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The Hunger Games Adventures Guide and Walkthrough

The Hunger Games Adventures Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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The Hunger Games Adventures Walkthrough

The Hunger Games Adventures Unofficial Guide by Mongoose General for


The Hunger Games Adventures is a tie-in Facebook Game to celebrate the popularity of the film and novel. It allows you to take on new adventures alongside Katniss, Peeta and Gale beyond the fence of District 12.

The game takes a similar form to quite a few Facebook adventure games, with simple point and click gameplay. At the moment the game is still in beta stage. The idea is that as the game is finalized and more people come on board, the entire map of Panem will be unveiled for players. This guide will be updated as quests are added.

The ultimate goal is to escape beyond the fence and to customize your own forest hideout.


New quests are being added to this game all the time, we'll be keeping this guide updated with new information, so please bookmark this page and check back.

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Nov 25th 2015 Guest
How can I get free energy? It won't let me watch anymore videos. Please help!
ID #628420
Sep 28th 2015 Guest
yo no me puedo mover del principio
ID #612272
Apr 11th 2015 Guest
Where do I get metal scraps from?
ID #541417
Jun 27th 2016 Guest
You can get them at the toolbox in the justice building of district 12
ID #662316
Mar 20th 2015 Guest
for a month my THGA been saying coming soon for a new chapter, i presume the mockinjay level. But why have to wait for so long to carry on playing?
ID #531055
Feb 19th 2015 Guest
Need to make apple pie can't find honey please help
ID #518194
Jun 21st 2016 Guest
Search in tracker jacker trees/hives. I got one from reaching the tree in district 11 apple orchard, but it was part of a quest..
ID #660745
Feb 9th 2015 Guest
How to pass level 13
ID #514054
Nov 12th 2015 Guest
To get past a level you need to get enough experience (there is a experience bad next to the energy one)
ID #624653
Jan 23rd 2015 Guest
Where can I find sugar?
ID #505860
Dec 6th 2014 Guest
How do I find discovery map?
ID #481418
Nov 30th 2014 Guest
Where do I find the beach chairs. I also need badge 3 5 6 7 can't find them anywhere.
ID #478907
May 27th 2015 Guest
7 lake wood pile
ID #561928
Nov 27th 2014 Guest
You make bricks in your workshop
You get the district 10 seal usually from the goat in the seam
You get eggs from the chicken in the seam
You get flames from the street lamps outside the bakery(but I've never gotten one)
You get the district 12 seal from the coal cart outside the hob
You make the turkey in your kitchen
You make rope in your workshop with 4 vines
You get tracker jacket wax from the hives in district 11
You get thread from the clothing stand outside the hob or at the Capitol couture stand
You buy the katniss and peeta statues with the mockingjay credits
You get medicine from one of your stations in the forest escape
You get herbs/spices from your garden patch at the forest escape
You grow oranges in a tree at your forest escape
I'm pretty sure someone gives you the flask during the quest or they tell you where to get it and same with the wrench
I'm not sure if these are correct but I'm pretty sure so good luck I hope I've been of any help
ID #476910
Jul 21st 2014 Guest
Where can i find a flask?
ID #422510
Apr 28th 2014 Guest
Where to find the roll of threads?
ID #379799
Apr 26th 2014 Guest
Where do I get oranges from?!?
ID #379200
Jun 27th 2016 Guest
I dont know for sure but i think from the orange tree. Buy that from the store at your forest escape.
ID #662317
Apr 18th 2014 Guest
I click on the log to get the bow, then nothing happens. I can't move or select anything. Can you suggest some basic controls for the game. I'm on android system. Thanks
ID #376404
Apr 17th 2014 Guest
How do I get bandages please help me
ID #376049