Hades Cheats, Tips and Strategy
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Hades Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Hades

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Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler where you play the role of Zagreus, immortal son of Hades, on his quest to escape from the underworld and reach Mount Olympus. In order to do so Zagreus will need to hack and slash through an army of lost souls. At times Zagreus will be aided by gifts bestowed on him by Olympians that will enchance his abilities considerably. Hades is available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Collect Chthonic Keys Early

When you start playing Hades it is recommended that you prioritize collecting the Chthonic Keys as they can be used to open troves, unlock weapons, and unlock Mirror of Night abilities which are game-changing upgrades in the early game. Whenever you are given the option of either a Chthonic Key or gold and jewels you should always at this stage of the game take the Chthonic Key. Keep doing so until your armory and Mirror of Night abilities are maxed out. Eventually you will unlock the option to trade jewels for Chtonic Keys at a merchant in the underworld which will speed up the process of getting Chthonic Keys.

Use the Dash-Strike as your Primary Attack

The dash-strike is the most powerful base move in Hades and you should use it as your primary attack throughout every run. Using the dash-strike increases the effectiveness of every weapon in the game one way or another and also increases your ability to dodge attacks significantly. Boons and upgrades that specifically apply to dash-striking can increase the power of this skill dramatically.

Prioritize Daedalus Hammers on a Run

In Hades the most powerful enhancements you will find are the Daedalus Hammers and you should always prioritize getting them on a run. Daedalus Hammers can commonly be found in two areas, one in Elysium and the other in Tartarus. The reason why you should always get the Daedulus Hammers is because they upgrade an aspect of your current weapon to a level where it dramatically impacts the rest of your playthrough. Never pass up Daedulus Hammers for any other reward.

How to get Bonus Darkness

Before you begin a run in Hades one weapon in the armory will be surrounded by by a purple hue. This is to indicate that when it is used you will gain bonus Darkness. Make sure you choose this purple weapon for every run as it is an easy way to increase the currency you earn and experiment early with the Boons and weapons that the game offers.

Mirror of Night Upgrades

After each failed attempt in Hades you will gain a small amount of Darkness which you can save up to buy Chthonic Keys that can then be used at the Mirror of Night to get upgrades that will make you become more powerful for your next run. Choosing the right upgrades at the Mirror of Night can make you substantially more powerful even after a hanful of runs. Below is a list of upgrades we recommend you should prioritize first.

- Fiery Presence (1st slot, 2nd option)
- Death Defiance (3rd slot, 1st option)
- Greater Reflex (4th slot, 1st option)
- Golden Touch (7th slot, 2nd option)
- High Confidence (8th slot, 2nd option)
- Family Favourite (9th slot, 2nd option)

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Change your Mirror of Night Bonuses

If at any point during the game you feel your current Mirror of Night bonuses are not working and you feel other abilites would benefit specific weapons or your play style more you should not be afraid to change them up. To totally reset your Mirror of Night so you can try other abilities will cost you 1 Chthonic Key.

Talk to House of Hades Characters

Make sure that whenever you return to the House of Hades you take the time to build up relationships with the various characters that reside there as doing so will enable you to unlock some late-game items without having to spend Nectar. All you need to do is approach the NPCs at the House of Hades that have exclamation marks over their heads to begin interacting with them.

Save your Titan's Blood

Whenever you defeat a boss in Hades you will be rewarded with Titan's Blood, Ambrosia, and Diamonds. These are hard to find resources which you will be able to spend once you have unlocked the merchant in the underworld. At this exchange shop it is recommended that you trade in Ambrosia for Titan's Blood as you will eventually get the opportunity to spend this valuable resource to obtain massive upgrades that will impact your gamepay considerably.


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