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Follow the dark path or use the light
Super Smash Bros. Melee Pack Shot

Super Smash Bros. Melee


Fun things to do

by Zelda_Fan

                         Super Smash
                         Bros Melee
                      Fun things to do

  1.   Introduction
2.   Fun things to do
3.   Credits
4.   Contact Me

1. Introduction
Hello, I am Zelda_Fan and this is my first Walkthrough I
have ever done so I am happy to be doing it on my favorite
game for Gamecube, Super Smash Bro Melee. I have seen other
people’s walkthroughs and thought it would be cool to write
a walkthrough so here it is.

2. Fun Things to do
Here are the fun things to do section and I do hope you have
lots of fun from these ideas.

1. Donkey Kong Marathon

Get Donkey Kong, use his grab attack and start carrying the
sandbag across the track. Because the sandbag is not
actually touching the ground it won’t count as touching the
Run as far as you can then when it is half a second to go
throw the sandbag. It won’t get very far but it is fun

2. Pokemon Battle I

Make the settings one life, with only pokeballs. Then choose
any two characters, it is better if you don’t make them
Pokemon. Then go to Pokemon Stadium. Do Scissors Paper Rock
or something like that to choose who starts and throw a
Pokeball over to their side let the Pokeball do the damage
and then just continue this until someone dies. Have Fun
with Pokemon.

3. Pokemon Battle II

Make the settings one life, with no items at all. Yep you
heard me no items. Next choose any two Pokemon as your
characters and choose Pokemon Stadium again. Now do Scissors
Paper Rock or something like that to choose who starts and
go on your two sides again but this time just do an attack
with your character. Continue doing this until someone dies.
I find it very fun and this is my favorite.

4.  Super Tiny Melee

Alright what you do is set the game to Tiny Melee, only put
poison mushrooms, set it to very high and then you get lots
of small characters (Pichu, Ness, Kirby, Jigglypuff) and
battle it out as tiny.

5. Super Giant Melee

What you do here is set the game to Giant Melee and put only
Super Mushrooms. Set it to very high and then get big
characters (D.K, Bowser, Mewtwo and Ganondorf if you want.
Then it is fun if you put them all on a tiny stage. (One of
the D.K stages is recommended). See who can win the title of
The Giant.

6.  Super Suicide Melee

Put the match on Super Sudden Death and put items only bob-
bombs on very high. Go to any stage (my favorite is Fox’s
First Ship) and set only one life. Now see who can stay
alive the longest.

3. Credits

Credits: Me: For making this walkthrough.
         The Dot: That icon entertained me when I got bored.
         Nintendo: For making this awesome game
         You: For reading this.

4. Contact Me

The websites that can use this walkthrough so far are
Supercheats (

You can contact me at if you have
any questions, suggestions, or remarks or if you want to
post this on your website. If you see this on any websites
other then the ones listed here please email me and tell me.
  Please note that I will not answer or open any emails that
have an attachment, virus etc or that do not say in the
Subject section something like ‘Super Smash Bros Melee
  I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough and/or any other
walkthroughs I may make in the future.