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Grand Theft Auto 4

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Full Review for Grand Theft Auto 4 by nicko 9000

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This is the updated version of my previous review.
Then, I had played about 7 hours. Now, I've played the game for over 90 hours, and I need to kill another 4 pigeons to get 100% completion.

So, I think I know enough about this game to write a review.

Also, theres no point in bashing me for this review. If you have a different opinion than me, good for you. I don't like the game, but maybe you do.
So having a go at me for taking off my hype glasses as soon as this game was released, will be pointless.



Easily a 10. These graphics are the some of the best I've seen for any game, and especially on a game of this size, I don't know how they managed to fit so much on a 20gb disc.

I don't think anyone can disapprove of these graphics, simply stunning.



Im still not 100% satisfied with the sound.
Most of the guns sound nothing like they do in real life (I have most of them IRL) and I can't seem to find one that fits the actual sound.

The most annoying thing, is the volume of the weapons. The sub machine gun (not the uzi, the other one) is extremelly quet. Yet, when you fire it, and run to the other end of the street, people are running around like crazy, as if a bomb had gone off. The sound for alot of things doesnt suit the the rest of the game, but the sounds of car engines is quite impressive, and they go well with the chosen vehicle.



This is a difficult section to review.

Gameplay can mean many things to many people.
Anyway, the physics used in this game are exellent, and it's great to see how people fly across the bonnet of your car and fly to the other end of the street :D
But, I think it's silly how long it taks people to stop fighting you and try and walk away. For instance, youy could knife them in the face numerous times, and they'd still try and fight back. I don't know about you, but if I got knifed in the face, I wouldn't try and fight back. Also, the amount peple bleed is horrendous. If you fall from a certain hight, your feet will bleed. If you punch someone anywhere, they will bleed.

The gameplay could have been alot better.
For example, whe having a firefight with someone, if you are unloading your clip right where they are standing, they will most likely go from cover and try to shoot you, instead of staying hidden. This is annoying, because blindfiring is very accurate, so you don't need to move from behind the car, therefore the firefights get really boring.



One word to describe the lastability.

Besides the main storyline, theres pretty much three things to do that you actually want to do., but even these have downfalls.

Stevies car missions (but, you have to wait ages after each car)

Brucies races, which are all terribly easy, as the cars you face depends on the car you are driving, so the final race you could be in a van and still win.

The stunt jumps. These arn't that interesting. The only good think about them is the fact that you can ajust the speed of the game when you take the jump.
Apart from that, they are just plain old stunt jumps.

They've taken out pretty mucgh everything that made GTA so popular. San andreas is so much better than gta 4.they've empitied out the game in roder to improve the graphics. I, quite frankly, would have settled for a good amount of content and bad graphics, but instead we ghot no content and good graphics.

Everything else is really boring, or not worth doing.
Plus, when you beat the game 100%, all that happens is that the ammo limit is removed. All that hard work for nothing. So if your playing it on the PS3, it's not worth doing, since you don't get an acheivement.



This game was absaloutelly terrible.
The only thing thats keeping me playing is the gamerscore.

When saints row 2 comes out, rockstar will see wherer they went wrong.

The storyline was rubbish, all you do is collect money until the last few missions, and even then, the final missions are easy.

The content was rubbish, theres nothing in it worth doing unless you want the gamerscore.

The only good thing about this game is the multiplayer, and thats nothing special.

San Andreas multiplayer is still better, as you can do more things on it.

They also took away theability to do stunts, aswell. Instead of using the stairs as a ramp, you fly into them as if you've just gone into a solid wall.

To sumarize: I hate this game, and if the next GTA is as bad as this one, I certainly wont be getting it.

Final Score: 70%

Review by: nicko 9000


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