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Getting Started on SuperCheats

Your Guide to Using This Site

OK, you've found this great site (ahem! Cough...), seriously... You've stumbled across SuperCheats and you quickly grab your cheats and trundle off again... Well this guide is to let you know there is sooooooo much more to this site than that!

First of all lets go through how we organise our cheats and other bits of information on the site...

Each game listing will have a number of sections according to what information we have for that game. For example if we have Cheats sourced by our staff, these are usually a high quality list of cheats, codes and glitches - if they are availble for a particular game. On a game page such as: (Opens new window) - These are listed as 'Cheats' - obvious enough I suppose! They are usually not long pages - but you get to what you want quickly).

Below that we have 'User Submitted Cheats' - here you will find all of the cheats and glitches that have been submitted to us by both our members and staff. These pages can be huge, and can be spread across multiple sub pages (otherwise they would take too long to load!). The good thing is you can use the search and sorting features to look for specific information on that page. So taking our game example again and going to the user submitted cheats page ( (Opens new window) you can use the 'search this page' feature to search for a particular word or phrase on that page. Or use the 'select member' feature to display cheats only by that member. Very useful on our larger pages! These two options are usually found just above the first cheat.

A bit above that there are four other features; Printer Friendly, Sorting, Watch List and Tell a Friend. These features are found on most content pages (hints, cheats, questions etc...) pages. I'll explain each one in detail below.

The printer friendly option will give you a black and white full screen version of the page you are on with no graphics. So it will print out nicely on most printers, hopefully saving you ink and paper. You have the option to 'print all' or 'print selected only'. The print selected only is very useful if there are only one or two submissions you want to print on a page with 50 or so cheats.... Just scroll down to the cheats (or other submission type) that you would like to print from that page and click the box next to the title of that submission. When you have clicked all that you want, scroll back up and click the 'print selected only' link. Voila! You should now get a new page with just your chosen submissions, black and white and with no graphics! Beat that! :)

The sorting feature allows you to get a version of the page you are currently on, with submissions ordered according to when they were added to the site, or by their rating by other users. So if you want to find the best stuff on the page quickly, this is often a cool feature to use.

The watch list is a great feature which allows you to get e-mail updates (you set the frequency - and it's is easily turned off!) whenever a particular page is updated. You need to be a registered member (this is free, just go to: to use this facility. You can set your e-mail alerts to daily, weekly, or off, to change your watch list settings at any time, just log in and select the watch list link below your username, towards the top of the screen.

For our questions and answer pages, there is also a question watch feature where you can get alerts whenever a particular question is answered. Very useful! :)

The tell a friend feature basically just allows you to notify a friend about the page you are on if you think it may be useful to them. We do not add the details entered here into any database. So you guys, the users can use this feature without worry of being signed up to anything!

Ok that's the main features of content pages covered, let's move onto the other content types and other bits of info we have on Super Cheats.

As well as cheats, we also have hints, these are usually hints and tips and sometimes glitches found in a game. For many games there are no tap in cheat codes, that's why we have these hint pages, so people can at least find some kind of help!

There are also pages for GameShark and Action Replay Codes. These are user submitted cheats which are for use with the GameShark and Action Replay cheating devices. So you need these devices for these codes to work.

We also carry an extensive collection of walkthroughs. They are extremely useful if you need a lot of help for a particular game, or would like an expert to walk you through a particular game to get the most of it. Some people use these guides after they have completed a game to see if they have missed anything, or just want some help as they play through the game. All walkthroughs are presented in plain text format, and again, should print out really easily. Are walkthroughs are split into two sections. General, which covers the game generally, and Specific, which covers only a specific part of a game in detail.

Another great item we have on SuperCheats is the Questions pages. Here registered members can submit a question to be added to the site. So if you are stuck, and need more help than what we have available on the site (AND the question hasn't already been asked --- Pllleeeeease look first!) you can submit your question, as long as it is written clearly, and accorinding to our rules (see the submit stuff page - when you actually make the submission), and hasn't already been asked, it stands a good chance of been added to Super Cheats. The good news is that we add new submissions every week day and sometimes on the week ends, so your question will usually be added the next day. If the game is popular, you could get an answer posted the following day. Sometimes on the same day. In any case you can use the question watch feature to be alerted when your question is answered! (Again easily turned off).

There are tens of thousands of questions already asked on this site - so please, don't be shy - if you need help with a game, please submit your question ( on the site (Don't use the contacts forms though - those are for site problems).

There are also a number of non-game related items for a lot of games, these include; screenshots, trailers, demos and reviews.

So that should be the game content pages covered, let's move on to your bio page.

When you register a free account on Super Cheats, you have a bio page. Here you can add games to your collection, watch lists, and wish lists. You can also select an avatar, either upload your own, or chose from our pre-loaded selection. Just select avatars, near your name when logged in.

Lets now deal with making submissions on the main site. All submissions which go onto SuperCheats (not our forums - menionted below) are moderated by our staff, this ensures that we maintain a high quality of information in our database. We filter out stuff which we don't deem suitable, or suspect may have been copied directly form somewhere else, or are written in ALL CAPS, or what we have that has already been listed on our site before. All registered members are welcome to make submissions for inclusion on Super Cheats. This can be a cheat, hint, a question, a review or a walkthrough. What happens is you go to the 'submit stuff' page (Submit Stuff (Opens new window)), select your type of submission, platform and game name, then enter your submission. The online system then checks it, and you are then prompted to verify it's OK and complete the submission. It then hits our backend system where one of our staff members will take a look at the submission and either accept or reject the submission. Either way you should receive an e-mail confirming what action we took. Our turnaround time for submissions is usally within 24 hours, except at the weekends, when submissions are usually processed on the Monday following the weekend. If you submission is accepted the e-mail will tell you where to find it.

Lastly, but not least we have our message board. This is where the community of Super Cheats hang out. There are loads of active members and hundreds of threads posted in every day. There are forums for all of the popular games and forums for general chat (although please remember this is not a chat room - and we do not tolerate spam!). So if you would like to discuss game related stuff with other members of Super Cheats, go to the forum home page, then video games, then select the platform, then find your game. If it's not listed, use the general forum for that platform. There are loads of moderators on the forum to help you out - and a couple of admins too! Please do not give out personal information on our forum (i.e. don't post your real name, e-mail address or other contact information or anything that could identify you in the real world!), at all times you should protect your privacy!

So, there you have it... - We believe it's the best cheat and game help resource on the internet! We hope some of you agree!!! :) Anyway... Please enjoy the site, if you have any comments or questions please use our contacts page to get in touch.