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Hitman 3 Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Hitman 3

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Hitman 3 is a stealth game played from a third-person perspective that continues the story of the last two games. You play the role of assassin Agent 47 who travels to various locations and carries out contracted assignations. The base game features six new locations: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza and an epilogue set in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. If you own Hitman or Hitman 2 you will be able to import maps, levels and their progress into Hitman 3. Hitman 3 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to get the Best Gear

In order to get gear in Hitman 3 you must increase your Mastery Level within specific missions. This is achieved by playing and completing them over and over again, altering your style completing the special challenges, so you are able to earn extra XP and ascend through the ranks. Listed below is what we consider to be the best gear Hitman 3.

Custom 5MM DTI
What makes this gun so special is that it is able to pass a frisk check which enables you to smuggle it into high-security areas such as the ICA offices in Chongqing. The weapon is also suppressed which will enable you to take out targets and cameras silently from within. The Custom 5MM DTI is unlocked by reaching Level 7 Mastery on the Berlin map.

Hackl Levithan Sniper Rifle Covert
This is the best covert sniper rifle in Hitman 3. It is equipped with the Extended Scope and Marksman perks which means it has four levels of zoom and the ability to slow time for accuracy. This sniper rifle has great range and accuracy and is able to pierce targets. It is also equipped with a Suppressor which makes it totally silenced. The Hackl Levithan Sniper Rifle Covert is unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 20 on the Chongqing mission.

Electronic Key Hacker Mk III
Although this electronic key has one use, it is essential in situations where you need to swipe a keycard to enter a high-security room. If you do not have this Electronic Key in your possession will have no alternative but to try pacifying a risky guard in order to proceed. The Electronic Key Hacker Mk III is unlocked by reaching Level 2 Mastery on the Chongqing map (End Of An Era mission). Once you unlock this electronic key, you'll be able to use it on the rest of the maps in Hitman 3.

Look for Short Cuts

A new feature introduced to Hitman 3 are shortcuts that allow you to travel through different parts of the map, so you can reach a mission-related location faster and easier. Make sure on your first run on any mission you keep an eye out for a crowbar, there will always be a crowbar on the map, and it will be needed to unlock the shortcut. Alternately, you can take a crowbar with you on a mission if you have it in your 'permanent' inventory.

Shortcuts are easy to spot, they are marked by giant yellow bars on a door or ladder. All you need to do when you find one is crack it open with your crowbar. Doing so will create a permanent shortcut through the map which will come in useful for replaying missions to complete other assassination variants.

Distract the Enemy with Coins

At the start of each level in Hitman 3 you will find three silver coins under the 'Distractions' tab which can be thrown to create an audible distraction. If an NPC hears the sound, they will investigate the area where the coin lands and pick it up when found. While the NPC is searching for the source of the sound, you will be able to slip by undetected. These coins can also be placed on a surface which will attract an NPC's attention if it is close enough to them and lies within their line of sight. You can find more coins throughout the level which you can use. It is possible to use other throwable items to lure targets, but using the coin is the best way because it is so subtle it doesn't draw unwanted attention.

To use a coin as a distraction, you first need to select it from your inventory. To do that, use the left or right d-pad button on your controller to cycle through the items you have on you, and then press the X/A button to equip it.

Use Disguises to Help Unlock Missions

Obtaining a credible disguise in Hitman 3 is one of the best things you can do to help complete a mission as it can help your exploration efforts without raising suspicion. Using disguises gives you the opportunity to infiltrate restricted areas of the map without being noticed. There are many disguises in the game, these include bodyguard, waiter, photographer, private investigator, and cook. There are two main ways in which to obtain a disguise, you can take them of an NPC or find them on the map.

The first way is to overpower the NPC whose outfit you want and then take their belongings. Make sure you dispose of the body in a closet or container afterward, so they are not found, and the alarm is raised. If you are playing Hitman 3 on the Master difficulty setting, which is the toughest level in the game, you need to remember that bloodily eliminating enemies ruins the disguise. The other way in which you can obtain disguises is to find them on the map. Scattered throughout the map will be abandoned disguises you can immediately change into.

Use Disguises to Help Unlock Missions

Listen to NPC Dialogue

It is essential that you pay close attention to the NPC dialogue in Hitman 3 as they may have some useful information you can take advantage to make the mission easier. As you progress through the game there will be instances where you will come across an NPC having a conversation and the game volume will increase as you approach them. When this happens it is the game telling you that you should listen to what they have to say.

How to Smuggle a Sniper Rifle

In Hitman 3 sniper rifles are forbidden weapons which you cannot take to an area where you will be completing a mission. There are though a couple of ways in which you can smuggle them in.

The first way is by using a ICA briefcase to conceal it and carry it around. You won't be able to do this until you have reached a certain mastery level, in the Dubai mission for example it won't be until you have reached Mastery Level 15. Once you have reached the requirement, go to the 'Containers' tab and select the ICA briefcase in the 'Gear' window and assign the weapon to it. To then use the sniper rifle you must place it on the ground and unpack it. Once you have finished using it, the weapon can be placed back in the ICA briefcase.

The other way you can smuggle a sniper rifle during a mission is to use the Hidden Stashes which are unlocked by reaching a certain mastery level on a map. There are several stashes available on each map in different locations which you can use to easily access forbidden items like the sniper rifle. The items that you smuggle onto the map are picked up from a location that serves as a stash.

Take Advantage of Manually Saving

Don't rely on the Hitman 3 auto-save system as the restore points the game gives you are arbitrary, they tend to occur when you discover a new area or experience an important event. It is therefore recommended that you make manual saves before you engage in an activity that may have consequences if it goes wrong. You can also take advantage of manually saving by doing so right before an assassination and then take out your target in various ways in order to rack up the XP. To manually save in Hitman 3 you press the 'Options' button on PS4/PS5 and the 'Menu' button on Xbox One/ Xbox Series S and select the 'Save' option. From here select the file slot you want to save in and press X/A.

Mastery Level Rewards Guide

The rewards that you can get in Hitman 3 are earned by reaching a certain mastery level on a specific map. These rewards include explosives, lockpicks, sniper rifles, poison vials, suits, and hidden stashes. Listed below are the mastery levels of each map and what you can expect to unlock when you reach them.

Dubai, UAE

Mastery Level 2: Burj Al-Ghazali Snowglobe/Atrium Lobby (Starting Location)

Mastery Level 3: Kitchen (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 4: Meeting Room (Starting Location)

Mastery Level 5: Emetic Poison Vial

Mastery Level 6: Penthouse Supply Room (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 7: Art Installation (Starting Location)/ICA Briefcase Mk III

Mastery Level 8: Atrium Toilet (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 9: Maintenance Room (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 10: Explosive Golf ball

Mastery Level 11: Guard Room (Starting Location)

Mastery Level 12: Laundry Room (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 13: Ornate Scimitar

Mastery Level 14: Art Backstage Balcony (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 15: Druzhina 34 DTI (Sniper Rifle)

Mastery Level 16: N/A

Mastery Level 17: Penthouse Ventilation System (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 18: N/A

Mastery Level 19: Penthouse

Mastery Level 20: Ashen Suit with Gloves/ICA Proximity Explosive MkIII
Dartmoor, England

Dartmoor, England

Mastery Level 2: Deliveries (Hidden Stash)/Lockpick Mk III

Mastery Level 3: Bathroom (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 4: Garden (Starting Location)

Mastery Level 5: Greenhouse (Hidden Stash)/ICA19 Shortballer (Pistol)

Mastery Level 6: Staff Room (Starting Location)

Mastery Level 7: Changing Room (Hidden Stash)/Sedative Poison Vial

Mastery Level 8: Behind Mansion (Starting Location)

Mastery Level 9: Graveyard (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 10: ICA Remote Audio Distraction Mk III

Mastery Level 11: Library (Starting Location)

Mastery Level 12: Library (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 13: Kukri Knife

Mastery Level 14: Hallway (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 15: Proximity Explosive Duck

Mastery Level 16: Zachary├ó┬?┬?s Bedroom (Starting Location)

Mastery Level 17: Laundry Room (Hidden Stash)

Mastery Level 18: Main Road (Starting Location)/Walking Cane

Mastery Level 19: Behind Mansion (Starting Location)


Plan your Mission Carefully

Not only is it crucial to pay attention to Diana Burwood, 47's handler who provides him with information about his contracts and assists during missions, you also need to carefully consider which pieces of gear will benefit the kind of assignment you are about to embark on. Gear such as keycard cloning devices, poison vials, and lockpicks will become unlocked and at your disposal as you your Mastery Level increases in missions. Planning is an important phase in the game as choosing the right piece of kit for a mission can save you when you find yourself in a bind.


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