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by msouthpolem

Super Smash Bros. Melee Walkthrough Guide: Characters

2-Legal Stuff

In this Walkthrough/Guide (which everone you refer it two.) 
I will explain how to get the secret characters, and stages 
you need you unlock.

2-Legal Stuff
Actually everything is legal THIS IS NOT PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT!

Note: When you do these tasks to reiceve the characters you will
need to battle and defeat the character.

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff is probaly the easiest character to obtain
in this game but, has one of the most powerful move.

To obtain Jigglypuff you can beat adventure mode with any character
or, you can play 50 V.S. Mode matches, preaty easy right?

Dr. Mario: Dr. Mario has the same moves as Mario, but his cape is white,
when he smashes its electricity instead of fire.

You can get Dr. Mario by clearing 1P Classic mode with any difficulty
and not continuing in the process, or play 100 V.S. Mode matches.

Pichu: Pichu is the first evolution of Pichu and, people think he's
weaker but I think he's stronger than Pickachu. But when he uses any
of his B attacks he hurts himself! 

To recieve Pichu beat event #37: Legendary Pokemon, or play 200 V.S.
Mode matches.

Falco: Falco is Fox's partner he is VERY DIFFICULT TO GET!

To get Falco beat 100 Man Melee in the 1P: Stadium section, or you can
play 300 V.S. Mode matches. Note: Falco is very difficult to fight yet
trying to beat 100 Man Melee if you ask me I would use DK (Donkey Kong).

Marth: Marth is another diffcult, and skillful player like Falco but,
isn't as hard to get.

To obtain Marth beat Adventure Mode with all 14 original characters, or
you can play 400 V.S. Mode Matches. Note: If you doing the first way I
explained save your Best character (which everone your good with) for last.

Young Link: Young Link is the younger version of Link, has all the same moves,
all the same colors, but a different taunt.

If you want Young Link beat Adventure mode with 14 characters (make sure Link
is one of  them!) or, play 6500 V.S. Mode Matches.

Ganondorf: Ganondorf is from the Legend of Zelda but for some strange reason
he has Captain Falcon's moves.

To get Ganondorf beat Event #27:??? (I forgot what the name was.)
Or, play 600 V.S. Mode Matches Note:You don't need to fight Ganondorf after you
beat the Event.

Mewtwo: Mewtwo is one of my favorite characters in the game, he is a legendary,
phycic type Pokemon.

To recieve Mewtwo play 20 straight hours (OMG) or, play 700 v.S. Mode Matches.
Note:If your thinking about the 20 hours thing folow these steps: First, get
2 controllers second, put the rules to stock:5 third, leave th game on all night
fourth, have one of the characters win step 5, BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF MEWTWO!

To get Luigi go into Adventure Mode and on stage1 finish the game with 2 in the seconds
EX: 4:32:56 and you will see a scene  where Luigi jumps on Mario's head, or play
800 V.S. Mode Matches

Roy: Roy is Marth's rival with all the same moves except for the B move.

To get Roy beat Adventure Mode with Marth or, play 900 v.S. Mode Matches. Note: Roy
is difficult like Marth.

Mr. Game&Watch: a cool black dude with jumping skillz

Finally to get mr. Game&Watch get all other 23 characters, or play 1,000 V.S 
Mode Matches.


If you have any questions please E-Mail me at [email protected]