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Follow the dark path or use the light
Super Smash Bros. Melee Pack Shot

Super Smash Bros. Melee



by Glitchmaster117

If you are reading this, you want to master Ness. Good for you. XD

I. Intro
II. Moves
 a. normal
 b. smash
 c. special
 d. arial
 e. grab
III. Freindly Fire uses
IV. Extra Techniques

I. Intro
   Ness is the fighter from Earthbound(or Mother). He is strong in ssbm but most of you think he is weak(don't you? XD).
He is actually stronger than you think. Here is a guide of how to master him.

II. Moves
Moves Key;
A=A Button
B=B Button
Z=Z button
[M]=Meteor Smash

 a. Normal

                             UP Hit
                          Punch>A >Side Kick >>>Sparks
                          Rapid Down Kick
 b. Smash

                             Yo-Yo Up
                                A >Homerun
                             Yo-Yo Down
 c. Special

                           PK Thunder
                       PK Flash>B > PK Fire
                            PSI Magnet
 d. Arial

                          Head Smash
               Back Kick< Spin>A >Sparks
                         Down Kick[M]
 e. Grab

                            Up Throw
                   Back Throw< O >Forward Throw                         Hit>Z
                    Down Throw with fire
III. Freindly Fire uses
   Sometimes you might think Freindly Fire has no uses. With Ness, it has a lot. An example of one is if one teammate
Can't make it back to the stage, ness could use PK Thunder on them and allow them to use their up special again since it
doesn't knock them that far. Another use is of there are two Ness's, have one use PSI magnet and the other use a fully 
charged PK Flash. The Ness using PSI Magnet will heal 76% of himself. Also if a teammate is about to make it but just
quite couldn't, Ness could grab them and pull them back up. PK Thunder is the best way to get a teammate  to make it back,
trust me.

IV. Extra Techniques
   Ness has some other techniques that he can use... most of them are hard to do. One of them is the Grounded Head Smash.
Just press the following very quickly. X, ^, A. Make sure that when you press A, you are holding up. Also is the v-B
Survival. Just before you come down to an enemy, press v+B. You will float a little and the enemy will try to attack but
it will miss and he is open for attack. Also is the Meteor Smash. Knock an enemy over the edge and go out there and press
v+A. If done right, the enemy will go and fly down. If the enemy had only one life, you won with 800x points for Meteor 
Smash and possibly 1000 for Meteor Master.