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Grand Theft Auto 4

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Full Review for Grand Theft Auto 4 by nicko 9000

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This review contains mostly obvious fact, but some of it is my opinion.
I'll sum up my opinion in the overall section, I'm currentlytrying to get all the 250 characters used up. So I can move onto the actuall review.

So enjoy? Also, please don't b

(got to 250, so I'm done here)



Probably the only good thing about this game.
The graphics are stunning
Each car is finely detailed, your character hardly ever goes into the wall, and the water animation is great.

During prevous games, you'd smash into the wall, the car wouldnt be very visibly amaged and thewall would still be as good as new.
Well now, the car can get swuashed. If you ghit a wall, the front of the car will get squashed, and you'll fly out of the window, and the wall actually gets damaged (brocks don't fly off, but it still looks effecive).

For ta game of this size, the graphics are truly stunning.

The only drawback with the graphics is that people bleed too easily. If you pnch them in the stomach, they bleed. Punch them in the legs, they bleed. It's a bit silly, but doesnt makemuch difference.



The sound overal wasnt bad, but for alot of the game the sound was mediocre.

Firstly, the guns soound nothing like they should.
The uzi, for example, sounds like the bullet is being shot from a big hollow turret, it sounds nothing like an uzi does, and nothing like it has done in prevous games.

The handgun wasnt exellent either.

But, the vehicle sounds make up for it, and so does most other things, but the things that don't sound good, sound really bad. It's one extreme to the other.



The gameplay isnt all bad, save the terrible controlls, the alkwardness of climbing over a fence, the crosshair, shooting people, losing the cops within seconds,lack of character scustomizatin, compared to san andreas (for example, in san andreas you unlocked allbut two chothing stores which all had a wide vbariety of clothing, and in this one you get one clothing shop, which has a terribly small amount, and I don't think anything actually looked good, even more so, you had little money to but anything. I could only afford a pair of shoes, and some jeans) and the lack of emergency vehicles controlling the streets. I've seen the odd police car, but apart from that, I've only ever seen 1 ambulance, and that was outside the hospital, and 1 fire engine, when I prank called the fire brigade so I could steal a fire engine and run people over.

Also, ou remember the handbrake in san andreas? It allowed you to spend hours drifting round the city, taking the corners like you would eat your breakfast. Tasty, easy to do, and made you look like you were the king of the streets.Well, not anymore.

Now, you press thw handbrake for even a fraction of a second, and the car will do a 180 and keep going. You doint slide round the corner, you go backwards into the wall, which has taken most of the fun out of driving.
The only other method of braking,is to hit the reverse button. Simple enough, right? Nope. Hitting the reverse button slows you down, but you hardly turn at all, so basically, ifyou want your car to actually look like a car, stick to the speed limit for once.



I highly doubt this game will last, if you exclude multiplayer, which I havent played, so I wont mention it.

I have played this game roughly seven hours, and I'm already about 15% into the game, and I've only just got to the sedcond of four islands.
I suspect I will have completed this game by the weekend, and thats without spending 8 hours a day playing.

Also, I am yet to find or hear of any hidden packages. I picked up this wierd object in a back alley.but I got no message, and usually you get 100 for pickingup a package, which I didnt get.

Also, the unique jumps are extremely hard to find, I've only found 3 so far, and theres not many stairs or ramps that yo could d extreme stunts from, like you could in San Andreas.

This game shouldnt last long.



Overall, this game was a terrible letdown.

It wasn't worth the wait.
San andreas owns this game in every way apart from graphics.

I don't think this game deserved all the hype it got, and it certainly wasnt worth going to pick up my copy at midnight on the 29th april.

Please don't waste your money on this huge dissapointment.

Final Score: 70%

Review by: nicko 9000


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