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Follow the dark path or use the light
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Pack Shot

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


Chef's Guide

by TStodden

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Chef Zess T.'s Cooking Guide
by T. Stodden ([email protected])

Version 2.201 -- Gold Edition

Quick Tip:
To quickly get to the section, copy the desired section out of the table of
contents below, hit Ctrl+F, paste your selection & hit search.

If you're looking for a particular recipe or item (within a recipe), hit
Ctrl+F, enter the recipe or item you're looking for & hit search.

0) Table of Contents

1) Introduction
2) How to Get Zess T. Working for You
3) One-Hit Recipes
4) Doubled-up Recipes
5) Tag-Team Combo Recipes
6) WTF!? Recipes
7) Where Do I Get That?
8) Suggestive Cooking
9) Potentially Stupid Q & A

A) Acknowledgements
B) Suggested Viewing
C) Version History
D) Copyrights, Licensing & Other Legal Red Tape

1) Introduction
First of all, welcome to my Chef's Guide.  You're probably wondering why
somebody would write a guide like this when so many others done so?  Pretty
much because other guides have errors (which some authors refuse to correct
because they go with "Final Version" ideal), missing data, or you have to go
through a bunch of data in a full-length guide just to get to this stuff.

This guide is dedicated JUST for cooking in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year
Door.  I've broken up the recipes into 4 sections, starting with the basics,
moving up into more complex (& more rewarding) recipes & including some
recipes that aren't even noted within the game! 

Finally, the last section is dedicated for those who just have problems trying
to find the ingredients to use within the game, so you don't try to fuss over
an item that you can't obtain yet.  With that said, let's get cooking!

2) How to Get Zess T. Working for You
It's best to get the first part over with as soon as possible in order to get
Zess T. in the cooking mood.  Just walk nearby Zess T.'s house & she yells at
you NOT TO MOVE while she searches for her contact lens.  No matter what you
do, the contact lens is under your feet & soon as move (or jump), you hear a
crunching sound.  Zess T. will yell at you & demand you to replace the lens
you destroyed.  Until you do, she blocks the path to West Rogueport.

Next, go to the Thrift T.'s shop (next to Zess T.'s house) & order the contact
lens.  If you've just started you game, just play through the first chapter &
contact lens should be available when you get back.  If you're on Chapter 3
when you get around to this, you're going to have to waste some time while the
lens is getting ordered (it would be a good time to look for Star Pieces & Shine
Sprites).  When Thrift T.'s brother shows up outside the shop, the contact
lens is in.  Just pay the 10 coins & give it to Zess T. to open up West
Rogueport & have her cook for you.

In the 4th Chapter, there'll be an item which Zess T. will be asking for in
the Trouble Center to improve her cooking ability...  but more on that in
Section 4.

3) One-Hit Recipes
As the section title suggests, this section is dedicated to all the recipes
that only need ONE INGREDIENT to make.  While these recipes aren't the best,
they're a good start with things.  Please note that not all the possible
recipes are listed here as the double-ingredient options are a better choice.

3.1) Mistake
	* Anything that's NOT listed elsewhere (too many to list)
	* Any combination that's NOT listed elsewhere (too many to list)

	* Zess T.'s failed attempt
	* Restores 1 HP & 1 FP

	* Oops!  You messed up here & gave Zess T. something (or some combo) that
		she couldn't use.  Therefore, you got this "Disasterpiece".

	* Unless you want to experiment on your own with ingredient & combinations,
		you should read on to avoid getting these.

3.2) Shroom Fry
	* Mushroom
	* Super Shroom

	* A dish made by Zess T.
	* Restores 6 HP & 2 FP

	* An OK beginner's recipe as you add an extra 1 HP & 2 FP, but you'll most
		likely want better stuff when you can.  It can be used to make some
		more complex recipes.  You can usually get your money back on the
		mushrooms after using this recipe.

	* Avoid using Super Shrooms as you'll throw away money in addition to 4 HP
		for 2 FP.

3.3) Fresh Juice
	* Honey Syrup
	* Maple Syrup
	* Jammin' Jelly
	* Gradual Syrup
	* Peachy Peach
	* Keel Mango
	* Honey Syrup + Maple Syrup
	* Honey Syrup + Jammin' Jelly
	* Honey Syrup + Gradual Syrup
	* Honey Syrup + Turtley Leaf
	* Maple Syrup + Gradual Syrup
	* Maple Syrup + Turtle Leaf
	* Jammin' Jelly + Gradual Syrup
	* Jammin' Jelly + Turtley Leaf
	* Coconut + Keel Mango
	* Coconut + Peachy Peach
	* Coconut + Turtley Leaf

	* Juice made by Zess T.
	* Restores 5 FP & cures poisoning

	* Pretty weak single-ingredient recipe & even worse as a double-ingredient
		recipe! It's OK if you use any spare fruit OR honey syrup for best
		effect, but you'll be beyond this by the time you get any fruit.
		You may use this as a stepping stone for the combo recipes, but it's
		a fair way to get a full refund on the honey syrup.

3.4) Spicy Soup
	* Fire Flower
	* Horsetail
	* Snow Bunny
	* Fire Flower + Dried Bouquet
	* Fire Flower + Hot Sauce

	* Soup made by Zess T.
	* Restores 4 HP & 4 FP

	* A fair recipe as it improves the power of Horsetails & you can convert
		fire flowers into a helpful item.  Good for making combo items later.

	* Don't bother with double-ingredients here as it's a waste of items.

3.5) Koopa Tea
	* Turtley Leaf

	* Tea brewed by Zess T.
	* Restores 7 FP

	* A good recipe as it doubles the healing effects of the Turtley Leaf,
		making it a good replacement for honey syrup... once you open up the
		shortcut to Petalburg (after Chapter 3).

3.6) Fried Egg
	* Mystic Egg

	* Food made by Zess T.
	* Restores 10 HP

	* An OK alternative to Super Shrooms, but the hassle of obtaining the eggs
		can easily kill the thought as you can only get one Mystic Egg from
		Petuni at a time.  It becomes slightly better once you open up the
		shortcut to the Great Tree.

3.7) Mousse Cake
	* Cake Mix

	* A cake made by Zess T.
	* Restores 15 FP

	* A good alternative to Maple Syrup in comparison to time & costs, but you
		should save your Cake Mixes for more complex cooking.

3.8) Zess Tea
	* Golden Leaf
	* Maple Syrup + Jammin' Jelly

	* Tea brewed by Zess T.
	* Restores 20 FP

	* This is probably the last of the good single-ingredient recipes as you
		start working on double-ingredient recipes shortly after at this
		point.  It doubles it's healing effects, but the hassle of obtaining
		golden leaves will limit it's appeal unless you make trips to pick up
		multiple leaves.

	* DO NOT use the double-ingredient option for this recipe as it's a major
		waste of items.

3.9) Spaghetti
	* Fresh Pasta

	* Spaghetti made by Zess T.
	* Restores 6 HP & 4 FP

	* It's perplexing that cooking fresh pasta would make a WORSE ITEM than the
		original.  You can make it just to complete your cook book, but you
		should hold onto this for more complex pasta dishes.

3.10) Tasty Tonic
	* Coconut
	* Hot Sauce
	* Hot Sauce + Honey Syrup
	* Hot Sauce + Peachy Peach
	* Hot Sauce + Maple Syrup
	* Hot Sauce + Jammin' Jelly
	* Point Swap + Sleep Sheep

	* A tasty medicine.  Cures poison & other ailments.
	* Cures all negative status effects

	* WORSE recipe EVER!!!  It's not a mistake, but it should as you're getting
		a WORSE ITEM in return.  If you're making it to complete your
		cookbook, just use a Coconut to save your disappointments.

4) Double-up Recipes
After the completion of the 4th Chapter, Zess T. will file a request at the
trouble center, asking for you to find the legendary cookbook of Maitre Delish
within Creepy Steeple.  You can find it by rolling up & going into the hole on
the wall away from the TV screen just after entering.

When you solve Zess T.'s trouble, she'll be able to cook with TWO items, which
will help you make even better items than before!

Please be aware that these are "SIMPLE" two-ingredient recipes as the more
complex recipes (which require 3 or more basic/refined items) are listed in
Section 5.

4.1) Honey Shroom
	* Honey Syrup + Mushroom
	* Honey Syrup + Volt Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 5 HP & 5 FP

	* A simple, but a weak dual recipe.  It's a good way to consolidate those
		spare Mushrooms & Honey Syrups lying in the storeroom.  It also allows
		you to get a full refund for both items.

4.2) Honey Super
	* Honey Syrup + Super Shroom
	* Honey Syrup + Life Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 10 HP & 5 FP

	* Better than Honey Shrooms, but still fairly weak.  Another good way to
		help consolidate spare Super Shrooms & Honey Syrups.  You can also get
		a full refund for both items.

4.3) Honey Ultra
	* Honey Syrup + Ultra Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 50 HP & 5 FP

	* An OK, but expensive recipe.  You may try this recipe at least once to
		complete your cookbook, but it's not really noteworthy.  It's OK if
		you need to heal yourself & could use a little FP boost.

4.4) Maple Shroom
	* Maple Syrup + Mushroom
	* Maple Syrup + Volt Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 5 HP & 10 FP

	* An OK, but weak recipe.  Good for consolidating inventory, but not that
		noteworthy.  It's also fair as a full-refund recipe.

4.5) Maple Super
	* Maple Syrup + Super Shroom
	* Maple Syrup + Life Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 10 HP & 10 FP

	* A decent recipe to consolidate items since it restores a fair amount.
		Not that noteworthy as other (more complex) recipes are better & can
		cost less to make.

4.6) Maple Ultra
	* Maple Syrup + Ultra Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 50 HP & 10 FP

	* A fair, but expensive recipe.  It good if you need to restore your HP
		with some FP's as well.

4.7) Jelly Shroom
	* Jammin' Jelly + Mushroom
	* Jammin' Jelly + Volt Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 5 HP & 50 FP

	* An OK, but weak recipe due to costs.  It's not that noteworthy, but you
		could make it to restore your FP with a small boost in HP.

4.8) Jelly Super
	* Jammin' Jelly + Super Shroom
	* Jammin' Jelly + Life Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 10 HP & 50 FP

	* A fair, but expensive recipe.  Not a truly noteworthy recipe, but it's
		helpful to restore your FP with a fair HP restoration.

4.9) Jelly Ultra
	* Jammin' Jelly + Ultra Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 50 HP & 50 FP

	* This is an excellent, but VERY EXPENSIVE recipe (costing up to 400 coins
		a piece)!  Since this recipe takes care of a party member's need, it's
		one recipe you'll definitely take for a spin or two when preparing
		against some of the final bosses.

4.10) Electro Pop
	* Cake Mix + Volt Shroom

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 15 FP & electrifies you

	* A fun, but weak recipe to try out.  Just sucking on this treat will help
		boost your FP & temporarily add an extra defensive measure.

4.11) Fire Pop
	* Cake Mix + Fire Flower
	* Cake Mix + Hot Sauce

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 20 FP

	* Another fun & spicy treat that help makes Fire Flowers into a useful
		item.  Unlike the Paper Mario (N64), this doesn't take 1 HP.

4.12) Honey Candy
	* Honey Syrup + Cake Mix

	* Candy made by Zess T.
	* Restores 20 FP

	* A fair but sweet recipe as it combines the healing powers of both items.

4.13) Jelly Candy
	* Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix

	* Candy made by Zess T.
	* Restores 64 FP

	* This awesome, but expensive recipe (costing over 200 coins a piece) is
		the ULTIMATE in FP restoration as it's practically overkill on this.
		If you love to perform special moves a lot, this recipe is one that
		you'll like to make a couple of times.

4.14) Zess Cookie
	* Cake Mix + Mystic Egg
	* Cake Mix + Maple Syrup
	* Cake Mix + Gradual Syrup

	* A cookie made by Zess T.
	* Restores 15 HP & 15 FP

	* A good recipe that gives you a balance of HP & FP at a decent price.
		Just use Mystic Eggs when possible to reduce the cost.

4.15) Coco Candy
	* Coconut + Cake Mix

	* Candy made by Zess T.
	* Restores 3 HP & 15 FP

	* A poor recipe as it only gives 3 HP (over the 5 HP the Coconut heals) in
		addition to the 15 FP from the cake.  Unless you trying to complete
		your cookbook, you should pass on this.

4.16) Egg Bomb
	* Mystic Egg + Fire Flower
	* Dried Flowers + Zess Dynamite (Combo)

	* An egg bomb made by Zess T.
	* Deals about 4 damage to an enemy.

	* A fun, but not necessarily useful recipe.  Good stepping stone for a more
		destructive recipe.

4.17) Coconut Bomb
	* Coconut + Fire Flower

	* An explosive made by Zess T.
	* Deals about 4 damage to an enemy.

	* A fun, but not necessarily useful recipe.  Another good stepping stone
		for a more destructive recipe.

4.18) Healthy Salad
	* Turtley Leaf + Horsetail
	* Turtley Leaf + Golden Leaf

	* A salad made by Zess T.
	* Restores 15 FP & removes negative effects

	* A fairly good recipe & a great stepping stone for combo recipes.  It's
		best to use Horsetails over Golden Leaves as both are nearby each
		other & a lot easier to obtain once you get the shortcut to Petalburg
		open.  Since the ingredients can be obtained freely, you're likely to
		make a lot of salads over buying Maple Syrups.

4.19) Fruit Parfait
	* Peachy Peach + Keel Mango
	* Peachy Peach + Honey Syrup
	* Peachy Peach + Maple Syrup
	* Peachy Peach + Jammin' Jelly
	* Keel Mango + Honey Syrup
	* Keel Mango + Maple Syrup
	* Keel Mango + Jammin' Jelly
	* Keel Mango + Gradual Syrup

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 10 HP & 2 FP

	* A fairly bad recipe compared to others, but it a fair way to improve the
		healing powers of the fruits...  if you use this option as you weaken
		the restorative power that the syrups normal give.

4.20) Heartful Cake
	* Ruin Powder + Cake Mix
	* Ruin Powder + Peachy Peach

	* A cake made by Zess T.
	* Heals 20 HP, but softens you up (Def -1).

	* A poor recipe compared to others.  It heals you, but it weakens you in
		the process... so it's a double-edge sword, which can really haunt you
		if you're fighting a boss.  Unless you can consistantly perform
		counter-attacks in battle, skip this one.

4.21) Mango Delight
	* Keel Mango + Cake Mix

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 10 HP & 3 FP

	* Another poor recipe as it seriously dilutes the FP gain, but it enhances
		the HP recovery.

4.22) Icicle Pop
	* Honey Syrup + Ice Storm

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 10 HP

	* Not a great recipe for it's price, compared to Super Shrooms.

4.23) Zess Frappe
	* Maple Syrup + Ice Storm
	* Jammin' Jelly + Ice Storm

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Restores 20 HP

	* Another poor recipe for it's price, but it's better than the Icicle Pop.

4.24) Snow Bunny
	* Golden Leaf + Ice Storm

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Heals 15 HP, but freeze you in the process.

	* Another poor double-sword item.  While it does heal you, the freezing
		part becomes a major issue as it immobilizes you (give your enemies a
		free shot) & deal damage.  However, it's a fair stepping stone for
		some other complex recipes.

4.25) Koopa Bun
	* Keel Mango + Turtley Leaf

	* A dumpling made by Zess T.
	* Heals 15 FP

	* A pretty fun recipe that helps boost your FP by combining lesser items.
		This becomes easier to make once you get the shortcuts open.

4.26) Koopasta
	* Turtley Leaf + Fresh Pasta
	* Turtley Leaf + Spaghetti

	* A dinner made by Zess T.
	* Restores 7 HP & 7 FP

	* It's another strange recipe that doesn't work as well as most people
		think.  It balances out the healing power of Fresh Pasta (-3 HP &
		+2 FP), but it enhances the healing power of Spaghetti.  Make this
		if you've already made Spaghetti earlier. 

4.27) Spicy Pasta
	* Hot Sauce + Fresh Pasta
	* Hot Sauce + Spaghetti
	* Hot Sauce + Koopasta (Combo)

	* A dinner made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 10 HP & 10 FP

	* It's an OK recipe, but the price, compared to Maple Supers, doesn't make
		it a great recipe.  Best to use Spaghetti or Koopasta on this.

4.28) Inky Sauce
	* Hot Sauce + Turtley Leaf
	* Hot Sauce + Tasty Tonic
	* Hot Sauce + Koopa Tea
	* Hot Sauce + Zess Tea
	* Hot Sauce + Fresh Juice
	* Hot Sauce + Shroom Broth (Combo)

	* Nasty juice made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 30 FP

	* A nice & dark recipe to help keep your FP up for it's price.  You'll most
		likely want to use a Turtley Leaf to keep costs down, otherwise use
		any of the other items except Shroom Broth.

4.29) Omelette Meal
	* Mystic Egg + Horsetail
	* Mystic Egg + Mushroom
	* Mystic Egg + Super Shroom
	* Mystic Egg + Life Shroom
	* Mystic Egg + Ultra Shroom

	* Food made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 5 HP & 5 FP

	* A pretty weak recipe as all it does is to add FP to the mystic egg's
		healing powers.  Best to use with Horsetails or spare Mushrooms to cut
		down on costs.

4.30) Shroom Broth
	* Slow Shroom + Golden Leaf
	* Poison Shroom (Combo) + Turtley Leaf

	* A broth made by Zess T.
	* Gradually Recovers HP

	* Another candidate of "WORST RECIPE EVER"!  It's complex & it practically
		does the same thing the Slow Shroom, but it takes more time to obtain
		the ingredients.

4.31) Shroom Cake
	* Cake Mix + Mushroom
	* Cake Mix + Super Shroom
	* Cake Mix + Life Shroom

	* A cake made by Zess T.
	* Restores 10 HP & 10 FP

	* This is an OK recipe compared to Maple Supers.  Just as long as you use
		your spare Mushrooms on this, you'll be OK.

4.32) Shroom Crepe
	* Ultra Shroom + Cake Mix

	* A treat made by Zess T.
	* Restores 30 HP & 20 FP

	* A poor use for an Ultra Shroom (which is an expensive item), but it's OK
		in a pinch when you need a dual-recovery item.

4.33) Shroom Roast
	* Mushroom + Fire Flower
	* Mushroom + Gradual Syrup
	* Mushroom + Super Shroom
	* Mushroom + Volt Shroom
	* Super Shroom + Dried Shroom
	* Super Shroom + Golden Leaf
	* Super Shroom + Turtley Leaf
	* Super Shroom + Volt Shroom
	* Life Shroom (SINGLE)
	* Life Shroom + Volt Shroom
	* Slow Shroom (SINGLE)

	* A dish made by Zess T.
	* Restores 15 HP & 5 FP

	* A fair recipe, as long as you keep your item expenses down.  It's also
		used in other combo recipes.  Stick to Slow Shrooms for this, although
		Super Shroom + Turtley Leaf is a fair alternative.

4.34) Shroom Steak
	* Life Shroom + Dried Shroom
	* Life Shroom + Mushroom
	* Life Shroom + Super Shroom
	* Life Shroom + Golden Leaf
	* Life Shroom + Turtley Leaf
	* Ultra Shroom (SINGLE)
	* Ultra Shroom + Dried Shroom
	* Ultra Shroom + Mushroom
	* Ultra Shroom + Super Shroom
	* Ultra Shroom + Life Shroom
	* Ultra Shroom + Golden Leaf
	* Ultra Shroom + Turtley Leaf
	* Ultra Shroom + Volt Shroom

	* A dish made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 30 HP & 10 FP

	* A fair key recipe for the best combo recipe.  Just use Life Shrooms &
		Turtley Leaves in order to keep costs down.  However, you can spend an
		extra 2-12 coins & buy both Life & Dried Shrooms in West Rougeport to
		save time.

4.35) Space Food
	* Dried Bouquet + Practically Everything Else (too many to list)

	* Space food made by Zess T.
	* Recover 5 HP & may temporarily give you immunity from negative effects.

	* This is pretty much the ONLY PRACTICAL USE for Dried Bouquet.  While it's
		costly to obtain the dried bouquets (costing 10 coins a piece), you
		can use it to redeem your mistakes.  It's a fairly bad recipe since
		it's practically a mushroom, but the side effects of this recipe may
		give you the incentive try it out.

4.36) Peach Tart
	* Cake Mix + Peachy Peach

	* A dessert made by Zess T.
	* Cause you to be electrified, dodgy or sleepy

	* A potentially risky recipe as it could backfire on you, immobilizing you
		instead of boosting your defenses.  It's not worth the cost in my
		opinion, but it might be for risk takers.

5) Tag-Team Combo Recipes
You've reached to pinnacle of cooking here!  These recipes can be pretty
complicated as you'll be using a combination of other recipes here.  You'll
take 3-7 basic items & cooking them 2-5 times to get the final result.
Most of these combo recipes are pretty awesome, so you'll most likely be using
these by the end of the game.

5.1) Choco Cake
	* Inky Sauce + Cake Mix
	* Inky Sauce + Mousse Cake

	* A cake made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 5 HP & 15 FP

	* This is practically THE WORST RECIPE EVER!!!  You're LOSING restorative
		properties of the Inky Sauce here (trading 30 FP for 5 HP).

5.2) Couple's Cake
	* Snow Bunny + Spicy Soup

	* A cake made by Zess T.
	* Gradually Recovers HP for your partner (10 turns)

	* While it seems like a good recipe, it's actually a big disappointment!
		This item practically acts like a slow shroom, but you're forced to
		use it on your partner (& not on the character using it).  It's not
		really a cool recipe to work on, unless you want to fill out your

5.3) Courage Meal
	* Courage Shell + Zess Dinner (Combo)
	* Courage Shell + Zess Deluxe (Combo)
	* Courage Shell + Zess Special (Combo)

	* Hard food made by Zess T.
	* Attacks 4 damage for one enemy

	* A waste of good food, but if you have to throw you food...  just stick
		with the Zess Dinner to keep the costs down.

5.4) Ink Pasta
	* Inky Sauce + Fresh Pasta
	* Inky Sauce + Spaghetti
	* Inky Sauce + Koopasta
	* Inky Sauce + Spicy Pasta

	* Spaghetti made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 10 HP & 30 FP

	* A dark, but a fairly decent GOURMET recipe.  The Fresh Pasta add 10 HP
		to it's restorative power, but that's about it.  Surprisingly, you
		can actually make decent money off this recipe.

5.5) Love Pudding
	* Mystic Egg + Mango Delight

	* A cake made by Zess T.
	* Makes you electrified, dodgy or sleepy

	* This combo recipe turns makes a weak item even worse as it becomes a
		gamble.  You can make & use it at your own risk.

5.6) Meteor Meal
	* Shooting Star + Shroom Fry
	* Shooting Star + Shroom Roast
	* Shooting Star + Shroom Steak

	* A meal made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 7 HP now, plus more over time (3 turns).

	* It's another disappointing recipe here.  In theory, it sounds like a good
		item.  However, in practice, it's not really worth the hassle.  If you
		want to make it for the cookbook, stick with the Shroom Fry (made from
		a Mushroom).

5.7) Poison Shroom
	* Slow Shroom + Inky Sauce
	* Point Swap + Slow Shroom

	* A snack made by Zess T.
	* Deals 30 damage & poisons.

		CREATE & USE AT YOUR OWN RISK HERE!!!  I wouldn't bother making this
		item unless you like to make things harder on yourself.

5.8) Trial Stew
	* Couple's Cake (Combo) + Poison Shroom (Combo)

	* Amazing food made by Zess T.
	* Reduces you down to 1 HP & 0 FP

		CREATE & USE AT YOUR OWN RISK HERE!!!  It's is the worst item of them
		all as the practically guarantees your death.  If your suicidal, then
		by all means...  EAT IT & DIE!

5.9) Zess Dinner
	* Healthy Salad + Shroom Fry
	* Healthy Salad + Fresh Pasta
	* Healthy Salad + Spaghetti
	* Healthy Salad + Koopasta
	* Fresh Pasta + Coconut
	* Fresh Pasta + Mystic Egg
	* Meteor Meal + Fruit Parfait
	* Mushroom + Horsetail
	* Mushroom + Keel Mango
	* Super Shroom + Fire Flower
	* Super Shroom + Gradual Syrup
	* Super Shroom + Horsetail
	* Super Shroom + Keel Mango
	* Super Shroom + Peachy Peach
	* Life Shroom + Fire Flower
	* Life Shroom + Gradual Syrup
	* Life Shroom + Horsetail
	* Ultra Shroom + Keel Mango

	* A tasty meal made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 10 HP & 10 FP

	* This is the start of cooking mastery as combining two items.  While this
		recipe is pretty basic, as there's a few recipes that are better, at
		least you're getting the hang of combo recipes.  Just stick with
		Mushrooms & Horsetails or Keel Mangos to keep costs down.

5.10) Zess Special
	* Fresh Pasta + Dried Shroom
	* Fresh Pasta + Mushroom
	* Fresh Pasta + Super Shroom
	* Fresh Pasta + Life Shroom
	* Fresh Pasta + Ultra Shroom
	* Healthy Salad + Spicy Pasta
	* Healthy Salad + Ink Pasta
	* Healthy Salad + Shroom Roast
	* Ultra Shroom + Fire Flower
	* Ultra Shroom + Gradual Syrup
	* Ultra Shroom + Horsetail
	* Ultra Shroom + Peachy Peach
	* Whacka Bump (SINGLE)

	* A tasty meal made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 20 HP & 20 FP

	* You're getting there!  This is the next step up from Zess Dinner, with
		the cost of items increasing as well.  Keep sticking to the cheaper
		ingredients to make it worth while.  Healty Salad + Shroom Roast tends
		to be the best route for this.


5.11) Zess Deluxe
	* Healthy Salad + Shroom Steak
	* Whacka Bump + Golden Leaf
	* Ultra Shroom + Fresh Pasta

	* A tasty meal made by Zess T.
	* Recovers 40 HP & 40 FP

	* This is the MASTERY of combo cooking!  This is the best food you can
		cook up under a normal budget, costing around 40 - 60 coins...
		depending on how lazy you get when making the Shroom Steak.

	* See the Healty Salad & Shroom Steak recipes first.

5.12) Zess Dynamite
	* Egg Bomb + Coconut Bomb

	* Dynamite made by Zess T.
	* Deals 7 damage to all enemies

	* This fun recipe is designed for those who love weapons over restorative
		items.  It's a little time consuming to pick up the basic ingredients
		& costs 8-10 coins for the fire flowers, but it's cheaper than buying
		shooting stars.

6) WTF!? Recipes
You've seen all the possible recipes that are in your cookbook, but there's
some little tricks that aren't in the books.  Please be aware that these
recipes can become expensive quickly (costing at least 5 coins a piece).

Since these items make other basic items, I'll make these as pretty simple
recipe formulas.

* Boo Sheet     = Point Swap + Repel Cape
* Courage Shell = Point Swap + Mr. Softener
* Earth Quake   = Point Swap + Thunder Bolt
* Gold Bar      = Point Swap + Gold Bar x 3
* Honey Syrup   = Point Swap + Mushroom
			 = Point Swap + Gradual Syrup
* Ice Storm     = Point Swap + Fire Flower
* Jammin' Jelly = Point Swap + Ultra Shroom
* Maple Syrup   = Point Swap + Super Shroom
* Mini Mr. Mini = Point Swap + Power Punch
* Mr. Softener  = Point Swap + Courage Shell
* Mushroom      = Point Swap + Honey Syrup
			 = Point Swap + Dried Shroom
			 = Point Swap + Poison Shroom
			 = Point Swap + Gold Bar
* Poison Shroom = Point Swap + Slow Shroom
* Power Punch   = Point Swap + Mini Mr. Mini
* Random Item   = Point Swap + Mystery
			 = Mystery
* Repel Cape    = Point Swap + Boo Sheet
* Ruin Powder   = Point Swap + Spite Pouch
* Shooting Star = Point Swap + Thunder Rage
* Sleepy Sheep  = Point Swap + Tasty Tonic
* Spite Pouch   = Point Swap + Ruin Powder
* Tasty Tonic   = Point Swap + Sleepy Sheep
* Thunder Bolt  = Point Swap + Earth Quake
* Thunder Rage  = Point Swap + Shooting Star
* Ultra Shroom  = Point Swap + Jammin' Jelly

Unless you're trying to make some items a bit more useful without selling them,
I really don't suggest doing these...  but it's your life & it's your choice to
screw it up in new & interesting ways.

7) Where Do I Get That?
While some of the items you can get at a store, some of those items can't be
bought, they're either found or made.  In order to help those who are having
a hard time finding the right ingredient(s) to make your creations.  Please
be aware that some items cannot be obtained immediately due to their location
in the game.

* Cake Mix -- Purchase at Pianta Parlor (6 Piantas or 18 coins)
* Coconut -- Keelhaul Keys, on an island next to the bridge (Chapter 5)
* Courage Shell -- Petalburg Shop (5 coins)
* Dried Bouquet -- Give a Hot Dog to Bub-ulber in Petalburg, after solving
	his problem (2 Hot Dogs & Mousse Cake), after Chapter 3.
* Dried Shroom -- West Rogueport Shop (2 coins)
* Fresh Pasta -- Poshley Heights Cart (50 coins, Chapter 6)
* Golden Leaf -- Hit the Golden Tree in Creepy Steeple (Chapter 4)
* Honey Syrup -- Various Shops (3-5 coins)
* Horsetail -- In Petal Meadows, hit the one striped hill near a green pipe
	10 times in a row.  The hill will pop up & down when struck.
* Hot Dog -- Hot Dog Stand in Glitzville (10 coins, Chapter 3)
* Hot Sauce -- Given after solving the rat's trouble in Glitzville.
	(10 coins, after Chapter 6)
* Jammin' Jelly -- Rogueport's Underground Shop (200 coins)
* Keel Mango -- Keelhaul Keys, hit a tree just east of the camp settlement
	(Chapter 5)
* Life Shroom -- West Rogueport Shop (50 coins) & Twilight Shop (40 coins)
* Maple Syrup -- Twilight Shop (15 coins) & Pianta Parlor (14 Piantas or 
	42 coins)
* Mr. Softener -- Petalberg Shop (8 coins)
* Mushroom -- Various Shops (3-5 coins)
* Mystery -- Great Tree Shop (1-2 coins)
* Mystic Egg -- Play with Punio's Sister in the Great Tree (After Chapter 2)
	NOTE: Limit 1 Egg in your inventory (include stored) at a time.
* Peachy Peach -- Twilight Inn, after spending the night (10 coins, Chapter 4)
* Point Swap -- Glitzville (5 coins, Chapter 3)
* Super Shroom -- Various Shops (12-15 coins)
* Tasty Tonic -- Various Shops (3 coins)
* Turtley Leaf -- Mayor Kroop's Garden in Petalburg
* Ultra Shroom -- Rogueport Underground Shop (200 coins)
* Whacka Bump -- Hit the Whacka in Keelhaul Keys, next to the port (Chapter 5).
	WARNING: ENDANGERED CREATURE (extremely limited supply).

NOTE: Rogueport Underground Shop can only be accessed through the west entrance
until you complete Chapter 5.

8) Suggestive Cooking
OK, you're probably wondering what's going on here...  I've thought I'd take
this a step further by giving you a guide (on a Chapter-by-Chapter basis) on
what you should cook to give you the best results for your time & money.

Please note that each chapter section is what you can make up to the end of
that chapter.  You don't have to officially start the chapter to make those
recipes, but you have to finish the previous chapters.

Finally, any costs related to cooking the item will be noted after the

8.1) Chapter 1
Sorry, but Zess T. is still ticked off that you crushed her contact lens.  At
this point in the game, her kitchen (& Western Rogueport) is off limits until
you order & buy her a replacement lens.

If you've done everything, except buy the lens, you should be able to do so when
you finish this chapter.  There's really no point in trying to do any cooking at
this time because your wallet & inventory are practically empty.

8.2) Chapter 2
If you've done everything above & bought the replacement lens (10 coins),
Zess T. should forgive you & open her kitchen up.  Here's what you'll be able
to cook at this point.

* Shroom Fry -- Mushroom (~5 coins)
* Shroom Roast -- Slow Shroom (15 coins)
* Spicy Soup -- Horsetail
* Koopa Tea -- Turtley Leaf
* Mousse Cake -- Cake Mix (6 Pianta / 18 coins)

It's not much, but it's at least a start.  The trip to Petalburg is a bit long
right now, but it shouldn't be too hard on you if you want to stock up on items.
Just use the shop storage system to make the trips worthwhile.

8.3) Chapter 3
No real major cooking opportunities here, but there's one new recipe you can
make at this point.

* Fried Egg -- Mystic Egg

8.4) Chapter 4
Another lazy chapter for cooking as it's the last chapter you're forced to
settle with single-ingredient cooking.  There's one new recipe you can make at
this point.

* Zess T. -- Golden Leaf

8.5) Chapter 5
You're now able to cook double-ingredient recipes...  granted you picked up
the cookbook when you were in Creepy Steeple.  Now the major of recipes are
open for you.  However, you'll want to do all the cooking & storing items at
the shops BEFORE you start this chapter.  Once you start, you'll be isolated
from Rogueport until you complete it.

There is a shop available in the chapter, so you can retrieve anything that you
stored beforehand.

* Honey Shroom -- Honey Syrup + Mushroom (~10 coins)
* Honey Super -- Honey Syrup + Super Shroom (~20 coins)
* Maple Shroom -- Maple Syrup + Mushroom (~20 coins)
* Maple Super -- Maple Syrup + Super Shroom (~30 coins)
* Zess Cookie -- Mystic Egg + Cake Mix (6 Piantas / 18 coins)
* Zess Dinner -- Mushroom + Horsetail (~5 coins)
* Zess Special -- Shroom Roast + Healthy Salad (~15 coins)
	* Shroom Roast -- Mushroom + Fire Flower (~15 coins)
				-- Slow Shroom (15 coins)
	* Healthy Salad -- Turtley Leaf + Horsetail
* Zess Deluxe -- Shroom Steak + Healthy Salad (40-50 coins)
	* Shroom Steak -- Life Shroom + Turtley Leaf (40-50 coins)
	* Healthy Salad -- Turtley Leaf + Horsetail

8.6) Chapter 6
Not much here to work with since the last chapter opened up the majority of
the cookbook, but there's a few notable recipes.  Please note that you must
do your cooking (& storing all your extras at the shop) BEFORE boarding the
Excess Express as it's another isolated chapter.

* Fresh Juice -- Keel Mango
* Zess Dynamite -- Egg Bomb + Coconut Bomb (~10 coins)
	* Egg Bomb -- Mystic Egg + Fire Flower (~5 coins)
	* Coconut Bomb -- Coconut + Fire Flower (~5 coins)
* Koopa Bun -- Turtley Leaf + Keel Mango

8.7) Chapter 7
Nothing truly noteworthy, but the entire cookbook is now open.  You should get
all your cooking done before heading to the Fahr Outpost & grab all the items
you're planning to take before heading to the Moon as you'll be temporarily
isolated from all stores until you get reach the teleporter within the moon
base (which takes you to the Rogueport Underground).

* Ink Pasta -- Inky Sauce + Fresh Pasta (60 coins)
	* Inky Sauce -- Hot Sauce + Turtley Leaf (10 coins)

This is the only truly noteworthy recipe as you can sell it for 80 coins.
Since it costs 60 coins for materials (50 for Pasta, 10 for the Hot Sauce),
you can net 20 coins every time you make it.

8.8) Chapter 8
The final chapter of the game.  It's time to pull out the final "big gun"
recipes...  which are the expensive to make, but it might give you the edge
that might be lacking before.

* Honey Ultra -- Honey Syrup + Ultra Shroom (~205 coins)
* Maple Ultra -- Maple Syrup + Ultra Shroom (~215 coins)
* Jelly Ultra -- Jammin' Jelly + Ultra Shroom (400 coins)
* Jelly Super -- Jammin' Jelly + Super Shroom (~215 coins)
* Jelly Shroom -- Jammin' Jelly + Mushroom (~205 coins)
* Jelly Candy -- Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix (6 Piantas + 200 coins / 218 coins)

These are excessively expensive, so I don't suggest making these consistently
since Zess Deluxe can be made for as little as 40 coins.  You'll need the best
items for the long & hard trek through the Shadow Palace.

9) Potentially Stupid Q & A
There's bound to be some idiot who asks these questions, so to save myself
some trouble, I've written a few quick FAQ's to solve some headaches.

Q.1) How do I get Zess T. cooking for me?
A.1) It's all too easy!  Crush her old contact lens & get her a replacement

Q.2) Where do I get Zess T. a new contact Lens?
A.2) GRRRRRR...  Go next door to Thrift T.'s shop & talk to his brother,
		Plenn T., who's in the front of the store.  He'll order the contact
		lens & he'll stand outside when it's in.  Just be sure you have 10
		coins to buy it.  (Urge to kill: Rising...)

Q.3) Zess T.'s blocking the path to West Rogueport, what gives?
A.3) She's angry for you crushing her contact lens.  She won't move until you
		replace it... which you'll have to do in order to get Chapter 3
		started.  If you've put stuff off, be prepared to waste some time
		until the contact lens comes in.  (Don't make me kill you...)

Q.4) Where's that cookbook?
A.4) Go inside Creepy Steeple & look for a rectangular hole on the far wall
		near the entrance (while avoiding the Boos).  You'll need to roll up
		into a tube & go through there.  It's inside one of the chests within
		that "secret" room.  Please note that Zess T. will post a note in the
		Trouble Center about this... but you can grab the cookbook before she
		posts the note, which I suggest doing so to save you some time.

Q.5) What's a Whacka?
A.5) A Whacka is a creature that resembles the old "Whack-a-Mole" arcade game.
		They're pill-like in shape, furry & pretty hard NOT to whack it with
		a hammer.  Hitting a Whacka will cause the bump on it's head (caused
		by you hitting it) which will fall off.  Whacka Bumps are considered a
		rare delicacy.

Q.6) Where did the Whacka go?

		Sorry for outburst, but there's only one Whacka in the entire game &
		you can only whack it so many times before it leaves for good.  Since
		you can make items that are just as good (if not better) than Whacka
		Bumps, it's not really worth exploiting or killing the little guy.

Q.7) What's better: Jelly Ultras or Zess Deluxe?
A.7) While Jelly Ultras have the advantage in the restorative properties
		(10 HP & FP more than Zess Deluxe), the cost to make a Jelly Ultra
		can make 10 Zess Deluxe.  For 400 coins, what would you prefer:

		A) 10 Zess Deluxes (40 HP + 40 FP / ea OR 400 HP + 400 FP total)
		B)  1 Jelly Ultra (50 HP + 50 FP)

		If you think Jelly Ultra is better, you definately deserve to fail
		game economics.  However, if you have money coming out of the wazoo...
		(or completed the game) you can make as many Jelly Ultras as you like.
		It's your mistake to make here.

Q.8) How can I carry more than 10 items with me?
A.8) You'll have to venture into the Pit of 100 Trials & make your way down
		to Level 50.  There's a special item call the "Strange Sack", which
		doubles your carrying capacity (to 20 items), allowing you to carry
		a massive amount (like 15) Zess Deluxes or Jelly Ultras.

		Once you reach Lv 50 & obtain the Strange Sack, you may want to take
		the exit so you can restock prior to venturing further down...  if you
		want.  HOWEVER, you most likely don't want to any further than Lv 90
		as practically "The Point of No Return" in the Pit of 100 Trials.

Q.A) Why are there metals in your versions?
A.A) I don't believe in the ideal of "Final Version" as it's the easiest
		pitfall of guide writers to fall into (which I've narrowly missed at
		least once in my guide writing experience).  Therefore, I've added
		(Olympic) metals to my version names to give an idea on how complete
		a guide is...  Here's the quick break down.

		* Bronze (B) -- Practically an alpha/beta version.  It's a very rough
			version of the guide, which is likely to be full of errors &
			missing data.  An updated version is likely on it way.

		* Silver (S) -- It's a well-balanced guide, but there could be some
			information that's missing or could be incorrect.  Updates to
			this version may be a month or two away as there's less stuff
			to add to a guide.

		* Gold (G) -- The closest I get to a "Final Version", as it's a well
			polished guide.  There's few errors (excluding a few typos)
			& there's so little data missing that it's not noteworthy.
			Updates are normally 3 months apart or longer.

		* Platinum (P) -- This is the "Deluxe Version" of my guide, which
			includes the professional touches like graphics, special
			formatting & page lay outs.  Since these are compiled using
			office programs & available only in Acrobat format (PDF),
			you won't find this version available on public guide sites.

Q.B) Why are there spelling errors in this guide?
A.B) This guide was originally written with MS-DOS's Edit & Crimson Editor to
		maintain the 80-character marginal limits (required by Game FAQ's).

		Now, I'm using Notepad++ ( with
		ASpell (, which makes it easier for me to catch
		the most common spelling errors.  HOWEVER, it's not an auto-checker &
		I don't use it that often, mostly because of all the game jargon that
		tends to plague game guides.

		Spelling isn't a major priority when I start writing my guides, but
		as the guide gets more "polished", it becomes a larger priority.
		Therefore, Bronze & Silver editions will likely have some typos that
		were overlooked, mostly because they originally LOOKED right when it
		was originally writte that are likely caught in the Gold editions.

		In short, don't waste your time contacting me with such errors.

A) Acknowledgements
I'd like to thank the following people, companies & sites who helped make this
guide possible

* The Various Guide Hosting Sites
* Greg Boccia -- For parts of his guide
* Mr. "MsterChief" Martin -- For parts of his guide

If there's an error in the guide (other than typographical) or there's data
that's missing, please send me an e-mail.  Please check section D for the red
tape I have (which isn't that much, compared to the government).

B) Suggested Viewing
If you like this guide, please check out the follow guides related to this:

* -- THE public repository for gameplay help
* Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door guide by Greg Boccia

C) Version History

C.1) Version 1.000 Bronze to Gold -- Abridged Edition
3:00 PM 12.24.2006 to 5:18 PM 01.04.2007

This was the original work done to the guide, which pretty took a week to go
from Bronze to Gold in about a week.  Here's the rough list of work done.

* [1.000 B] Initial Writing
* [1.000 S] Added FAQ's
* [1.000 G] Corrected some information through personal play testing

C.2) Version 2.000 to 2.200 Gold -- Abridged Edition
3:31 AM 01.06.2007 to 5:02 PM 02.14.2009

This was an overhaul of the guide from the original version, which included some
really useful information.  Here's the list of work done.

* [2.000] Repaged the ToC
* [2.000] Added Section 8 (Suggestive Cooking)
* [2.000] Added more FAQ's
* [2.000] Corrected original notes on some items (Couple's Cake & Meteor Meals)
			after playtesting them in the WORST POSSIBLE PLACE (Pit of 100
* [2.100] Fixed some minor errors
* [2.200] Revived the guide that was collecting dust on my computer.
* [2.200] Changed copyrights to a Creative Commons License (see Section D)
* [2.200] More Tweaks to the guide.

C.3) Version 2.201 -- Gold Edition
10:49 PM 04.07.2009 to present

This was another minor update, mostly to make the guide more acceptable for all
guide sites.

* Optimized Guide by removing unnecessary white characters.
* Removed the "Game FAQ's" acknowledgement for a more generic acknowledgement.
* Abridged Version History

D) Copyrights, Licensing Information & Other Red Tape
(c) 2006-2009 TStodden, (c) 2006-2009 NESpresso Multimedia Entertainment
SOME Rights Reserved

This guide is published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial
License 3.0 (See for details).
In short, you MAY use this guide in part or in whole (preferably not the entire
guide to avoid plagiarism...  unless you're going to host this) WITHOUT HAVING

To take advantage of this license (without e-mailing me), you just have to do
the following:

1) Give me credit for the parts you used from this guide (a note in your
	acknowledgements is all you need).
2) You must provide your guide for free as well (hence the "Non-commercial").
	-- I'm doing this for free, so you can go free as well!  You may charge for
	the storage medium (paper, cd-rom, ect.), but it has to be "at cost".
3) Please e-mail me a note if you're going to use the guide in whole -- It's not
	part of the license, but I like to know where my work is hosted.
4) You are NOT REQUIRED to use the same license...  although it doesn't hurt.

That's about it!  Again, check the address above for the "human" (simple) &
"legal" (technical & legally binding) terms of the license.  If you bother to
e-mail me (see section A for details), I'll try to send you updates of this
guide when they're ready...  but it's not a guarantee as I normally publish
updates on Game FAQ's first (as it's the public clearinghouse for game guides)
& I might forget about you as I don't update on a regular schedule.

The main reason why I'm releasing my guides under a Creative Commons license as
it makes it easier for others to build on my work without as many legal hurdles
to deal with.  It also means I don't have to monitor the web as heavily for
violators as this license is designed to permit others to distribute this... as
long as they doing for free.  However, it does give me the right to revoke the
license in the future...  but that creates too many legal issues to deal with.

If you don't like the license, you can e-mail me (see Section A for the address)
for non-license permission.  Most requests accepted, but I'll likely place a
commercial provision on such permission (as long I get a cut, I'll wont object).

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