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Black Hole Glitch FAQ

by Glaexeaus

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Black Hole Glitch FAQ
Version 1.4
Copyright 2006
By [email protected]
All rights reserved
If you would like to use this guide elsewhere other than GameFAQs, please email
me at [email protected]. I will reply to your e-mail with an answer ASAP.

Current hosters that I gave permission to are

Nowhere else is allowed to use this FAQ without my permission, which can be
obtained by e-mailing me. Even though I've found 5 or 6 sites with this FAQ
now that I haven't even heard of.

Table of Contents
To jump ahead to any of these, just hit Ctrl+F, and hit in for example '1.'
or '4c.', but it may take a couple of times of hitting 'Find Next', but's 
still quicker than scrolling.

1.Version History
3.Pre-FAQ reading Q&A
  a.System Requirements
5.Making the Black Hole, The Fox and Falco Way (4 Players)
  a.Unlimited Ammo
  b.Getting in Position
  c.Starting the Black Hole
6.Making the Black Hole, The Ice Climber Way (2+ PLayers)
7.Making the Supernova
  a.Action Replay MAX
  b.Starting the Supernova
8.Adding to the Black Hole/Supernova

1.Version History

-What I did

-Put down everything I know
-Made up some questions and answered them

-Fixed up a little
-Got someone to look it over
-Spaced out a little
-Made the Unlimited Ammo steps clearer

-Added some things to 5d
-Fixed things
-Answered some questions thanks to Dagnac7

-Added stuff to 5d thanks to shadowlink148

-Added the "Supernova"
-Tweaked a bit of the wording here and there.
-Made 'Adding to the Black Hole' renamed and it's own section.

-Fixed something about the "Supernova"
-Fixed some errors
-Found out you could use 2 players, thanks to blueapple128
-Noticed 5d. was still there, even though it's already it's own section. Got 
rid of it.

-Fixed making a Black Hole with the Ice Climbers, thanks to blueapple128
-Added the Action Replay MAX codes thanks to SandTiger1989

-Fixed numerous errors
-Added a small bit to the Ice Climber way


Welcome to my Super Smash Bros. Melee FAQ: The Black Hole Glitch. It's not
really a black hole as it is a bunch of turnips, but it's still cool. It can be
a very easy trick to pull off, and this FAQ will explain how you do it.

3.Pre-FAQ reading Q&A

What is a 'Black Hole'?

A 'Black Hole' is a name given to the glitch that uses turnips to suck people
in and do 999% damage very quickly. You can add little flashes to it, flames,
and sparks. Of course, it will give the game lag, but I don't think it will
destroy the game. I have not heard of that yet. This should take 1-3 minutes to

What is a 'Supernova'?

A 'Supernova' is basically the same thing, but you require Action Replay MAX
to pull it off. Instead of turnips, you use Ness's PK Fire. Action Replay MAX
lowers the cool-down time so you can do it rapidly, which will make it work.
I haven't done this myself, being without an Action Replay MAX, but if anyone
does and can help contribute, please do so.

4a.System requirements

You will need these things to accomplish a Black Hole.
1:Super Smash Bros. Melee disk
2-4:Gamecube Controllers
Item:Superscope Gun
Match:Team Battle
Stage:Hyrule Temple(recommended)
Friendly fire: OFF

For a Supernova, you need:
1:Action Replay MAX
1:Super Smash Bros. Melee disk
2-4:Gamecube Controllers
Match:Team Battle
Stage:Somewhere BIG with two ledges and a ditch in between.

Friendly fire: OFF


For the Black Hole with Fox and Falco, there can be variation to the teams, but
just have this.

Peach is the only required player, but you need either two Foxes, two Falcos, 
or one of each. The Ness can be replaced.

Team 1:Fox, (some other player)
Team 2:Peach
Team 3:Falco

For the Ice CLimber Way, the only NEEDED people are:

Team 1: Peach
Team 2: Ice Climbers

For the Supernova, it's like this:

Team 1:Fox
Team 2:Ness

You can have Fox or Falco here as well, but Ness is necessary.


Just to clear up some things on the FAQ, when I give a command, do it on the 

A=Hit the big green button.
B=Hit the smaller red button.
Down=Move the bigger analog stick down.
Right/Left=Move the bigger analog stick right or left.
Up=Move the bigger analog stick up.
(Command)+(Command)=Do both commands simultaneously (at the same time)

5.Making the Black Hole, The Fox and Falco Way (4 Players)
5a.Unlimited Ammo

NOTE: This FAQ will be based on the characters from section 4b. If the 
characters differ that you choose to use, just replace their names with the 
corresponding names in the FAQ.

This will require a lot of shooting on Ness' behalf using the Superscope Gun, 
so we will need a glitch to get him unlimited ammo. Here's what you do:

1)Get Ness a Superscope Gun.

2)Have Peach stand BEHIND Ness, within reach of a slap using the A button, but
not close enough that when Ness fires a shot, Peach will get damaged.

3)With Ness, tap A to shoot 3 small shots. Do this 5 times for a total of 15
small shots in 5 groups of 3. In other words, ... ... ... ... ...(<-- shots)

4)Do a charge-up shot by holding down the A button, letting it go on it's own.
Do this twice for a total of 15 small shots in 5 groups of 3, and 2 huge shots
in groups of 1. In other words, ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  O  O(in that order)

5)Charge up again, but this time, have Peach hit Ness with the A button. Ness
should now have unlimited Superscope Gun ammo.

Note that this glitch will work with any two characters. (Thanks to Dagnac7 for
that one!)

5b.Getting in Position

Have Peach standing in the little ditch/cavern/tunnel, but able to jump out
without hitting anything.
Have Fox on the ledge to the left of that close to the edge.
Have Falco on the ledge on the other side of the ditch/cavern/tunnel.
Have Ness a small distance behind Fox.
It should look something like this rather crappy diagram if you did Hyrule 

--------------------------------- 1=Peach
|                  5            | 2=Ness
|___________                    | 3=Fox
||||||||||||                    | 4=Falco
|                               | 5=Spawn
|                               |
|_____2___3_             _4__   |
||||||||||||             ||||   |
|||||||||||              ||||   |
||||||||                 ||||   |
|||||               1    ||||   |
|||           |||||||||||||||||||
|          ||||||||||||||||||||||
|       |||||||||||||||||||||||||
|    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|  ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|  ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

5c.Starting the Black Hole

Let's get making the black Hole once you've gotten everyone into place.
Start by firing with Ness and not stopping until I tell you to. The shots 
should go through Fox toward Falco. It helps to have a turbo controller, so 
that you can simply hold A down with Ness to fire endlessly and easily.
Have Falco and Fox use Down+B and HOLD B. Down can be let go as soon as the 
deflections start. The shots will deflect off Falco to Fox. The first few 
times, it will probably only deflect in one place (a green orb will appear
where the shots collide). When this happens, stop holding down the buttons 
and reposition Fox and Falco slightly and repeat. Fox should be just by the 
step, a little to the leftof the edge, rather than right up at the edge.

When you've done it right, there will be multiple green orbs between Fox and 
Falco. Continue shooting until there are so many orbs that it is almost like a
straight line and there are no spaces. If that does not happen, have Peach jump
in a few times. It helps for some reason. Oh, and you can let go with Fox
and Falco. As in B no longer needs to be held.

STOP SHOOTING. If you continue shooting, the orbs will be even more numerous
and there will be LOTS of lag. There should only be a tiny bit. Stop shooting
as soon as the orbs form a nice straight no-space line.

Now, throw up turnips with Peach by first hitting Down+B to pull out a turnip,
then throw it up by titlting the yellow C stick up or Up+A. The turnip should
spin in the place you threw it up. Continue the process, throwing up turnips 
in ONE place until there are about 15 turnips. Careful the game doesn't freeze.
Put in some more if the game doesn't lag much, or maybe a little less if it
lags a lot. I've had reports saying having less than 13 won't do it.

Have Ness jump in front of Fox to stop the orbs, but the turnips should remain
spinning in the spot you threw them if you did this right.

To make sure the 'Black Hole' works, hit Right+B with Fox into the Black Hole.
He should almost instantly get 999% damage.

Now, hit Right/Left+B (The direction of the Black Hole in comparison to Ness)
with Ness to use PK Fire. Try to get it in the turnips. It should now look like
a turnip sun.

And THERE YOU HAVE IT! A simple Black Hole, which will do massive damage to
whoever jumps into it, and will keep them there unless they manage to get out
(keep hitting the analog stick in the direction you want to get out and you'll
eventually make it).
NOTE: The game will lag a little.

6.Making the Black Hole, The Ice Climbers Way (2+ PLayers)

Finally, a way to make the Black Hole with only 2 or 3 characters, brought to 
me by blueapple128. You're the best.

Anyway, first get both Ice Climbers Superscopes, so Nana and Popo both hold 
one. Then do the Unlimited ammo thing from section 5a (just replace Ness with
the Ice Climbers), making sure they both get hit by Peach.

Now get the Ice CLimbers to stand somewhere on a ledge, and Peach not far 
underneath. Not direcly underneath them though. Kinda the relationship to Peach
and Falco from the diagram in 5b. Now, get the Ice Climbers to shoot 
 while Peach throws in her turnips, like before, about 15 will 
 When you're done, go ahead and stop shooting, and the turnips should 
stay in place.

NOTE: Normally, the Ice Climber's shots will be like oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo
which will not work in making the Black Hole, so you must throw off the timing
(I've heard reports that using up+B then immediately shooting works well), or 
something so it flows as oooooooooooooooooooo
which will make a Black Hole. Thanks again to blueapple128 for this!

Mind, it is much easier if you have Fox/ Falco and have them do Down +B like 
the other strategy.

7.Making the Supernova
7a.Action Replay MAX
Thanks so much to SandTiger1989 for getting em the codes. Still, I have no idea
how it really works, so I'll just paste the codes here for you.

P1 Turbo B button



Super Ness (---?)



7b.Starting the Supernova
Get Fox in front of Ness by a few paces. Enough room for the Supernova in
between. Get Fox to use Down + B then have Nes use PK Fire (Left/Right + B) 
over and over.

And then, THERE YOU GO! The Black Hole, but with fire!

8.Adding to the Black Hole/Supernova

Please note that I don't know if any of these work with the Supernova.

You may notice the 'Black Hole/Supernova' is a little pathetic. NEVER FEAR! 
There are ways to make it better. Note that some of these can be used in 
conjunction with each other, depending on the characters.

Flaming Black Hole: Doing PK Fire(Right/Left+B) on the toppish part of the
Black Hole will sometimes cause the fire to stay on top of the Black Hole.
Doesn't add as much damage, but certainly looks cool.

Flaming Black Hole 2: Get Fox/Falco to do Up+B into the BH/SN, and they might 
get stuck in position, dishing out more damage.

Flaming Black Hole 3: Use Bowser's B attack into the Black Hole.

Blue BH/SN: When a character gets stuck inside the BH/SN, there will
be that blue star emitting from them that happens when you get hit.

Sparky BH/SN: Have Ness jump (Up/X/Y) facing the BH/SN and 
relatively close to it, then tilt the C stick toward the BH/SN. He
will emit light from his hands, which will go into the BH/SN. He 
should be just outside the BH/SN, but his hands should be inside. If you
did this right, he will not get damage, but anyone in the BH/SN (except
Fox) will get damaged. This also creates sparks when someone gets it, and will
make the screen flash darker and brighter. To get Ness out, attack him until
he flies out.

Sparky BH/SN 2: Alternatively, you can have Ness jump facing *away* from 
the Black Hole, still close, and still tilting the C stick toward the BH/SN. 
He will do a kick, still emit light, and still get caught undamaged, and
still make sparks. To get Ness out, attack him until he flies out.

(More) Turnippy BH/SN: Position Peach under the BH/SN (again). Pick up
a turnip, and then throw it up in the same spot, and it will stay there.

Coiny BH/SN: For this, you will need Mario, Luigi, or Dr.Mario instead of 
Ness. Have the person use Up+B into the BH/SN, which will then sprout 
coins until the Mario person falls out.

Charactery BH/SN: Similar to Ness's attacks that get him stuck into the 
BH/SN, yet not suffering damage, but damaging others.

Itemy BH/SN: Throwing items into the BH/SN will often do nothing, 
but they can get stuck inside, and damage the people other than the one who
threw the item in most cases.

Freezing BH/SN: Have Fox use Left/Right +B into the Black Hole, then get 
Mr. Game and Watch to do the same from the opposite side. It will work when the
hammer is #8.

Leashed BH/SN: Have Sheik. Use her chain-whip into the BH/SN. It will get 
stuck there.

Ghostly BH/SN: I'm not entirely sure if you can use Fox for this, or if
the position can change, but in hyrule, have Falco use Left+B on the pillar
where the right side of the deflection is, and if you do it right, a ghostly
blue Falco will remain on the ledge, even after Falco falls out of the H/SN.

Less Laggy BH/SN: Play in Lightning Melee.

Shocking BH/SN: Using Up+B with Pikachu (and Pichu I would presume) will
get him stuck inside, and he will shock other players.

Explosive BH/SN: Link and Young Link's bombs will get stuck in the H/SN, but 
will still blow up in their time limit.


Frequetly asked questions and their answers.
Feel free to e-mail me ([email protected]) to ask some of your own or help answer
some of the ones below.

Q:Can I use ----- instead of one of the characters?
A:If it is a question of switching Fox/Falco with another Fox/Falco, then yes.
As long as one of them is on their own team, and one is on the team of the
person with the Superscope gun.

Q:Will a simple shield work?
A:No. Then it would be too easy.

Q:For some reason, the shots keep hitting the person who it should be going 
through! Why!?!?!
A:*Sigh* I've got this a lot. The person in front of the shooter should be on
the shooter's team. if you have difficulty still, have the exact same players
as in the FAQ, and try that before trying with other people.

Q:Why is it called a "Black Hole"? That's a crappy name!
A:I dunno lots of others call it that, so who am I to change it?

Q:I don't quite get an instruction. Can you post a video of it?
A:No, but there is one at
(NOTE that you have to copy and paste each line into your URL separately or
the link will not work)

Q:Can I use a different stage?
A:Yes. However, the best places are areas with two parallel edges that will not
allow Fox/Falco to fall under when they perform Down+B. Of course, 
anywhere WILL work, but some places are obviously better than others.

Q:[insert webpage] is broken!
A:If it goes over one line, then you must COPY AND PASTE 1 LINE AT A TIME! or
it will not work. Otherwise, thanks for the notice!


If you see a mistake in spelling, grammar, instruction, broken link, or other
mistakes, please tell me ([email protected]). If that e-mail doesn't work with
your e-mail sender thingy, send one to [email protected], but only as a last
resort. You may add me to your MSN/Windows Messenger list. If you do add me,
please tell me why, or that you read my FAQ (specify which FAQ), just so I
can keep track. If you send me tips, also include your username, or a name
to give credit to. If you do not wish to have your name posted, tell me that as 


Thanks to my parents who got me a Gamecube on one of my birthdays.
Thanks to my friends who gave me enough money on that birthday to get Super
Smash Bros Melee.
Thanks to for conveniently having a video on this.
Thanks to chardish at FlashFlashRevolution for getting me some summed up
Thanks to GuidoHunter at FlashFlashRevolution for bringing my attention to this
Thanks to my friends mooimacow and sonicpNiNe for making a Black Hole with me.
Thanks to my friend Richard for editing this for me.
Thanks to Dangac7 for getting me some videos and pointing out the fact that
simple shields don't work and other characters work too. I already knew the 
last one though.
Thamks to shadowlink148 for lots of additions to the Black Hole.
Thanks to LavaEdge324 for the Supernova.
Thanks to blueapple128 for a number of corrections, and the 2 Player way.
Thanks to SandTiger1989 for getting me the Action Replay MAX codes.
Thanks to numerous people who helped me with spelling errors.
And thank YOU for reading this guide. I hope it was helpful to you.