help, you will be rewarded coins, XP and badges to play in the Saloon.

Make Deals

When you reach the late stages of the game you will be able to get valuable rewards for making deals with the Native Americans.

Take a look at our How to Unlock Buildings guide to find out what requirement must be met to before you can begin construction of the different buildings in Homesteads: Dream Farm.



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