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Hidden Through Time Cheats and Tips

iPhone/iPad, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Android, PlayStation 4
Last Updated: by Dennis

Hidden Through Time is a hide and seek game where the objective is to decipher cryptic hints in order to find hidden objects that are scattered in four specific periods of history. There is a progression of 26 levels that take place across the four periods: Stone Age with dinosaurs, ancient Egypt with giant gods walking around, medieval Europe with goblins, and the American Wild West. Once you have found enough objects in each of the colourful hand drawn levels you will be abe to advance to the next one. Hidden through time is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS, and Android. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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How to get the Compulsive Searcher Achievement

To earn the Compulsive Searcher Achievement you must find all of the hidden objects in Story mode. In total there are 248 objects to find and they are split between 26 different levels. It is recommended that you resist the temptation of using the skip button and find all the objectives in a level before advancing. Use the cryptic hints that are provided on the bottom of the screen to help narrow down the location of the object you are searching for.

Listed below are each of the four periods of history along with a list of the levels and how many hidden objects you need to find in each of them. If you are really struggling to find a particular object for whatever reason you may want to have a look at the video which is also below to see it's location. Once you manage to find the final hidden object the Compulsive Searcher Achievement will unlock.

Stone Age:

- T-Rex (3)
Spear: Just west of the tent.
Dinosaur Nest: Inside the tent.
Meat Leg: Beneath the shelter near the T-Rex.

- Village (4)
Mouse: Inside the northwest tent.
Knife: On the ground in the southeast.
Axe: Behind the wood piles in the northeast.
Arrow: Stuck in the dead tree to the north.

- Gathering (9)
Wolf: Behind a tree in the east.
Chameleon: In some bushes at the northwest.
Knife: On the ground in front of a tent to the south.
Banana: Right next to the large dinosaurs.
Warrior: In the west part of the gathering.
Snail: Amongst the fruit in the top fruit shelter.
Rhino Skull: Hidden behind a dancer near the top campfire.
Rock Bird: Inside the tent in front of the drying racks.
Shaman: Inside the far right tent.

- Rock Expo (10)
Raptor: Hidden amongst large rocks in the north.
Caveman: In the middle of the left dancing group to the west.
Wild Fruit: Between rocks, under a shelter behind the stonemasons.
Rock Monkey: On the ground in the north, near some diamonds.
Banana: In a bowl between the stationary mammoths.
Bowling Pin: Inside the right rock hut in the east.
Beetle: Inside the stone hearth next to the painting group in the east.
Cavewoman: In a group of 5 people watching the rhinos in the south.
Rock T-Rex: Break down the stone blocks being carving by the stone masons to leave this.
Egg: On the ground next to a tree in the southeast.

- Zoo (15)
Turnip Mask: Inside the tent to the east.
Parasaurolophus: In the triceratops pen to the east.
Dilophosaurus: In the dinosaur pen to the south.
Chameleon: In a green bush in the pterodactyl pen to the southwest.
Snail: Inside the dinosaur skull in the middle of the map.
Egg: On the ground in the pen with the T-Rex to the west.
Lizard: Under the shelter in the raptor pen to the north.
Caveman: In the small plants to the far west.
Foot Print: In the dinosaur pen to the northwest.


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