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Garden Story Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Garden Story

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Garden Story combines social-sim with action RPG elements and world building as you try to unify a broken community. You play as Concord the grape, a newly-appointed village guardian whose job is to restore the island. In order to rebuild your home, you must explore new regions, and encourage other residents to assist in your efforts as you solve puzzles. You must also combat the invasive Rot with friends like Elderberry, Rana, and Fuji. Garden Story is available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Sell Extra Materials to Upgrade Tools

Sell Extra Materials to Upgrade Tools

In Garden Story, you can only store single stacks of 15 materials/items in your storage box. You also have a limited inventory, which means you are faced with making tough decisions when it has reached maximum capacity. Make sure you sell all the unwanted items clogging up your inventory to vendors instead of dropping them, as the extra income allows you to upgrade your tools.

Upgrade your Weapons and Tools

As you complete Requests and level up your Village Status, you will be granted upgrades for your tools and weapons. It is crucial that during the early stages of Garden Story you prioritize upgrading your weapons and tools, as this will give you a considerable advantage throughout the rest of the game. In order to upgrade your weapons, you will need to gather rare materials and some Leaflets. Once you upgrade a weapon, you will be able to swing it faster and your attacks will deal more damage. Also, the more you enhance your tools, the more Upgrade Orbs you will be able to break. Upgrade Orbs are littered throughout the world and once broken will grant a variety of skill points that includes Stamina and HP.

Fill your Healing Flasks with Dew

Keep an eye out for water taps whenever you explore a new village, as these can be used to quickly fill up your healing flasks with dew. Water taps are free to use and scattered throughout the world, and filling up your healing flasks will enable you to heal 2 HP when used. If before you enter the game's dungeons and the more challenging areas you realize the amount of free dew you have from the water taps is not enough you can visit a vendor which can be found in each village that sells dew capable of healing 4 HP which is more than enough, especially when you can upgrade the number of flasks you can carry at a given time.

Swap Memories to Defeat Enemies

As you progress through Garden Story, you will need to swap out the memories you have equipped to give Concord different stats and buffs that will help him defeat the enemies he encounters. Memories are basically perks that you can equip Concord with to buff some of his abilities and attacks, these include things like consuming less stamina while sprinting and launching projectiles with melee attacks. You begin with one Memory slot and as you advance through the game you will eventually unlock a total of nine. Memory slots are typically unlocked when you kill a certain number of enemies, completing a set number of tasks, or experiencing something in the world. You will be able to see the challenges for locked memories while browsing the book.

How to Save

How to Save

There is no quicksave or auto-save feature in Garden Story. In order to save your progress, you must return to Concords home and sleep on your leaf pillow by pressing the Z key or the A button on your controller. When you save the game, you will not only retain your progress, but also advance the day. If you die while exploring, the game will save your progress and respawn you in your house, and advance you to the next day. It is important to remember though that dying is not an ideal saving option as you will also lose some Leaflets, which is the currency used in the game.

Fish for Rare Materials

Fish for Rare Materials

In order to enhance your weapons and tools in Garden Story, you will need to gather materials of all kinds. Once you have obtained the fishing rod (Dowsing Rod), you will be able to use it in bodies of water to collect materials. The materials you manage to catch using the fishing rod can also be turned into each towns' library, unlocking more Memories and Slots in the process. Fishing for rare materials is something that is essential, especially during the early game.

How to Make Concord Stronger

Requests in Garden Story are randomly generated tasks for Concord to tackle, which will help save the town, and it's inhabitants. These Requests will also affect your Village Status, where each new level obtained in each group of Requests will give you access to better weapon, tool, and health upgrades. Basically, this means that you should try to complete as many Requests as possible to max your Village's Status so that you make Concord stronger.

Complete Requests to get Rewards and Advance to New Areas

Complete Requests to get Rewards and Advance to New Areas

You can earn rewards in Garden Story by completing the Requests Concord receives from the inhabitants of villages asking for help. These Requests are randomly generated, and you will have an entire day and night to complete them. It is important that you complete these Requests, as doing so will not only better each town and earn you rewards, it will also enable you to advance to new areas. If you die for whatever reason while attempting to complete a task, the game will scrap any Request you have not completed and generate new ones. Requests that you have already completed will still be counted and turned in upon death.

Check your Mail to get Leaflets

Each village you visit in Garden Story will provide it's own house with a mailbox beside it. This is an important feature in the game and one that you can interact with. Make sure at the start of each day you go to the mailbox and hit it with your melee weapon, so you can receive a random sum of Leaflets. They are worth collecting as they add up and will help you from going broke.

How to Defeat Shelled Rot

At the second village in Garden Story, you will begin to encounter Rot that is protected by a shell that makes it immune to melee damage. The way to deal with this shelled Rot is to use the fishing rod to remove them from their shell. Once you have managed to do this, you will open them up to melee damage. If you encounter Rot that is protected before you get the fishing rod, you need to make sure you avoid them.


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