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WWE Day of Reckoning Cheats

Cheats and Tips for WWE Day of Reckoning

We have 11 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for WWE Day of Reckoning please send them in here.

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WWE Day of Reckoning Cheats

Unlock Arenas
Heat: $200
House Show: $200
SummerSlam: $400

Royal Rumble: $400

No Way Out: $400
Unforgiven: $500

No Mercy: $500

WrestleMania: $500

Survivor Series: $500
Armageddon: $500

Unlockable: Legends
Andre the Giant:
Beat Stage 1 of Story Mode

Greg �The Hammer� Valentine:
Beat Stage 2 of Story Mode

Brutus �The Barber� Beefcake:
Beat Stage 2 of Story mode
Bret �Hit Man� Hart:
Complete Beat 3 of Story Mode

Unlock All Shopzone Stuff

Go to tutorial and select Lecture. Now beat all 33 basic applied training lecture. When it asks your if want a skill test say yes. After you complete at least 30 out of 33 in the lecture you will earn $20,000 to spend in shopzone. Repeat this over and over until you have everything bought in Shopzone.

Do your opponent's special 2

A+B+L+R does your opponent's special.
Note: do use the control stick or the d-pad for this special.

Fight in bra and panties

While in a bra and panties match(make sure that you are versing player 2,3 or 4 otherwise it doesnt work) attack the ref until he rips of your shirt or pants (might take a while but I swear it works) then once you top or bottoms are removed keep attacking him until he removes the other part of dressing and then once he has you should both be in your bra and panties

How to Get All Superstars

Roddy Piper
Brutus Beefcake
Greg Valentine
Bret Hart
How to Unlock Andre the Giant:
Finish WWE Developmental in Story Mode
How to Unlock Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine:
Finish Sunday Night Heat in Story Mode
How to Unlock Bret Hart:
Finish WrestleMania XX in Story Mode

Roddy Piper is already on the roster.

Take clothes of your opponent

First go to bra & panties match and change the setting to your liking. After do a light grapple on her and press down + a. You and your opponent will start to fight, when you start press down + a as fast as you can to get her power down to blue and your character will throw the shirt out of the ring.
Now work on miniskirt and press down + a as fast you can until you get her power in the blue and your character will take them off of her and throw her miniskirt out of the ring. After that you will win and your opponent walk up the ramp trying to cover herself up.

Caw for Tajiri and movelist

A) Fighting Style
FIGHTING STANCE - Mysterious 01
RISING STYLE - Hand Spring
B) Standing
a) Striking
LIGHT STRIKING [N] - Karate Strike-R
LIGHT STRIKING [O] - Light Middle Kick-R
COMBO 2ND - Karate Strike-L
COMBO 3RD - Low Kick 01
COMBO FINISH [N] - Missile Dropkick
COMBO FINISH [O] - Spinning Wheel Kick 01
HEAVY STRIKING [N] - Missile Dropkick
HEAVY STRIKING [O] - Spinning Wheel Kick 01
b) Front Grapple
LIGHT GRAPPLE [N] - Headlock Takedown
LIGHT GRAPPLE [U] - Snap Suplex
LIGHT GRAPPLE [D] - Scoop Slam


When ever your opponent gets a special they always do their taunt so what you need to do is do a running grapple or (this only works if you have a fast and easy recovering hard strike) get out of the ring and get on a annoncer table and when your opponent gets on top of the table do your striking move two more times then get in the ring and do taunts and try do get a special then finish them off. Hope this helps.

Quick win

Create a superstar with trapping headbutts keep using move when opponent is in danger state stomp and pin you will win also gets finisher quick

Royal rumble

Beat eddie up badly in royal rumble hit finisher.Pick him up punch him to ropes he will stand holding rope press a stomp him and you will win

How The Ref Can Beat You Up

During a match, use the C-stick to look at the ref. Hit him with a special move and wait until he gets back up. He will then go to where you are and beat you up.

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