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Follow the dark path or use the light
Animal Crossing Pack Shot

Animal Crossing


Universal Codes FAQ

by bowsersenemy

()                                                              ()
()           Animal Crossing Universal Password guide           ()
()              Made by Bowsersenemy and Bombchu16              ()
()                         Version 1.00                         ()
()                                                              ()

1) Table of Contents.............................[ndex]

2) Introduction..................................[ntro]

   A) How to use Passwords.......................[hlp2]

   B) FAQs.......................................[????]

3) Version History...............................[ver.]

4) Codes.........................................[pass]

   A) Furniture..................................[stuf]

      a) Furniture Series........................[srs.]

      b) Furniture Themes........................[thm.]

      c) Furniture Sets..........................[sets]

      d) Other Furniture.........................[othr]

   B) Wallpaper..................................[wall]

   C) Carpet.....................................[flor]

   D) Clothing...................................[shrt]

   E) Handheld...................................[hand]

   F) Stationery.................................[papr]

   G) Fossils....................................[dino]

   H) Gyroids....................................[gyrd]

   I) K.K. Songs.................................[musc]

5) Other Codes...................................[huh?]

6) Credits.......................................[thnx]

7) Contact Info..................................[mail]

8) Allowed Sites.................................[site]

9) Legal Stuff...................................[zzzz]

| Introduction............................................[ntro] |

Hey. This is Bowsersenemy here, with another Animal Crossing FAQ!

For a while, I've been saying that I would make an FAQ that had
a password for every item in the game. Well, recently, with the
dissapearance of some generators from the net, and the complexity
of the ones that remained, I finaly told myself I had to buckle
down and just do it, and wouldn't you know it, someone by the
name of bombchu16 pops up and says that he's already generated
most all of the codes! And on top of that, he gives it all to me!
Sounds to good to be true, huh? Turns out, he's not to sure how
to make guides (I couldn't realy tell though, looks like he did
a good job to me, I just tweaked his original design) so he tells
me I can have the codes, and here we are!

As for how I know so much about the Password system, well, I've
been working with it for at least 2 years as of this guide's
publishing. Reading info from the creators of the original
password generators, (which by the way, thanks Dog64 for pointing
me in the right direction!) and eventualy, I came to know the
creator of the most powerful of the generators, Garycxjk. He and
I worked on several aspects of the password system, eventualy
gaining so much control over it, that all we COULDN'T do, was
build passwords for the famed Forbidden Four NES games, and make
passwords that spell out things. I learned alot over the past
two years. It's been a trip. And I hope to one day see the
Forbidden Four, be Forbidden No More.

| How to use Passwords....................................[help] |

If you're new to the password scene, or the gamecube version of
Animal Crossing, you probably have NO idea what a password is or
can do, or how to use it. Well, you're in the right section!

First off, there are two types of passwords. The kind that you
tell to Tom Nook, the racoon that runs the store, and the kind
that you have to mail to a villager. This guide uses the kind you
have to tell to Tom Nook, because the mail kind, tends to take
two days to get, and at times tends to be unreliable.

So, since this guide uses the Tom Nook kind, here's how to use
them. First, if you've just created your character, then you'll
have to make sure you're done working for Nook first. Then, talk
to him, and select the option, "Other things", and from there,
select "Say Password", and there you have it! After entering the
password, press start, and if you entered it right, you'll get
your item! Now, you can only do this for three items at a time,
but there's a way arround that. After the third password, just
save and quit, (save and continue won't work) and then return to
Nook for more! You can repeat this as often as you want, no time
warping required.

Also, if you're just looking for quick cash, then you have two
options. You can either use the 30,000 bell password, or if Nook
is buying turnips for a load of cash, (you can find out how much
he's buying for in the "Other Things" menu) then just use the
100 turnips password and cash in to your heart's content! Thing
is though, Nook doesn't usualy buy for much more than over 100
bells per turnip, and usualy less than that, but on rare days, he
can be seen paying 500 bells per turnip and up! so, with 100
turnips, times 500 bells... well, you do the math, just as soon
as you get the dollar signs out of your eyes. In short, use the
turnip code for cashing in big and maybe paying off your house
when you get the chance, and the 30,000 bell code for cash on the
spot, or when you just need to finish off that upgrade, and he's
not paying much for turnips.

| FAQ's...................................................[????] |

Q: Will these work with the PAL (European) version of the game?

A: Yes. There's no real differences in the PAL and NTSC versions
of the password system.


Q: Will these work with the Japanese version of the game?

A: Actualy, no. The Japanese version uses a completely different
password system. However, if you do happen to own the Japanese
version of the game, then if you're able to find them, there
are passwords for that version that can get you each one of the
NES games. Shame they won't work on the American and European


Q: Can you convert passwords between the Japanese and American/
European versions?

A: Sorry again, but no. The differences between the Japanese and
American/European versions are so drastic, that they don't even
work the same way. So the only interchangeable passwords, are the
ones built for the American and European versions.


Q: Why did you make this guide?

A: Because, alot of the good passwords are dissapearing, and
some passwords, either don't always work, or don't work at all.
This guide fixes that.


Q: But what about password generators?

A: They're also dissapearing for some reason. So, best to make
use of them while they're still arround. Besides, not everyone
knows how to use them, and don't feel like learning them. Also,
some of them are pretty complex. 


Q: What are the Forbidden Four?

A: They are Four NES games that can't be obtained through use of
passwords. Two of them can still be gotten though, if you have a
Gameboy Advance, an e-Reader, and the two cards that will give
them to you.


Q: Ok, so what are the games?

A: The two you can get with the e-Cards are Super Mario Bros, and
Ice Climber. The ones you can't, are The Legend of Zelda, and the
original Mario Bros.


Q: So why call them the Forbidden Four, and not the Forbidden

A: Because while two of them can be gotten with the use of
e-Cards, the cards are a rare find these days and either way,
NONE of them can be obtained through passwords or what is
considered "normal play".


Q: What was Project Hyrule?

A: It was a system that was used so that you could get almost any
item with a password, since at the time alot of passwords hadn't
been found for items yet. So, if you wanted an item, all you had
to do was name your character Link and your town Hyrule, and then
you could use the passwords. This became virtualy useless after
the creation of the password generators.


Q: What are Password generators?

A: Most of the passwords here were made with one. In short, they
basicly let you make passwords for almost any item. i say almost,
because of theForbidden Four.


Q: What's with the wierd numbers by each item?

A: They are the numbers that the game uses for those items. Also,
they can be used with certain password generators, or if you want
to build your own, then you're more than welcome to use this to
your advantage!


Q: Hey! I can't get this NES game password to work!

A: Why that is, is because some of them will only work if you
have a town name and player name that matches the ones the
password was made for. I'm sorry, but it can't be helped. Not to
worry though, if you have a second memory card with enough space
on it, just make a town that has the town and player names listed
for the codes, and then take a trip to the town you want the
games in, or just keep the town and play them there. Also, it's
not very likely anyone will anymore, but you could ask arround
some message boards for someone to make a custom codes for you.


Q: Could you make the custom codes for me?

A: Sorry, but no. I get alot of requests for this, but If I
started answering them all, I'd be overwhelmed.


Q: This password doesn't work!

A: Okay, try switching your capitol O's for Zeros, and your Zeros
for captial O's. Also, try switching your lower case L's for
Ones, and your Ones for lower case L's. If none of that worked,
then try emailing me. My email is in the contact information. If
I don't answer, then try looking me up on the net.

| Version History.........................................[ver.] |

0.00 Just started the guide. basic outline started, about half
items named, 1 password generated.

0.99 A generous user in the forums says he started a guide
himself, but instead offers me his passwords, which covers most
of the items. Switched to using his guide instead, with heavy
changes all over.

1.00 Last few codes generated, more things changed. Guide ready
for release to the public.

1.01 fixed some errors in the guide thanks to nensondubois and
SublimicNinja from Gamefaqs. Also, the guide is now allowed to be
hosted on Super Cheats.

1.02 Fixed another bad code. If anyone finds any bad codes, please
don't hesitate to report them.

| Codes...................................................[pass] |

Ah, the real meat of the guide. Almost every password here was
generously donated, organized, and made, by Bombchu16 of
GameFaqs. He made the general outline of the guide as well. I
liked how he did it, so I just heavily modified his design, added
several things, and finished up the remaining passwords. So a
great deal of thanks goes to Bombchu16 for speeding this up by
a great deal.

| Furniture...............................................[stuf] |

Item     Item Given                 Code
Number                              Top Line       Bottom Line

| Furniture Series........................................[srs.] |


0x1008 - blue wardrobe              P#LKrwyBUzvWJ6 BBR%[email protected]

0x1030 - blue cabinet               P#LKroytUigWJd YVR%AY9eVb5LS3

0x1064 - blue bureau                P#sKroyBXzvWJd YBR%mY9SVz5IH3

0x1358 - blue bed                   riBdY%a8Sk5J%t YAfyy557Xvch6C

0x135c - blue bench                 riBdTkaDSk5M%t YBfyy5q7Xvch6C

0x1360 - blue chair                 NVlqYWHZSo6J%P [email protected]

0x1364 - blue dresser               ujOakyFhboCe&I [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x1368 - blue bookcase              NVlqYWHQSo6J%P OBqVB59R5tXv7C

0x136c - blue table                 VzYK32H8b7wG&# EyM6g2Dr4NJtg7

0x1554 - blue clock                 [email protected]%N [email protected]


0x1018 - cabana wardrobe            P#sKrwyBXzvWJd BBR%mT9SVz5IH3

0x1044 - cabana dresser             osehjMnykLBa6A EKEOMvi9CeJ#MU

0x1158 - cabana armchair            [email protected] pWVlAgOot7qzCx

0x1180 - cabana bed                 jwRdMRXwe4VWMp up&QfLDUw4No3Z

0x1518 - cabana lamp                hBD4UYzNwRnCMa 7WYvpJPmAC8CvF

0x151c - cabana table               hgAXz5BNWlgMJa 7ktNSSPKQCKCVF

0x1530 - cabana screen              hgAXz5BNFlgMJa kkeNSOPDAC8CVF

0x1534 - cabana vanity              [email protected]%N [email protected]

0x1538 - cabana chair               hgAXz5BNFlgMJa kkeNSOPUAC8CVF

0x153c - cabana bookcase            [email protected]%N [email protected]


0x101c - cabin wardrobe             P#sKroytXinfJS qVR%AY9Hwb54S#

0x1048 - cabin dresser              P#sKroytXinfJp qVR%AY9Hwb54S#

0x1304 - cabin clock                NVlqYWHQSo6J%P OAqVB5vjztXv7C

0x138c - cabin bed                  ujOakyFyboCe&I [email protected]#lxS2R

0x1390 - cabin couch                NVlqYWHZSo6J%P YA5Vt5MR5tXv7C

0x1394 - cabin armchair             ujOakyFyboCe&I [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x1398 - cabin bookcase             riBdY%a8Sk5J%t YBfyy552ivch6C

0x139c - cabin low table            ujOakyFhboCe&I [email protected]#lxS2R

0x1578 - cabin chair                [email protected]%N [email protected]

0x1590 - cabin table                hBD4UYzNwRnCMa 7WYvpFPmAC8CvF


0x1004 - classic wardrobe           ksehjqlykLYa6A E&EOCviCgeKIQU

0x1060 - classic vanity             P#LKrwyBUigWJd YVR%AY9eVb5LS3

0x10f4 - classic hutch              P#LKroytUinfJS lVR%AT9ewb54S#

0x10f8 - classic chair              P#LKrwyBUigWJ6 BVR%AT9eVb5LS3

0x10fc - classic desk               P#sKroyBXigWJd YVR%AY9HVb5LS3

0x1100 - classic table              [email protected] pWVlAgFLtIlzCE

0x1104 - classic cabinet            jwRdMR5Ue4VWMS up&QfrDUw4No3h

0x115c - classic sofa               jwRdMR5&e4RWMS up&QfXDUw4No3Z

0x117c - classic clock              jwRdMR5&e4RWMp up&QfXDUw4No3h

0x1214 - classic bed                [email protected] CVCVPLMhfGcSNK


0x1038 - exotic wardrobe            P#LKroyBUinfJS qVR%AY9ewb54S#

0x106c - exotic bureau              kseXhQvykXYa6T E&EOMviCCeJPQU

0x131c - exotic bench               ujOakyFhboCe&I [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x1320 - exotic chair               VzBKk2Hdb7wI&# [email protected]

0x1324 - exotic chest               bhOa3yFQbmCe&I [email protected]#lxS2R

0x1328 - exotic lamp                bhOa3yFZbmCe&I [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x1334 - exotic screen              VzBKk2HDb7wI&# [email protected]

0x1338 - exotic table               UVlqTJHhSO6J%P OBqVB5EjztXv7C

0x150c - exotic bed                 [email protected]%N CVCVRLQhqucSNK

0x1510 - exotic end table           hB84UYzNwRnCMa 7WYvpSPwAC8CvF


0x1024 - green wardrobe             ksehjZlykLYa6A EaEOMvi9geJPQU

0x1054 - green dresser              ksehjZlykLYa6T E&EOMviCgeJPQU

0x1370 - green bed                  NVlqYWHQSo6J%P [email protected]

0x1374 - green bench                riYdTkaDSk59%t YBXyy552ivch6x

0x1378 - green chair                bhOa3yFQbmCe&I [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x137c - green pantry               bhOa3yFQbmCe&I [email protected]#lxS2R

0x1380 - green counter              VzYKk2HDb7ws&# EyM6g2Dr4NJtg7

0x1384 - green lamp                 riBdTkaDSk5M%t YAfyy5q7Xvch6C

0x1388 - green table                NVlqYWHZSo6J%P YB5Vt5MjztXv7C

0x1560 - green desk                 hgAXz5BNFlgMJa kkxNSdPDRCNCVF


0x1070 - kiddie dresser             osehjEnykLBa6A EKEOCvi9geKIMU

0x1074 - kiddie bureau              kseXh%vykXYa6A E&EOCviCCeKrQU

0x1078 - kiddie wardrobe            osehjMnykLBa6A EUEOMviCgeJ#MU

0x1ec0 - kiddie clock               &%5HPyugArt&6G xlKvvim%sOCPR#

0x1ec4 - kiddie bed                 DqLTLQkVyyPQyI E6QSyPBNb8JTRe

0x1ec8 - kiddie table               DqLTL%kVyytQyI x6QS5PBNb8JAsC

0x1ecc - kiddie couch               [email protected] E6QS5HBNb8JmoC

0x1ed0 - kiddie stereo              I%qaM6mEDLts6R [email protected]

0x1ed4 - kiddie chair               a%5aM67E%Lts6R qdSgG#wQsOODx2

0x1ed8 - kiddie bookcase            &AqHRZkvArt&6G xlKvv4m%oOCT&#


0x1020 - lovely armoire             P#sKrwytXigWJ6 BVR%AT9HVb5LS3

0x104c - lovely dresser             P#LKrwytUzvWJ6 YBR%[email protected]

0x1160 - lovely end table           [email protected] pWVlAgFQO7q5Cx

0x1164 - lovely armchair            [email protected] pWVlAgFLt7qzCE

0x116c - lovely lamp                j7RdMVXwe4VWMp jp&QfLDUU4No3Z

0x1170 - lovely kitchen             jwRdMR5&e4RWMp up&QfXDUw4No3Z

0x1174 - lovely chair               jwRdMRX7e4VWMp up&QfrDUw4No3h

0x1178 - lovely bed                 jwRdMR5Ue4RWMS up&QfXDUw4No3Z

0x11ec - lovely vanity              [email protected] pWVlAgFQO7q5CE

0x121c - lovely table               hVAX#[email protected] 7ktNSSPKQMKCVF

0x1e14 - lovely stereo              &AqHRqkvArH76G ElKvU4m%oOCT&w

0x3044 - lovely phone               DY%TQsh&GBPQyP xnQSyHB8z8JPme


0x1034 - modern wardrobe            oseXhJgykXBa6A EUEOMviCCeJPMU

0x1068 - modern dresser             kseXh%vykXYa6A EaEOCvi9geKrQU

0x1340 - modern bed                 VzYK32HKb7wG&# EyM6g2Dr4NJtg7

0x1348 - modern cabinet             VzYK32HKb7wG&# EyM6g2Qr4NJtg7

0x134c - modern desk                riBdTkadSk5M%t YAfyy552ivch6C

0x1350 - modern sofa                riBdTkaDSk5M%t YAfyy5q2ivch6C

0x1354 - modern table               @3&PGaWqmV8zlZ [email protected]

0x1568 - modern chair               [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x156c - modern end table           [email protected]%8 CVCVRXIh5ucFNK

0x1f50 - modern lamp                [email protected] b%[email protected]


0x102c - ranch wardrobe             P#sKrwytXinfJp lVR%AT9Hwb54S#

0x105c - ranch dresser              oseXhfgykXBa6A EKEOCvi9CeKIMU

0x1198 - ranch couch                j7RdMVXwe4RWMp jp&Qf5DUU4No3h

0x119c - ranch armchair             [email protected] pWVlAgFLtIlzCE

0x11a0 - ranch tea table            jwRdMR5&e4VWMp up&QfrDUw4No3Z

0x11a4 - ranch hutch                [email protected] pWVlAgOkOIl5CE

0x11a8 - ranch bookcase             [email protected] pWVlAgFLtIlzCE

0x11ac - ranch chair                j7RdMVX7e4RWMp jp&Qf5DUU4No3h

0x11b0 - ranch bed                  [email protected] pWVlAgOot7qzCx

0x11b4 - ranch table                j7RdMVXwe4VWMS jp&QfrDUU4No3h


0x1014 - regal armoire              oseXhfgykXBa6T EUEOCviCCeKIMU

0x1040 - regal dresser              P#sKroyBXinfJp qVR%AY9Hwb54S#

0x110c - regal cupboard             [email protected] pWVlAgFLt7qzCx

0x1130 - regal chair                [email protected] pWVlAgFLt7qzCx

0x1134 - regal table                jwRdMRX7e4RWMp up&Qf5DUw4No3h

0x1190 - regal bookcase             [email protected] pWVlAgOkO7q5CE

0x157c - regal bed                  hB84UYzNwRnCMa 7WYvpJPmAC8CvF

0x1584 - regal vanity               hgAXz5BNWlgMJa 7kYNSSPSRCUCVF

0x1588 - regal sofa                 hgAXz5BNFlgMJa kkxNSOPDRCNCVF

0x158c - regal lamp                 TVwLpRKf#T6#xE Ri6&6hMbs7l3RF


0x32d0 - harvest lamp               [email protected]@MZVpJ RRerwI4c5vXVQs

0x32e0 - harvest table              ldzCDCCQmPfxth uk%[email protected]&EKE

0x32e4 - harvest TV                 ldzCDCCQmPqMeh Nk%VfQESMD&EKE

0x32e8 - harvest bed                [email protected]%#zloir gFiHCPUbyC7hF#

0x32eC - harvest chair              mTc9Y4Nmw9jML9 9WTh8#yocMcpDM

0x32f0 - harvest clock              [email protected] [email protected]@KE

0x32f4 - harvest sofa               GsoCkARQLtldP9 Pu7HT8bFBe7hdM

0x3300 - harvest bureau             &AqH7ZL&T#B&6V xBKvv4mfoOCA%#

0x3308 - harvest dresser            DY%TAQLRGjaAyP EnQSyPB8z8JkQe

0x3310 - harvest mirror             SqLSRI7xVj&Dy6 YZySKeAXb8QSGc


0x1010 - Jingle wardrobe            ksehjZlykLYa6A E&EOMviCCeJ#QU

0x103c - Jingle dresser             kseXh%vykXYa6A E&EOCviCCeKIQU

0x1e18 - Jingle lamp                Qq%SyImR4yHmyt qMySKtAXb8JkCc

0x1e1c - Jingle chair               &AqHsyugALe76G xlKvvim%oOCmR#

0x1e20 - Jingle shelves             DY%TQ&uvyytQyI x6QS5HBNK8JPoC

0x1e24 - Jingle sofa                Jq%SyI7RByHmyt qMySKeAXb8JFMc

0x1e28 - Jingle bed                 DqLTksuvyhSAyI E6QSyHBNb8Jmoe

0x1e2c - Jingle clock               DY%TQ&uvyytQyI x6QS5HBNK8JHsC

0x1e30 - Jingle table               &%5HIyugALe76G xlKvvim%sOCFR#

0x1e34 - Jingle piano               Jq%SwD7xBhD%yt 5MyKzeAXb8JmCc


0x1000 - spooky wardrobe            P#sKroytXzlfJp lBR%mT9Swz5PH#

0x1050 - spooky dresser             osehjEnykLBa6A EUEOCviCCeKIMU

0x14c0 - spooky bed                 hVAX#zBUWvnCMa 7ktNSJPKQMKCVF

0x14c8 - spooky chair               [email protected]%u [email protected]

0x14d0 - spooky bookcase            TVCL2&KE#T6#TE Ai9&pBMwhIaMRF

0x14d4 - spooky sofa                TVwLpRKE#T6#TE Ri6&phMOs7l3RF

0x14d8 - spooky table               TVCL2&KE#T6#TE Ai9&p8MwhIaMRF

0x1504 - spooky clock               [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x1508 - spooky lamp                hgRXz5BNWlgMJa 7kYNSSPSRCUCVF

0x155c - spooky vanity              [email protected]%N [email protected]


0x1f54 - Snowman fridge             [email protected] [email protected]&mg783A

0x1f58 - Snowman table              [email protected] [email protected]

0x1f5c - Snowman bed                [email protected] [email protected]

0x1f60 - Snowman chair              VYRtSOD49HWkoo K%pJpev#Db78bA

0x1f64 - Snowman lamp               [email protected]@t9FW3uO [email protected]

0x1f68 - Snowman sofa               VYRtSCD49HWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78bA

0x1f6c - Snowman TV                 VYRtSCD4IHWkob K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x1f70 - Snowman dresser            VYRtSOD49HWkoo K%ppI9v#Db78cA

0x1f74 - Snowman wardrobe           VYRtSCD49HWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x1f78 - Snowman clock              [email protected] [email protected]

| Furniture Themes........................................[thm.] |


0x14dc - lunar lander               [email protected]%o [email protected]

0x14e0 - satellite                  hVRX#zBUFvnCMa kkeNSZPDAM8CVF

0x14f0 - flying saucer              hB84#qzUwRnCJa kWxv9tPbJMKCvF

0x14fc - rocket                     hVAX#zBUFvnCMa kkeNSZPDAM8CVF

0x1500 - Spaceman Sam               TVCL2&Kf#T6#xE Ai9&68MChIaMRF

0x1514 - asteroid                   [email protected]%N CVCVRLQhqucSNK

0x1544 - lunar rover                hB84#qzNwRnCMa kWxvptPFTMKCvF

0x1570 - space station              hB84UYzNwRnCMa 7WYvpSPmAC8CvF

0x1580 - space shuttle              [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x309c - moon                       I%qaA6m&S#eR6s [email protected]

Rock Garden

0x14a8 - garden stone               [email protected]%o [email protected]

0x14ac - standing stone             [email protected]%u CVCVRLMhfGcSNK

0x14e4 - mossy stone                [email protected]%o [email protected]

0x14e8 - leaning stone              [email protected]%u [email protected]

0x14ec - dark stone                 hBD4#qzUwRnCJa kWxv9dPFTMKCvF

0x14f4 - stone couple               [email protected]%o CVCVRXMhXGcFNK


0x11e8 - folding chair              [email protected] pWVlAgOkO7q5CE

0x1238 - cubby hole                 hVAX#[email protected] kkeNSOPUAM8CVF

0x123c - letter cubby               [email protected] [email protected]

0x124c - science table              hBD4#[email protected] kWxv9OPFTMKCvF

0x1260 - vaulting horse             hVAX#[email protected] kkxNSdPDRMNCVF

0x1ee4 - chalk board                Jq%SyD7RByHkyt 5MyKzeAXb8JmCc

0x1ee8 - mop                        DY%[email protected] x6QS5HBNK8JmoC

0x3200 - lefty desk                 [email protected]@xZVpJ RRProIBc5vpVQs

0x3204 - righty desk                lSKCUCxQm4Exeh N%[email protected]&vKE

0x3208 - school desk                mAc9Y4Nmw9jML9 9WTh8#yocMcpDM

0x3220 - teacher's desk             [email protected]@MyVIJ [email protected]

0x3274 - hamster cage               [email protected] [email protected]@KE

0x3278 - flip-top desk              vdzCDCCQm4qMeh Nk%VfQEDCD&EKE

0x3288 - teacher's chair            NhmCkAoQLtldH9 Pu7HT825yV35tx


0x1414 - traffic cone               [email protected]%u CVCVRLMhfGcSNK

0x141c - orange cone                hVAX#zBUWvnCMa 7ktNSSPKQMKCVF

0x1444 - manhole cover              hB84#qzUwRnCJa kWxv9tPFTMKCvF

0x1450 - green drum                 hB84#qzUwRnCJa kWxv9dPFTMKCvF

0x145c - iron frame                 [email protected]%u [email protected]

0x1494 - handcart                   hVRX#zBUWvnCMa 7ktNSSPKQMKCVF

0x14a4 - detour arrow               hBD4UYzUwRnCJa 7WYv9SPwAC8CvF

0x31ec - merge sign                 vilis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&a3DF7j#bv8

0x31f4 - wet roadway sign           WXz7eKwHTfXjRN jZeUlcXdVQWEZq

0x31f8 - detour sign                filis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&a3DF7j#bv%

0x31fc - men at work sign           filis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&aEDF7T#cv%

0x320c - flagman sign               [email protected]@MZVpJ RRerwIkc5vXVQs

0x3214 - jersey barrier             [email protected] XDR%[email protected]@KE

0x3218 - speed sign                 3VCEmAw%#zloir gFiHCPUbyC7hF#

0x3224 - haz-mat barrel             ldzCDCxQm4Exeh N%lVfQESGD&EKE

0x322c - saw horse                  [email protected]@xyVIJ [email protected]

0x325c - cement mixer               [email protected]@axtp [email protected][email protected]

0x3260 - jackhammer                 8hmCkAoQLtldH9 Pu7HT825yV35tx

0x328c - steam roller               ldzCDCCQm4fxth uk%xfQEdCD&EKE

0x32b8 - oil drum                   mTc9Y4Nmw9jML9 9WTh8#8ocMcpDM


0x32b0 - tumbleweed                 89lCUCCJkUaxep XDB%[email protected]

0x32b4 - cow skull                  lSKCUCxQmP%xth u%[email protected]@&vKE

0x32bc - saddle fence               [email protected] [email protected]

0x32c4 - watering trough            %[email protected]@xyVIJ [email protected]

0x32d4 - covered wagon              lSKCUCxQm4%xth u%[email protected]&vKE

0x32d8 - storefront                 [email protected]@MZVpJ RRerwI4c5vXVQs

0x3328 - desert cactus              DqLT4sh&GjaAyP EnQSyHB8K8Jmme

0x3330 - wagon wheel                &%5HDyh7T4V76V xBKvvimfsOCFA#

0x3334 - well                       Jq%SRD7xVj&%y6 5MyKzeAXb8Jmwc

0x32c0 - western fence              N9lCmCxXkwaxep Xmx%[email protected]


0x1e8c - white rook                 p%qaA67&%reR6R [email protected]#wQsOCFx2

0x1e90 - black rook                 Qq%SyImR4yHmyt YMySKtAXb8JkCc

0x1e94 - white queen                &AqHsZkvALe76G xlKvv4m%oOCk&#

0x1e98 - black queen                p%qaMd7E%LtI6R [email protected]#wQsOCFx2

0x1e9c - white bishop               I%qaA6m&DreR6R [email protected]

0x1ea0 - black bishop               DY%TQsuvyyPQyI x6QSyHBNK8JHse

0x1ea4 - white king                 DqLSwImx4hDDyt YZySKtAXb8QfMc

0x1ea8 - black king                 &%5aA6m&DreR6R YdSgGzwQsOO%x2

0x1eac - white knight               p%qaMd7E%LtI6R [email protected]#wQsOCFx2

0x1eb0 - black knight               &%5HPyugArt&6G ElKvvim%sOCHR#

0x1eb4 - white pawn                 a%5aAd7&%reP6R 5dSWG#wQsOODx2

0x1eb8 - black pawn                 DY%TQ&uvyytQyI E6QS5HBNK8JPoC

Mossy Garden

0x1228 - low lantern                hVAX#[email protected] kkxNSZPDRMNCVF

0x122c - tall lantern               [email protected] [email protected]

0x1230 - pond lantern               hVAX#[email protected] kkeNSOPDAM8CVF

0x1254 - shrine lantern             [email protected] [email protected]

0x13e0 - deer scare                 ujOakyFyboCe&I [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x14f8 - garden pond                [email protected]%u [email protected]


0x3234 - bug zapper                 [email protected]@axtp [email protected][email protected]@[email protected]

0x3240 - bird bath                  [email protected]@xZVpJ RRProIoc5vpVQs

0x3244 - barbecue                   [email protected] [email protected][email protected]@KE

0x324c - lawn chair                 FTc9Y4Nmw9jML9 9WTh8#yocMcpDM

0x3258 - backyard pool              N9lCDCCJkUaxep XDR%[email protected]

0x3264 - tiki torch                 #[email protected]%#zlo4r gFiHCPUby37pFr

0x3268 - birdhouse                  vSKCUCxQmPExeh N%[email protected]&vKE

0x3284 - bird feeder                [email protected] [email protected][email protected]

0x3290 - Mr. Flamingo               NsmCkAoQLtldH9 Pu7HT8H5yV35tx

0x329c - hammock                    #VwEmAV%#zlo4r gFiHCPEFB3kpFr

0x32a0 - garden gnome               [email protected] [email protected]@KE

0x32a4 - Mrs. Flamingo              [email protected]@xyVIJ [email protected]

0x32dc - picnic table               3VwEmAV%#zloir gFiHCPEFBCkhF#

0x3368 - sprinkler                  Jq%SlD7RVBjky6 cMyKzeAXb8JFGc

0x33a0 - lawn mower                 DY%T%sh&GBRQyP xnQSyHB8z8JHQe


0x32f8 - green pipe                 mAc9Y4Nmw9jML9 9WTh8#8ocMcpDM

0x32fc - brick block                #[email protected]%#zlo4r gFiHCPrby37pFr

0x3304 - flagpole                   SqLSlI7RVBjmy6 qZySKeAXb8QSGc

0x330c - super mushroom             I%qaEdmES4BI6s [email protected]

0x3314 - coin                       &AqH7qL&T#j76V EBKvU4mfoOCT%w

0x3318 - ? block                    Qq%SlImRiBjmy6 qMySKtAXb8Jkwc

0x331c - starman                    &AqH&yh7T4V76V xBKvvimfoOCmA#

0x3320 - koopa shell                DY%T%&h&GBBQyP xnQS5HB8z8JPmC

0x3324 - cannon                     Jq%SlI7RVBjmy6 qMySKeAXb8JFGc

0x332c - fire flower                DY%T%&h&GBBQyP xnQS5HB8z8JHQC


0x3338 - boxing barricade           &%5akdm&S#VP6s 5dSWGzwQsOO%V2

0x333c - neutral corner             DY%T%%LRGBBQyP EnQS5PB8z8JTAC

0x3340 - red corner                 I%qaEdmES4BI6s [email protected]

0x3344 - blue corner                DY%T%sh&GBRQyP xnQSyHB8z8JPme

0x3348 - boxing mat                 &%5aEdmES4BI6s cdSWGzwQsOO%V2

0x334c - ringside table             Qq%SRImxij&Dy6 YMySKtAXb8Jkwc

0x3350 - speed bag                  DY%T%sh&GBRQyP EnQSyHB8z8JPme

0x3354 - sandbag                    &%5HDqL&T4R76V EBKvU4mfsOCk%w

0x3358 - weight bench               &%5Hmyh7T#B&6V xBKvvimfsOCHA#

0x33b8 - judge's bell               DY%T%&h&GBBQyP EnQS5HB8z8JPmC

| Furniture Sets..........................................[sets] |

Fruit sets

0x12ec - orange chair               hBD4#[email protected] kWxv9dPFTMKCvF

0x12f4 - lemon table                [email protected] CVCVPXMhXGcFNK

0x13c0 - grapefruit table           riYdY%a8Sk5p%t YAXyy557Xvch6x

0x13c4 - lime chair                 VzYKk2Hdb7ws&# EQM6g2D5LNJtg7


0x1468 - watermelon chair           [email protected]%o [email protected]

0x146c - melon chair                [email protected]%o CVCVRX9hXGcFNK

0x1470 - watermelon table           hB84UYzUwRnCJa 7WYv9SPmAC8CvF

Flower Tables and Chairs

0x126c - tulip table                [email protected] CVCVPX9hXGcFNK

0x127c - tulip chair                [email protected] 7WYv9JPmAC8CvF

0x1270 - daffodil table             [email protected] 7WYv9SPmAC8CvF

0x1280 - daffodil chair             [email protected] [email protected]

0x1274 - iris table                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x1284 - iris chair                 hVAX#[email protected] 7kYNSSPSRMUCVF


0x10a4 - froggy chair               P#sKrwytXzlfJp qBR%mY9Swz5PH#

0x10a8 - lily-pad table             P#sKroytXzlfJS lBR%mT9Swz5PH#

Teddy Bears

0x10e8 - Papa bear                  P#sKrwytXzvWJd YBR%mY9SVz5IH3

0x10ec - Mama bear                  P#LKrwyBUzvWJ6 YBR%[email protected]

0x10f0 - Baby bear                  ksehjZlykLYa6A EaEOMvi9CeJPQU


0x10d8 - folk guitar                P#sKroytXzvWJ6 BBR%mT9SVz5IH3

0x10dc - country guitar             P#sKrwyBXzlfJS lBR%mT9Swz5PH#

0x10e0 - rock guitar                oseXhJgykXBa6T EUEOMviCgeJPMU

String Insturments

0x1480 - violin                     [email protected]%o [email protected]

0x1484 - bass                       hVAX#zBUWvnCMa 7kYNSSPSRMUCVF

0x1488 - cello                      hVAX#zBUFvnCMa kkxNSOPDRMNCVF


0x11d0 - conga drum                 [email protected] pWVlAgFLt7qzCE

0x11f4 - timpano drum               [email protected] pWVlAgOotIlzCx

0x133c - djimbe drum                riYdTkaDSk59%t YBXyy5q2ivch6x


0x114C - taiko drum                 [email protected] pWVlAgFQO7q5CE

0x1168 - ivory piano                jwRdMRX7e4VWMp up&QfLDUw4No3h

0x11C8 - vibraphone                 jwRdMR5Ue4RWMS up&QfXDUw4No3h

0x11CC - biwa lute                  [email protected] pWVlAgFQO7q5CE

0x1300 - harp                       VzYK32HKb7wG&# EQM6g2Q5LNJtg7

0x13DC - metronome                  bhOa3yFZbmCe&I [email protected]#lxS2R

0x148C - ebony piano                TVwLpRKE#T6#TE Ri6&pjMbs7l3RF


0x1114 - Keiko figurine             j7RdMVX7e4RWMp jp&Qf5DUU4No3Z

0x1118 - Yuki figurine              [email protected] pWVlAgOkO7q5CE

0x111c - Yoko figurine              [email protected] pWVlAgOotIlzCx

0x1120 - Emi figurine               [email protected] pWVlAgFQO7q5Cx

0x1124 - Maki figurine              jwRdMR5Ue4VWMS up&QfrDUw4No3Z

0x1128 - Naomi figurine             [email protected] pWVlAgFQO7q5Cx

0x1e38 - Aiko figurine              &%5aAdm&DreP6R 5dSWGzwQsOO%x2

Vending Machines

0x1440 - soda machine               [email protected]%o CVCVRX9hXGcFNK

0x1448 - pop machine                [email protected]%o CVCVRXMhXGcFNK

0x323c - coffee machine             [email protected] [email protected]@KE

0x3254 - candy machine              ldzCDCxQm4%xth u%[email protected]&EKE


0x100c - office locker              P#sKroyBXigWJ6 YVR%AY9HVb5LS3

0x11bc - office desk                [email protected] pWVlAgOkOIl5Cx

0x1234 - office chair               [email protected] [email protected]


0x1278 - blue vase                  [email protected] [email protected]

0x129c - tea vase                   [email protected] [email protected]

0x12a0 - red vase                   hB84#[email protected] kWxv9dPbJMKCvF

Totem Pole

0x113c - eagle pole                 jwRdMRXwe4VWMp up&QfrDUw4No3h

0x1140 - raven pole                 [email protected] pWVlAgOotIlzCx

0x1144 - bear pole                  jwRdMR5Ue4RWMp up&Qf5DUw4No3Z

0x1148 - frog woman pole            [email protected] pWVlAgOotIlzCx


0x1294 - pine table                 hVRX#[email protected] 7ktNSSPKQMKCVF

0x1298 - pine chair                 [email protected] CVCVPL9hfGcSNK


0x1110 - writing desk               jwRdMR5&e4VWMp up&QfLDUw4No3Z

0x112c - globe                      [email protected] pWVlAgFQOIl5Cx

0x1194 - writing chair              j7RdMVX7e4VWMS jp&QfLDUU4No3Z


0x11c0 - Master Sword               [email protected] pWVlAgOotIlzCx

0x11c4 - N logo                     [email protected] pWVlAgFQOIl5CE

0x1540 - Arwing                     [email protected]%8 CVCVRXIh5ucFNK

0x31e4 - Nintendo bench             filis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&aEQF7T#bv8

0x31e8 - G logo                     MPaNQwqSUpi9Ar WR8nI#mbgW37PQ

0x32c8 - Luigi trophy               [email protected]@axtp [email protected][email protected]

0x32cc - Mario trophy               [email protected]%#zloir gFiHCPUbyC7hF#


0x1028 - pear wardrobe              P#sKrwyBXigWJd YVR%AY9HVb5LS3

0x1058 - pear dresser               osehjEnykLBa6T EKEOCvi9CeKrMU


0x12f8 - apple TV                   [email protected] [email protected]

0x1e44 - apple clock                DY%TQsuvyyPQyI x6QSyHBNK8JPoe


0x1e3c - robo-stereo                DY%TQ%kVyytQyI E6QS5PBNK8JTRC

0x1e48 - robo-clock                 &%5aMdmEDLtI6R cdSWGzwQsOO%x2

| Other Furniture.........................................[othr] |


0x12AC - famous painting            [email protected] CVCVPLMhfGcSNK

0x12B0 - basic painting             hVAX#[email protected] 7ktNSJPSAMKCVF

0x12B4 - scary painting             hVRX#[email protected] kkeNSOPUAM8CVF

0x12B8 - moving painting            [email protected] [email protected]

0x12BC - flowery painting           hVAX#[email protected] 7kYNSFPKsMUCVF

0x12C0 - common painting            hVAX#[email protected] 7ktNSJPKQMKCVF

0x12C4 - quaint painting            hBD4#[email protected] kWxv9tPbJMKCvF

0x12C8 - dainty painting            [email protected] [email protected]

0x12CC - amazing painting           [email protected] [email protected]

0x12D0 - strange painting           TVCL2&Kv#T6#T3 Ai9&pBMwhIaMRF

0x12D4 - rare painting              TVwLpRKv#T6#T3 Ri6&phMOs7l3RF

0x12D8 - classic painting           TVCL2&Kv#T6#T3 Ai9&p8MwhIaMRF

0x12DC - perfect painting           [email protected] [email protected]

0x12E0 - fine painting              hVRX#[email protected] kkeNSZPDAM8CVF

0x12E4 - worthy painting            [email protected] [email protected]


0x132C - caladium                   hVAX#[email protected] 7kYNSSPSRMUCVF

0x1330 - lady palm                  UVlqTJHhSO6J%P YB5Vt5sjztXv7C

0x13A0 - aloe                       VzYKk2HDb7ws&# EQM6g2Q5LNJtg7

0x13A4 - bromeliaceae               VzYKk2Hdb7ws&# EQM6g2Qr4NJtg7

0x13A8 - coconut palm               ujOakyFhboCe&I [email protected]#lxS2R

0x13AC - snake plant                VzBK32H8b7w9&# [email protected]

0x13B0 - dracaena                   VzBK32H8b7w9&# [email protected]

0x13B4 - rubber tree                UVlqTJHySO6J%P OBqVB5EjztXv7C

0x13B8 - pothos                     riBdTkadSk5M%t YBfyy5q2ivch6C

0x13BC - fan palm                   riYdTkaDSk59%t YAXyy5q7Xvch6x

0x13C8 - weeping fig                riBdTkaDSk5M%t YBfyy557Xvch6C

0x13CC - corn plant                 bhOa3yFZbmCe&I [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x13D0 - croton                     VzBK32HKb7w9&# [email protected]

0x13D4 - pachira                    UVlqTJHySO6J%P OAqVB5ER5tXv7C


0x13e4 - pine bonsai                bhOa3yFQbmCe&I [email protected]#lxS2R

0x13e8 - mugho bonsai               bhOa3yFZbmCe&I [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x13f0 - ponderosa bonsai           VzYKk2HDb7ws&# EQM6g2D5LNJtg7

0x13F4 - plum bonsai                UVlqTJHhSO6J%P OBqVB5rR5tXv7C

0x1404 - quince bonsai              [email protected]%o [email protected]

0x1408 - azalea bonsai              hVRX#zBUWvnCMa 7kYNSSPSRMUCVF

0x140C - jasmine bonsai             [email protected]%u CVCVRLMhfGcSNK

0x1424 - maple bonsai               [email protected]%o [email protected]

0x1428 - hawthorn bonsai            hVAX#zBUFvnCMa kkxNSZPDRMNCVF

0x142C - holly bonsai               [email protected]%u [email protected]


0x15A4 - gerbera                    hBD4UYzNwRnCMa 7WYvpSPwAC8CvF

0x15A8 - sunflower                  [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x15AC - daffodil                   [email protected]%N CVCVRLQhqucSNK


0x120c - tall cactus                [email protected] CVCVPLMhfGcSNK

0x1210 - round cactus               [email protected] 7WYv9SPwAC8CvF

0x13d8 - cactus                     VzBK32HKb7w9&# [email protected]

Music Players

0x1154 - retro stereo               j7RdMV5Ue4VWMS jp&QfLDUU4No3Z

0x11E4 - gold stereo                jwRdMRX7e4RWMp up&QfXDUw4No3h

0x1DF8 - phonograph                 fZ7EPS8TUi9tIZ dQhiicSOJ8m&5w

0x1DFC - turntable                  [email protected] dDhii3SOQ8m&5w

0x1E00 - jukebox                    &AqHRZkvArt&6G xlKvv4m%oOCA&#

0x1E04 - red boom box               SqLSyI7RByHmyt qZySKeAXb8QSMc

0x1E08 - white boom box             DY%TmQkVyhSAyI E6QSyPBNK8Jkse

0x1E0C - high-end stereo            I%qaMdmEDLtI6R [email protected]

0x1E10 - hi-fi stereo               SqLSwI7xBhDDyt YZySKeAXb8QSMc

0x1E40 - dice stereo                I%qaMdmEDLtI6R [email protected]

0x1E54 - reel-to-reel               &%5HIqkvALP76G ElKvU4m%sOCk&w

0x1E58 - tape deck                  &%5HPyugArt&6G xlKvvim%sOCHR#

0x1E5C - CD player                  DY%Tm%[email protected] E6QS5PBNK8JksC


0x1268 - alarm clock                [email protected] [email protected]

0x1E4C - kitschy clock              Qq%SwImx4hDDyt YMySKtAXb8JkCc

0x1E50 - antique clock              DY%TQsuvyyPQyI E6QSyHBNK8JPoe

0x1E60 - glow clock                 DqLSyDmR4yHkyt 5ZyKztAXb8Q%Cc

0x1E64 - odd clock                  &%5HIlugALP76G ElKvUim%sOCFRw

0x1E68 - red clock                  Jq%SyD7RByHkyt cMyKzeAXb8JFMc

0x1E6C - cube clock                 p%qaMd7E%LtI6R [email protected]#wQsOCmx2

0x1E70 - owl clock                  SqLSwI7xBhDDyt qZySKeAXb8QDCc

Golf Bags

0x1184 - green golf bag             [email protected] pWVlAgOkO7q5Cx

0x1188 - white golf bag             [email protected] pWVlAgFQO7q5Cx

0x118C - blue golf bag              j7RdMV5&e4RWMp jp&QfXDUU4No3h


0x10B8 - red sofa                   P#LKrwyBUigWJ6 YVR%AY9eVb5LS3

0x10BC - red armchair               ksehjqlykLYa6A EaEOCvi9CeKIQU

0x10C8 - cream sofa                 oseXhfgykXBa6A EKEOCvi9CeKrMU

0x1108 - rocking chair              jwRdMRX7e4RWMS up&QfXDUw4No3Z

0x11D8 - ruby econo-chair           [email protected] pWVlAgFLt7qzCE

0x11DC - gold econo-chair           [email protected] pWVlAgFQOIl5CE

0x11E0 - jade econo-chair           j7RdMVX7e4RWMS jp&Qf5DUU4No3h


0x1088 - fan                        P#LKrwytUigWJd YVR%AY9eVb5LS3

0x10A0 - bus stop                   &fY#rVqC3%w8kK Sh7GUSAeFNK7%h

0x10AC - refrigerator               oseXhJgykXBa6T EUEOMviCCeJPMU

0x10C4 - stove                      P#sKrwyBXzlfJp lBR%mT9Swz5PH#

0x10E4 - hinaningyo                 oseXhJgykXBa6A EKEOMvi9geJPMU

0x1138 - retro TV                   [email protected] pWVlAgFLtIlzCx

0x1150 - space heater               jwRdMR5&e4RWMp up&Qf5DUw4No3Z

0x11B8 - computer                   [email protected] pWVlAgFQO7q5Cx

0x11D4 - extinguisher               j7RdMV5Ue4VWMp jp&QfLDUU4No3h

0x11F0 - birdcage                   jwRdMR5Ue4VWMp up&QfrDUw4No3Z

0x1218 - wide-screen TV             [email protected] 7WYv9JPmAC8CvF

0x1258 - barrel                     hVAX#[email protected] 7ktNSFPSAMKCVF

0x125C - keg                        [email protected] [email protected]

0x1264 - glass-top table            [email protected] [email protected]

0x1288 - elephant slide             hVAX#[email protected] kkxNSOPDRMNCVF

0x128C - toilet                     TVwLpRKv#T6#T3 Ri6&pjMbs7l3RF

0x1290 - super toilet               [email protected] 7WYv9FPmAC8CvF

0x12A4 - sewing machine             [email protected] 7WYv9SPwAC8CvF

0x12A8 - billiard table             [email protected] [email protected]

0x12E8 - pineapple bed              [email protected] [email protected]

0x12FC - table tennis               hVAX#[email protected] kkeNSZPDAM8CVF

0x1308 - train set                  riBdTkadSk5M%t YAfyy5q7Xvch6C

0x130C - water bird                 VzBK32HKb7w9&# [email protected]

0x1310 - wobbelina                  VzYKk2HDb7ws&# EQM6g2Qr4NJtg7

0x1318 - slot machine               bhOa3yFZbmCe&I [email protected]#lxS2R

0x13EC - barber's pole              riBdTkadSk5M%t YAfyy5q2ivch6C

0x1410 - executive toy              hB84UYzUwRnCJa 7WYv9SPwAC8CvF

0x1478 - garbage can                [email protected]%u [email protected]

0x147C - trash bin                  hB84UYzUwRnCJa 7WYv9JPmAC8CvF

0x1524 - scale                      [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x1558 - mochi pestle               hgAXz5BNWlgMJa 7ktNSFPSACKCVF

0x159C - tea set                    [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x15A0 - Nook's portrait            hB84#qzNwRnCMa kWxvpdPbJMKCvF

0x1E7C - samurai suit               Jq%SyI7RByHmyt qMySKeAXb8JmCc

0x3054 - tanabata palm              &%5HIqL&T4P76V EBKvU4mfsOCk%w

0x30F8 - orange box                 DY%[email protected] EnQS5HB8z8JmmC

0x3248 - radiator                   [email protected]@xZVpJ RRProIoc5vpVQs

0x3250 - chess table                [email protected] [email protected][email protected]@KE

0x326C - potbelly stove             89lCwCxXkCaxep XmA%[email protected]@KE


0x11FC - birthday cake              [email protected] pWVlAgFLt7qzCx

0x149C - jack-o'-lantern            [email protected]%o [email protected]

0x14C4 - jack-in-the-box            hBD4#qzUwRnCJa kWxv9tPbJMKCvF

0x1E88 - big festive tree           DqLTksuvyhSAyI x6QSyHBNb8Jmoe

0x1EBC - festive tree               DY%TmsuvyhSAyI E6QSyHBNK8JFse

0x3090 - Snowman                    Qq%SyImRiBHmy6 YMySKtAXb8Jkwc

0x31F0 - bottle rocket              [email protected] [email protected]

0x327C - festive flag               ldzCDCCQm4qMeh Nk%VfQESMD&EKE

0x3298 - festive candle             [email protected] XDR%[email protected]@KE

0x33B4 - cornucopia                 a%5akd7&f#VP6s 5dSWG#wQsOODV2

0x33BC - noisemaker                 DY%TAsh&GjaAyP EnQSyHB8z8JFQe

NES Games

0x1da8 - Clu Clu Land               f6REPS8TUH9tI5 dDhii3SOJ8m&Xs

0x1dac - Balloon Fight              c&nzhSrIzJcvNg pKbTGpaphAuS#K

0x1db0 - Donkey Kong                c&nzhSrIzJcvNg pKbTG5aphmuS#K

0x1db4 - DK Jr. MATH                c%nzGS57zJWgNg pbbTGpaphAwS#K

0x1db8 - Pinball                    fc7EPS8TUi9tIZ dQhiHcSOJ8m&Xs

0x1dbc - Tennis                     [email protected] dQhiicSOJ8m&5w

0x1dc0 - Golf                       c%nzGSrIzJWgNg pbbTG5aphmuS#K

0x1dc8 - Baseball                   8cdYROkikxs&r8 Fq6bvLzQIWT5Qh

0x1ddc - Excitebike                 [email protected] dQhiicSOQ8m&Xs

0x1de0 - Wario's Woods              c&nzhSrIzJcvNg pKbTGpaphAwS#K

0x1df4 - NES Console*               fOREPS8TUH9tI5 dDhii3SOQ8m&Xs

* Does not actualy play any games

Special NES games

NOTICE: These codes can ONLY be used by players who have named
thier town Hyrule, and have a player in it named Link. This is
currently the ONLY way to get these games. Your name and town
have to match not just in spelling, but also case. So, capitol
H in Hyrule, and Capitol L in Link.

For characters named Link living in Hyrule only!

0x1dcc - Clu Clu Land D             Y#a9gAMomJTaa5 7YrBgJ%B6yiDOy

0x1dd0 - Donkey Kong 3              &QL%e4KBner%x& [email protected]

0x1dd4 - Donkey Kong Jr.            4PpfrVHO%OCLSX B2HAy6xBJopES%

0x1dd8 - Soccer                     &QL%eoKTneL%x7 [email protected]#ZQ

0x1dc4 - Punchout                   &kL%eoKAner%x& [email protected]#9Q

Beach / Tropical

0x3074 - life ring                  Jq%SwD7xVjD%y6 cMyKzeAXb8JFGc

0x31AC - snowcone machine           vilis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&aEQF7T#cv%

0x31B0 - treasure chest             vilis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&a3QF7T#cv8

0x31B4 - beach chair                [email protected] jMeUlcpdVQWvZq

0x31B8 - beach table                vilis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&aEDF7j#bv8

0x31C0 - surfboard                  WXz7eKwHTfXjRN jZeUlcXdVQWvZq

0x31C8 - wave breaker               MPaNQwqSUpi9Ar WR8nI#Abg237PQ

0x31CC - ukulele                    filis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&a3DF7T#bv%

0x31D0 - Diver Dan                  vilis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&a3DF7T#cv%


0x335C - campfire                   DY%TA%LRGjvAyP EnQS5PB8z8JkQC

0x3360 - bonfire                    DqLSlDmRiBjky6 5ZyKztAXb8Q%wc

0x3364 - kayak                      &%5HDlh7T4R76V EBKvUimfsOCFAw

0x3370 - backpack                   SqLSRI7xVj&Dy6 qZySKeAXb8QDwc

0x339C - lantern                    I%qak6m&S#VR6s [email protected]

0x33A4 - cooler                     DqLSRImxij&Dy6 YZySKtAXb8QfGc

0x33A8 - mountain bike              &%5ak6m&S#VR6s YdSgGzwQsOO%V2

0x33AC - sleeping bag               p%qaEd7Ef4BI6s [email protected]#wQsOCFV2

0x33B0 - propane stove              &%5Hmyh7T#B&6V EBKvvimfsOCHA#

Igloo Game Rewards

0x33C0 - chowder                    &%5Hmyh7T#B&6V xBKvvimfsOCPA#

0x319C - crab stew                  [email protected] [email protected]

0x31A0 - fireplace                  WXzIeKwHTfXjRN [email protected]

0x31C4 - snowboard                  [email protected] [email protected]

0x31D4 - snow bunny                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x31E0 - sleigh                     filis2OvN6X9Rr 3s2&aEQF7T#cv%

World Pieces

0x1FA0 - shogi piece                [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x1FB4 - tribal mask                VYRtSCD4IHWkob K%pJI9v#Db78bA

0x1FB8 - matryoshka                 [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x1FC4 - tiger bobblehead           [email protected] [email protected]

0x1FC8 - Moai statue                [email protected] [email protected]

0x1FD0 - pagoda                     VYRtSOD49HWkob K%pppelrDb78cA

0x1FD4 - fishing bear               VYRtSCD4IHWkob K%ppI9v#Db78cA

0x1FD8 - Mouth of Truth             [email protected] [email protected]

0x1FDC - Chinese lioness            VYRtSCD4IHWkoo K%pppelrDb78bA

0x1FE0 - Tower of Pisa              [email protected]@t9FW3uO [email protected]

0x1FE4 - Merlion                    VYRtSOD49HWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78bA

0x1FE8 - Manekin Pis                [email protected] [email protected]

0x1FEC - Tokyo Tower                [email protected] [email protected]

0x3010 - Lady Liberty               SqLSwI7xVjDDy6 YZySKeAXb8QSGc

0x3014 - Arc De Triomphe            &AqHRqL&T#H76V EBKvU4mfoOCT%w

0x3018 - stone coin                 Qq%SyImRiBHmy6 qMySKtAXb8Jkwc

0x301C - mermaid statue             &AqHsyh7T4e76V xBKvvimfoOCmA#

0x3034 - plate armor                Jq%SwD7xVjD%y6 5MyKzeAXb8Jmwc

0x3050 - Chinese lion               DY%TQsh&GBPQyP EnQSyHB8z8JPme

0x3064 - compass                    &%5HIlh7T4P76V EBKvUimfsOCFAw


0x1FA4 - chocolates                 VYRtSCD49HWkoo K%pppev#Db78cA

0x1FAC - piggy bank                 VYRtSOD49HWkob K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x1FB0 - tissue                     [email protected]@t9FW3uO [email protected]

0x1FC0 - bottled ship               [email protected]@t9FX3uO [email protected]

0x1FCC - aerobics radio             [email protected] [email protected]

0x3294 - mailbox                    vdzCDCxQmP%xth u%[email protected]&EKE

0x32A8 - spring medal               zGwEmAV%#zlo4r gFiHCPEFB3kpFr

0x32AC - autumn medal               [email protected] XDB%[email protected]@KE

0x3238 - telescope                  yhoCkARQLtldP9 Pu7HT8bFBe7hdM

0x3374 - angler trophy              Jq%SRD7xVj&%y6 cMyKzeAXb8JFGc

0x3210 - fishing trophy             [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]

0x3280 - Super Tortimer*            [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]

0x3094 - miniature car              &AqHsZL&T4e76V xBKvv4mfoOCk%#

0x30A4 - dolly                      DqLSwImxijDDy6 YZySKtAXb8QfGc

* Despite appearance and name, this is NOT an NES game. What it
is though, well, I won't spoil it.


0x3020 - post model                 DY%TQ&h&GBtQyP xnQS5HB8z8JPmC

0x3024 - house model                Jq%SyI7RVBHmy6 qMySKeAXb8JFGc

0x3028 - manor model                DqLTksh&GjSAyP EnQSyHB8K8Jmme

0x302C - police model               DY%TQ&h&GBtQyP xnQS5HB8z8JHQC

0x3030 - museum model               &%5HIyh7T4e76V xBKvvimfsOCFA#

0x3048 - market model               &%5aMdmES4tI6s cdSWGzwQsOO%V2

0x304C - Katrina's tent             Qq%SwImxijDDy6 YMySKtAXb8Jkwc

0x3060 - shop model                 DqLSyDmRiBHky6 5ZyKztAXb8Q%wc

0x3070 - lighthouse model           SqLSwI7xVjDDy6 qZySKeAXb8QDwc

0x3078 - tree model                 DY%Tm%[email protected] xnQS5PB8z8JkQC

0x307C - pink tree model            Jq%SyI7RVBHmy6 qMySKeAXb8Jmwc

0x3080 - weed model                 Jq%SwD7xVjD%y6 5MyKzeAXb8JFGc

0x3084 - tailor model               DY%Tmsh&GjSAyP EnQSyHB8z8Jmme

0x3088 - dump model                 DqLTksh&GjSAyP xnQSyHB8K8Jmme

0x30A0 - locomotive model           DY%TQsh&GBPQyP xnQSyHB8z8JHQe

0x30A8 - station model 1            &%5aA6m&S#eR6s YdSgGzwQsOO%V2

0x30AC - station model 2            p%qaMd7Ef4tI6s [email protected]#wQsOCFV2

0x30B0 - station model 3            &%5HPyh7T#t&6V EBKvvimfsOCHA#

0x30B4 - station model 4            a%5aAd7&f#eP6s 5dSWG#wQsOODV2

0x30B8 - station model 5            DY%TQ&h&GBtQyP EnQS5HB8z8JPmC

0x30BC - station model 6            DY%Tmsh&GjSAyP EnQSyHB8z8JFQe

0x30C0 - station model 7            &%5HPyh7T#t&6V xBKvvimfsOCPA#

0x30C4 - station model 8            DqLTLQLRGBPQyP EnQSyPB8K8JTAe

0x30C8 - station model 9            DqLTL%LRGBtQyP xnQS5PB8K8JAQC

0x30CC - station model 10           [email protected] EnQS5HB8K8JmmC

0x30D0 - station model 11           I%qaM6mES4ts6s [email protected]

0x30D4 - station model 12           a%5aM67Ef4ts6s qdSgG#wQsOODV2

0x30D8 - station model 13           &AqHRZL&T#t&6V xBKvv4mfoOCT%#

0x30DC - station model 14           Qq%SyImRiBHmy6 qMySKtAXb8JWGc

0x30E0 - station model 15           &%5HIZL&T4e76V EBKvv4mfsOCW%#

0x30E4 - well model                 Jq%SyD7RVBHky6 5MyKzeAXb8Jmwc

0x30E8 - grass model                DY%[email protected] xnQS5HB8z8JmmC

0x30EC - track model                DY%TQQLRGBPQyP EnQSyPB8z8JAQe

0x30F0 - dirt model                 DqLTLsh&GBPQyP EnQSyHB8K8JHQe

0x30F4 - train car model            I%qaAdm&S#eP6s [email protected]

0x31A4 - igloo model                WXz7eKwHTfXjRN [email protected]

0x31A8 - snowy tree model           WXzIeKwHTfXjRN [email protected]

0x336c - tent model                 p%qaEd7Ef4BI6s [email protected]#wQsOCmV2

0x3378 - pansy model 1              DY%TA%LRGjvAyP xnQS5PB8z8JkQC

0x337c - pansy model 2              Jq%SlI7RVBjmy6 qMySKeAXb8Jmwc

0x3380 - pansy model 3              Jq%SRD7xVj&%y6 5MyKzeAXb8JFGc

0x3384 - comsos model 1             DY%TAsh&GjaAyP EnQSyHB8z8Jmme

0x3388 - cosmos model 2             DqLT4sh&GjaAyP xnQSyHB8K8Jmme

0x338c - cosmos model 3             p%qak67&f#VR6s [email protected]#wQsOCFV2

0x3390 - tulip model 1              Qq%SlImRiBjmy6 YMySKtAXb8Jkwc

0x3394 - tulip model 2              &AqH&ZL&T4V76V xBKvv4mfoOCk%#

0x3398 - tulip model 3              p%qaEd7Ef4BI6s [email protected]#wQsOCFV2


0x2B00 - college rule               lZ29AXYgnFCCv& vJXqpBJtNyg#K7

0x2B01 - school pad                 6ojuGvqNrRGMX& ZzrCSH5ApEZeO%

0x2B02 - organizer                  [email protected] [email protected]

0x2B03 - diary                      bXh8ZYCWRurHfa LUt3JWzfuyUmgr

0x2B04 - journal                    lZ29AsPuFpCCv& vQ4YSjJSNlHwK7

0x2B05 - pink diary                 bXN8ZZg37NzTfa [email protected]

0x2B06 - captain's log              uiN8ZA237N6Tfa [email protected]

0x2B07 - blue diary                 oXh8ZYCWRu5pfa LUt3JWzfuyUmgr

0x2B08 - french notebook            lhH9AhtgOFCCvl vJLYpRJeNyH#K7

0x2B09 - scroll                     [email protected] Fb9nmWAk63&PML

0x2B0A - pink plaid pad             uiN8ZA237N9ffh [email protected]

0x2B0B - blue polka pad             [email protected] Fbgn7wAA63DPMt

0x2B0C - green plaid pad            [email protected]%O3J iwYH&D5DtZ3Mvt

0x2B0D - red polka pad              oXN8ZYg3RN#ffa [email protected]

0x2B0E - yellow plaid pad           64juNGq8rjhML& Z4rCaz5qIr5eOl

0x2B0F - calligraphy pad            rLiWNxq8rBwMXr Zz3Cfx5kpE5eOn

| Wallpaper...............................................[wall] |

0x2700 - chic wall                  [email protected] pTVlAgF8tIlzOx

0x2701 - classic wall               q&rOzw5wnWvATy ob&OhTPDeCnk8Y

0x2702 - parlor wall                DHphNAZ&leOJRT Ir7UxYz2hjxswj

0x2703 - stone wall                 [email protected]#VV9y9FJ pTVlAud4z7qzOM

0x2704 - blue-trim wall             jRRdZs5NeiVWMS jp&QfrDDwLNo3h

0x2705 - plaster wall               6#[email protected] 9xN8WpaZyauphb

0x2706 - classroom wall             DHphNAZ&leOJRT Ir7UxYz2hbAswj

0x2707 - lovely wall                [email protected]#VV9y9FT pTVlAud4z7qzOM

0x2708 - exotic wall                jRRdZsXgeiRWMS jp&QfXDDwLNo3Z

0x2709 - mortar wall                q&9Ozw5wnWvAxQ oba6hTP%eCOk8Y

0x270a - gold screen wall           DiphNAZ&leOJRT Ir7Uxjz2hbxs3j

0x270b - tea room wall              jRRdZsN9#iVWMp fp&QfrDmwLfo3Z

0x270c - citrus wall                [email protected] pTVlAgF8t7qzOM

0x270d - cabin wall                 6#[email protected] 9xN8W5aZyawphb

0x270e - blue tarp                  E7vOzk5RnWvAxQ 4b26JFPlvCOA8Y

0x270f - lunar horizon              j#RdZGKg#iRWMp fp&QffDmULfo3Z

0x2710 - garden wall                jRRdZs5veiVWMp jp&QfLDDwLNo3Z

0x2711 - spooky wall                q&EOzw5wnWvAxy ob&OJTPDeCnk8Y

0x2712 - western vista              E7vOzk5RnWvAxQ 4bF6JFPlECOA8Y

0x2713 - green wall                 [email protected]#VBCy6FT pTVlAudAzIl5Ox

0x2714 - blue wall                  j#RdZGXgeiRWMp jp&QfqDDULNo3Z

0x2715 - regal wall                 [email protected] 9xN8upK2Bhuphb

0x2716 - ranch wall                 E7vOzk5RnWvATQ [email protected]

0x2717 - modern wall                j#RdZGNG#iRWMS fp&QffDmULfo3h

0x2718 - cabana wall                [email protected] pTVlAgOAt7q5Ox

0x2719 - Snowman wall               [email protected] 9xN8upK2Bauphb

0x271a - backyard fence             DiphNAM7leOJRT Ir7UxjjhhbAs3j

0x271b - music room wall            [email protected]#VBCy6FJ pTVlAudAzIl5Ox

0x271c - plaza wall                 [email protected] pTVlAgO4tIlzOM

0x271d - lattice wall               q&9Ozw5RnWvAxQ obS6JTP%#COk8Y

0x271e - ornate wall                E7vOzk5wnWvATQ 4bF6hFPlUCOA8Y

0x271f - modern screen              jRRdZsNG#iVWMp fp&QfrDmwLfo3Z

0x2720 - bamboo wall                [email protected] pTVlAgF%t7q5OM

0x2721 - kitchen wall               6#[email protected] 9xN8WpaZyawphb

0x2722 - old brick wall             E79Ozk5wnWvAxQ [email protected]

0x2723 - stately wall               [email protected]#VV9y6FT pTVlAuS%z7q5OM

0x2724 - imperial wall              jRRdZs5NeiVWMS jp&QfrDDwLNo3Z

0x2725 - manor wall                 q&EOzw5wnWvAxy obDOhTPD#Cnk8Y

0x2726 - ivy wall                   DHphNAM7leOJRT Ir7UxYz2hjxswj

0x2727 - mod wall                   [email protected]#VBCy6FJ pTVlAuS%zIl5OM

0x2728 - rose wall                  [email protected] pTVlAgF%t7q5OM

0x2729 - wood paneling              q&EOzw5wnWvATy obDOJTPD#Cnk8Y

0x272a - concrete wall              DiphNAZ&leOJRT Ir7Uxjjhhbxs3j

0x272b - office wall                j#RdZGNG#iVWMp fp&QfEDmULfo3Z

0x272c - ancient wall               [email protected] pTVlAgF%tIl5OM

0x272d - exquisite wall             q&vOzw5RnWvATQ obS6hTP%xCOk8Y

0x272e - sandlot wall               E7rOzk5wnWvAxy 4b7OJFP8vCnA8Y

0x272f - Jingle wall                [email protected]#VV9y9FT pTVlAud4z7qzOx

0x2730 - meadow vista               [email protected] pTVlAgF8t7qzOM

0x2731 - tree-lined wall            q&EOzw5RnWvAxy obDOJTPD#Cnk8Y

0x2732 - arched window              DVphNAZ<OQRT Ir7U#YjJhjxs3j

0x2733 - mosaic wall                j#RdZGNG#iRWMp fp&QffDmULfo3h

0x2734 - basement wall              jRRdZsXgeiRWMp jp&Qf5DDwLNo3h

0x2735 - backgammon wall            [email protected] 9xN8u5ahBawpXb

0x2736 - kiddie wall                DTphNAZ<OQRT Ir7U#YjJhjxswj

0x2737 - shanty wall                [email protected]#VV9y9FT pTVlAud4zIlzOM

0x2738 - industrial wall            [email protected] pTVlAgF8tIlzOM

0x2739 - desert vista               q&EOzw5wnWvAxy obDOhTPDxCnk8Y

0x273a - library wall               E7rOzk5RnWvAxy 4bmOhFP8UCnA8Y

0x273b - floral wall                [email protected]#VV9y9FJ pTVlAud4zIlzOx

0x273c - tropical vista             jRRdZsXueiVWMp jp&QfrDDwLNo3h

0x273d - playroom wall              q&rOzw5wnWvATy ob&OhTPDVCnk8Y

0x273e - kitschy wall               DTphNAZ<OQRT Ir7U#jzWhjAswj

0x273f - groovy wall                jRRdZsKg#iVWMS fp&QfLDmwLfo3h

0x2740 - mushroom mural             [email protected] pTVlAgO4tIlzOM

0x2741 - ringside seating           q&vOzw5wnWvATQ oba6JTP%eCOk8Y

0x2742 - harvest wall               E7EOzk5RnWvAxy 4b7OhFP8vCnA8Y

| Carpet..................................................[flor] |

0x2600 - plush carpet               [email protected]# 4toFwrbM2ScHi5

0x2601 - classic carpet             iPAEiMouiVvyGY zc8kr#DqmYuUrq

0x2602 - checkered tile             J#[email protected] hddcFF8eOO4Q%F

0x2603 - old flooring               h&Uiybzy78x%OF 86#[email protected]

0x2604 - red tile                   @@xZbwRvxHRPZP wnyO87XWJqOjKc

0x2605 - birch flooring             5jAjJCycFZeiRu QdqpQAi4pHaR3C

0x2606 - classroom floor            5ZQjJCy5b3eiRu mdqpsAi46pUsxm

0x2607 - lovely carpet              h&U4G5zZ78T%OF [email protected]

0x2608 - exotic rug                 5ZQjJCGzb3eeBu QlqpsAx46p&sVm

0x2609 - mossy carpet               [email protected]#&oVz udp65Ea%@hzR5z

0x260a - 18 mat tatami              b5ZdO2uxF#RoBz bdp65xaRvhzR5z

0x260b - 8 mat tatami               tk7i6SbaFVIgXh [email protected]@NC9BA

0x260c - citrus carpet              [email protected]@zB hdd3pF8eZc#ZLF

0x260d - cabin rug                  5jAjJCG5FZeiRu mdqpQAe4pHaR3C

0x260e - closed road                iPmqTGouXVV6yx w58krr%YmYuUrq

0x260f - lunar surface              hlUiybzy78x%OF 86#[email protected]

0x2610 - sand garden                [email protected]&NC4RkY# #toFwrb&FScHi5

0x2611 - spooky carpet              #PAE43uGiVvyGx zc8kr#DZmYuUrq

0x2612 - western desert             [email protected] hldgpJLeOc4QLm

0x2613 - green rug                  nW7GJbwHV#gJJ5 xXBKOrFgNGjFvc

0x2614 - blue flooring              [email protected]@zB hld3pJLeZc#ZLm

0x2615 - regal carpet               v8m%aWWyT&DuYB GdB2mSI#PHc56t

0x2616 - ranch flooring             uzdd378xF#RoBz [email protected]

0x2617 - modern tile                h&U4ybzy78x%OF 86#[email protected]

0x2618 - cabana flooring            5ZQjJCy5b3eeBu QlqpsAV46p&sVm

0x2619 - Snowman carpet             5jAjJCycFZeiRu QdqpIAe4pHaR3C

0x261a - backyard lawn              #PAq4nuGXVV6yx o58krr%n7YuUrq

0x261b - music room floor           tk7i6NKaFVIgXh [email protected]@EgUNC9BY

0x261c - plaza tile                 @@CZcbRvxHRAZH RnyO87G2pqOjKc

0x261d - kitchen tile               5hAjJCG5FMeiRu QdqpIAi4pHaRxC

0x261e - ornate rug                 G#[email protected] hldc2JLeOO4Q%m

0x261f - tatami floor               tk7i6SbaFVIgXJ [email protected]@NC9BA

0x2620 - bamboo flooring            5YQjJCGzbceeBu mlqpsAV46p&sgm

0x2621 - kitchen flooring           5hAjJCw5FGeiRw mdqpQTe4pHaRxC

0x2622 - charcoal tile              b5ddc7NxF#RoB# [email protected]

0x2623 - stone tile                 hlU4ybcy78A%OF 86#[email protected]

0x2624 - imperial tile              [email protected] wnyO87XTJqOjKc

0x2625 - opulent rug                v4m%aWWyT&DuYB GlB3%F&#Pjc5le

0x2626 - slate flooring             5ZQjJCy5b3eiRu QdqpsAe46pUsxm

0x2627 - ceramic tile               tk7f6NK&FV&gXs [email protected]@EgUNC9BY

0x2628 - fancy carpet               [email protected]@zB hddgJF8eZc#ZLF

0x2629 - cowhide rug                f4m%aWWyT&DuYB GlB7%F&#PHc5le

0x262a - steel flooring             uzZd32oxF#RoBz bdp65xa7vhzR5z

0x262b - office flooring            tk7i6SbaFVIgXJ [email protected]@NC9BA

0x262c - ancient tile               [email protected]# otoFwr2x2ScHi5

0x262d - exquisite rug              5jAjJCw5FyeiRw mdqpITi4pHaR3C

0x262e - sandlot                    #PAqAguGXVVyyx #58krrDcmYuUrq

0x262f - Jingle carpet              h&U4G5zZ78T%OF [email protected]

0x2630 - daisy meadow               [email protected]@zB hddgpF8eZO#ZLF

0x2631 - sidewalk                   f8m%aWWyT&DuYB GlBc%F&#PHc56e

0x2632 - mosaic tile                iPmqiyouXVVyyY 458krrDB7YuUrq

0x2633 - parquet floor              hlUiybzy78x%OF 86#[email protected]

0x2634 - basement floor             [email protected]@zB hld3JJLeZc#ZLm

0x2635 - chessboard rug             [email protected]#&oV# wdp65Ea&vhzR5z

0x2636 - kiddie carpet              5ZQjJCy5b3eiRu mdqpLAe46pUsxm

0x2637 - shanty mat                 tk7f6NK&FV&gXQ [email protected]

0x2638 - concrete floor             @@CZbbRvxHRAZP RnyO87G2pqOjKc

0x2639 - Saharah's desert           5hAjJCbcFGeiRw mdqpQTi4pHaRxC

0x263a - tartan rug                 5ZQjJCGzb3eiRu mdqpsAe46pUsxm

0x263b - palace tile                nW7iJbwPV#VJJ9 EfBKmrFgNGjpvc

0x263c - tropical floor             [email protected]&NC4RoYz wtoFwr27FScHi5

0x263d - playroom rug               [email protected]#&kVz [email protected]

0x263e - kitschy tile               [email protected] hddgpF8eOO4QLF

0x263f - diner tile                 tk7i6SbaFVIgXh [email protected]@[email protected]

0x2640 - block flooring             [email protected]&NC4RoYz otoFwr232ScHi5

0x2641 - boxing ring mat            [email protected]#&kV# [email protected]

0x2642 - harvest rug                iPAqTGouXVV6yY w58krr%YmYuUrq

| Clothing................................................[shrt] |

0x2400 - flame shirt                [email protected]@t9FX3uO [email protected]&mg78bA

0x2401 - paw shirt                  VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pp99G#Ib78cA

0x2402 - wavy pink shirt            VYAtSODoIHWooo K%pppelrIb78cY

0x2403 - future shirt               [email protected]@O9FW3uO KmHZg9y8FV78cY

0x2404 - bold check shirt           VYAtSCD4IHWkoo K%ppI9v#Db78bA

0x2405 - mint gingham               VYAtSODo9HWooo K%pJ69yrIb78bA

0x2406 - bad plaid shirt            VYAtSODoIHWooo K%pppelrIb78bY

0x2407 - speedway shirt             VYAeSODoIHWkob KApJpeyrDb78cY

0x2408 - folk shirt                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x2409 - daisy shirt                [email protected] [email protected]&ku78cA

0x240a - wavy tan shirt             [email protected] [email protected]

0x240b - optical shirt              [email protected] bYH6g9ysFg78bY

0x240c - rugby shirt                VYAtSOD49HWkob K%pJpelrDb78cA

0x240d - sherbet gingham            [email protected] K%[email protected]

0x240e - yellow tartan              VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pJI9v#Ib78bY

0x240f - gelato shirt               VYAeSODo9HWkob KAppI9G#Db78cY

0x2410 - work uniform               VYAtSCD49HWkoo K%ppI9v#Db78cA

0x2411 - patched shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x2412 - plum kimono                VYAtSODo9HWoob K%pJI9v#Ib78bY

0x2413 - somber robe                VYAeSCDoIHWkoo KApppeG#Db78cY

0x2414 - red sweatsuit              [email protected]@t9FW3uO [email protected]

0x2415 - blue sweatsuit             [email protected]@O9HXbuO [email protected]

0x2416 - red puffy vest             [email protected] [email protected]&mu78bY

0x2417 - blue puffy vest            [email protected] KOjM99yUFg78cY

0x2418 - summer robe                VYAtSOD49HWkoo K%pppelrDb78bA

0x2419 - bamboo robe                VYAtSODo9HWoob K%pJ69G#Ib78cA

0x241a - red aloha shirt            [email protected] [email protected]

0x241b - blue aloha shirt           [email protected] w%H6g9ByFV78wY

0x241c - dark polka shirt           [email protected]@t9FX3uO [email protected]

0x241d - lite polka shirt           [email protected]@O9HXbuO [email protected]

0x241e - lovely shirt               [email protected] [email protected]

0x241f - citrus shirt               [email protected] Uqj999BsFg78wY

0x2420 - kiwi shirt                 [email protected] Ukh[email protected]

0x2421 - watermelon shirt           [email protected] K%[email protected]

0x2422 - strawberry shirt           [email protected]@O9FWbuO [email protected]&mu78wY

0x2423 - grape shirt                VYAeSODoIHWkoo KApJpeyrDb78bY

0x2424 - melon shirt                VYAtSCD4IHWkoo K%ppI9lrDb78bA

0x2425 - Jingle shirt               VYAtSODoIHWooo K%pp99G#Ib78bA

0x2426 - blossom shirt              VYAtSODo9HWooo K%pppev#Ib78cY

0x2427 - icy shirt                  VYAeSCDo9HWkoo KApJpeyrDb78cY

0x2428 - crewel shirt               [email protected] [email protected]

0x2429 - tropical shirt             VYAtSODo9HWooo K%pp99yrIb78cA

0x242a - ribbon shirt               [email protected] K%[email protected]

0x242b - fall plaid shirt           [email protected] UZj999B&Fg78wY

0x242c - fiendish shirt             [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x242d - chevron shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x242e - ladybug shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x242f - botanical shirt            VYAeSODoIHWkob KApppeyrDb78cY

0x2430 - Anju's shirt               VYAtSOD4IHWkob K%pJpev#Db78bA

0x2431 - Kaffe's shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x2432 - lavender robe              VYAtSCDoIHWoob K%pppev#Ib78cY

0x2433 - blue grid shirt            VYAeSODoIHWkob KApJI9G#Db78cY

0x2434 - butterfly shirt            VYAtSOD49HWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x2435 - blue tartan                [email protected]@O9HWbuO [email protected]

0x2436 - Gracie's top               VYAtSODoIHWoob K%pppev#Ib78cY

0x2437 - orange tie-dye             [email protected] UQjM99BlFV783Y

0x2438 - purple tie-dye             VYAtSCD4IHWkob K%pJpev#Db78bA

0x2439 - green tie-dye              VYAtSODoIHWooo K%pp99yrIb78bA

0x243a - blue tie-dye               [email protected] [email protected]

0x243b - red tie-dye                VYAeSCDo9HWkob KApppeG#Db78cY

0x243c - one-ball shirt             [email protected] [email protected]

0x243d - two-ball shirt             VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pp99yrIb78cA

0x243e - three-ball shirt           [email protected] [email protected]

0x243f - four-ball shirt            [email protected] wqH6g9BsFg78wY

0x2440 - five-ball shirt            VYAtSCD4IHWkob K%pJpelrDb78cA

0x2441 - six-ball shirt             VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pp99yrIb78cA

0x2442 - seven-ball shirt           VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pJI9lrIb78bY

0x2443 - eight-ball shirt           [email protected] UQj999B8FV78wY

0x2444 - nine-ball shirt            [email protected] [email protected]

0x2445 - arctic camo                [email protected] [email protected]&ku78cA

0x2446 - jungle camo                [email protected]@O9FWbuO [email protected]&mu78wY

0x2447 - desert camo                [email protected] UZjM99B&Fg783Y

0x2448 - rally shirt                VYAtSCD49HWkob K%pJpev#Db78cA

0x2449 - racer shirt                [email protected]@O9HWbuO [email protected]&ku78cA

0x244a - racer 6 shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x244b - fish bone shirt            [email protected] UQj999BlFV78wY

0x244c - spiderweb shirt            [email protected] [email protected]

0x244d - zipper shirt               [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x244e - bubble shirt               VYAtSCDoIHWoob K%pJI9lrIb78bY

0x244f - yellow bolero              VYAeSODoIHWkoo KAppI9G#Db78cY

0x2450 - nebula shirt               [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x2451 - neo-classic knit           VYAtSODoIHWooo K%pJ69yrIb78cA

0x2452 - noble shirt                [email protected] [email protected]

0x2453 - turnip top                 [email protected] KmjM99ylFV78bY

0x2454 - oft-seen print             [email protected] [email protected]&mg783A

0x2455 - ski sweater                VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pp69G#Ib78bA

0x2456 - circus shirt               VYAtSODoIHWooo K%ppI9lrIb78cY

0x2457 - patchwork top              VYAeSODoIHWkob KAppI9yrDb78cY

0x2458 - mod top                    [email protected] [email protected]

0x2459 - hippie shirt               [email protected]@O9HXbuO [email protected]

0x245a - rickrack shirt             [email protected] [email protected]

0x245b - diner uniform              VYAeSODo9HWkob KApppeG#Db78cY

0x245c - shirt circuit              [email protected] [email protected]

0x245d - U R here shirt             VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pJ69G#Ib78bA

0x245e - yodel shirt                VYAtSODoIHWooo K%pppev#Ib78bY

0x245f - pulse shirt                VYAeSCDo9HWkoo KApJpeG#Db78bY

0x2460 - prism shirt                VYAtSOD49HWkoo K%pJpev#Db78bA

0x2461 - star shirt                 [email protected]@O9HWbuO [email protected]

0x2462 - straw shirt                VYAtSODoIHWooo K%pJI9v#Ib78bY

0x2463 - noodle shirt               VYAeSODo9HWkoo KApJpeyrDb78cY

0x2464 - dice shirt                 [email protected]@t9FW3uO [email protected]

0x2465 - kiddie shirt               [email protected] [email protected]

0x2466 - frog shirt                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x2467 - moody blue shirt           VYAeSODo9HWkoo KApJpeG#Db78cY

0x2468 - cloudy shirt               VYAtSCD49HWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78bA

0x2469 - fortune shirt              VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pJ99G#Ib78cA

0x246a - skull shirt                [email protected] [email protected]

0x246b - desert shirt               VYAeSCDoIHWkob KApJI9G#Db78cY

0x246c - aurora knit                VYAtSCD4IHWkob K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x246d - winter sweater             VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pJ69yrIb78cA

0x246e - go-go shirt                VYAtSCDoIHWoob K%ppI9lrIb78bY

0x246f - jade check print           [email protected]@O9FW3uO UZH6g9BUFg78wY

0x2470 - blue check print           VYAtSOD49HWkoo K%ppI9v#Db78cA

0x2471 - red grid shirt             VYAtSODo9HWoob K%pp69G#Ib78bA

0x2472 - flicker shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x2473 - floral knit                [email protected] w%H6g9ByFV783Y

0x2474 - rose shirt                 VYAtSCD49HWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x2475 - sunset top                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x2476 - chain-gang shirt           [email protected]@O9FXbuO [email protected]

0x2477 - spring shirt               VYAeSCDo9HWkob KAppI9G#Db78cY

0x2478 - bear shirt                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x2479 - MVP shirt                  VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pJ69G#Ib78bA

0x247a - silk bloom shirt           [email protected] [email protected]

0x247b - pop bloom shirt            VYAeSCDo9HWkoo KApJI9G#Db78bY

0x247c - loud bloom shirt           VYAtSOD49HWkoo K%ppI9lrDb78bA

0x247d - hot spring shirt           VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pJ99yrIb78bA

0x247e - new spring shirt           VYAtSODo9HWooo K%ppI9v#Ib78bY

0x247f - deep blue tee              [email protected] U%j999ByFV783Y

0x2480 - snowcone shirt             VYAtSCD4IHWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x2481 - ugly shirt                 [email protected] K%[email protected]

0x2482 - sharp outfit               VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pppelrIb78cY

0x2483 - painter's smock            VYAeSCDoIHWkob KApppeG#Db78bY

0x2484 - spade shirt                [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x2485 - blossoming shirt           VYAtSODo9HWoob K%pJ99G#Ib78cA

0x2486 - peachy shirt               VYAtSODoIHWooo K%pJpev#Ib78cY

0x2487 - static shirt               VYAeSODoIHWkoo KApJI9G#Db78cY

0x2488 - rainbow shirt              VYAtSOD4IHWkoo K%pJpev#Db78bA

0x2489 - groovy shirt               VYAtSCDoIHWoob K%pp69yrIb78cA

0x248a - loud line shirt            VYAtSODoIHWoob K%ppI9lrIb78bY

0x248b - dazed shirt                [email protected] wqHZg9BrFg78wY

0x248c - red bar shirt              VYAtSOD49HWkob K%ppI9lrDb78bA

0x248d - blue stripe knit           VYAtSODoIHWoob K%pJ69G#Ib78cA

0x248e - earthy knit                [email protected] [email protected]

0x248f - spunky knit                VYAeSODoIHWkob KApJpeyrDb78bY

0x2490 - deer shirt                 VYAtSOD4IHWkoo K%pppev#Db78cA

0x2491 - blue check shirt           VYAtSODo9HWooo K%pJ99G#Ib78cA

0x2492 - light line shirt           [email protected] [email protected]

0x2493 - blue pinstripe             VYAeSODo9HWkoo KApJI9G#Db78bY

0x2494 - diamond shirt              [email protected]@t9FX3uO [email protected]&mg78cA

0x2495 - lime line shirt            [email protected]@O9HWbuO [email protected]

0x2496 - big bro's shirt            VYAtSODoIHWoob K%pppev#Ib78bY

0x2497 - green bar shirt            VYAeSODo9HWkoo KApppeyrDb78cY

0x2498 - yellow bar shirt           [email protected] [email protected]

0x2499 - monkey shirt               [email protected] [email protected]

0x249a - polar fleece               VYAtSCDoIHWoob K%pJpev#Ib78cY

0x249b - ancient knit               VYAeSCDo9HWkoo KAppI9G#Db78bY

0x249c - fish knit                  VYAtSCD4IHWkob K%pppelrDb78bA

0x249d - vertigo shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x249e - misty shirt                VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pJI9v#Ib78bY

0x249f - stormy shirt               VYAeSODoIHWkob KApppeyrDb78bY

0x24a0 - red scale shirt            [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x24a1 - blue scale shirt           VYAtSCDoIHWoob K%pp99yrIb78cA

0x24a2 - heart shirt                [email protected] [email protected]

0x24a3 - yellow pinstripe           VYAeSODo9HWkob KApJpeyrDb78bY

0x24a4 - club shirt                 VYAtSCD49HWkoo K%pppev#Db78cA

0x24a5 - li'l bro's shirt           [email protected] K%[email protected]

0x24a6 - argyle knit                [email protected] [email protected]

0x24a7 - caveman tunic              VYAeSODo9HWkoo KApppeG#Db78bY

0x24a8 - cafe shirt                 VYAtSCD49HWkob K%pppev#Db78bA

0x24a9 - tiki shirt                 VYAtSCDo9HWooo K%pp99yrIb78cA

0x24aa - A shirt                    VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pJpelrIb78cY

0x24ab - checkered shirt            [email protected]@O9FX3uO UZH6g9B&Fg783Y

0x24ac - No.1 shirt                 VYAtSOD49HWkob K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x24ad - No.2 shirt                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x24ae - No.3 shirt                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x24af - No.4 shirt                 [email protected] KYj999ysFg78cY

0x24b0 - No.5 shirt                 [email protected]@t9FW3uO [email protected]

0x24b1 - No.23 shirt                [email protected]@O9HXbuO [email protected]

0x24b2 - No.67 shirt                VYAtSCDoIHWoob K%ppI9v#Ib78bY

0x24b3 - BB shirt                   VYAeSODoIHWkob KApJI9G#Db78bY

0x24b4 - beatnik shirt              VYAtSCD4IHWkob K%pJI9v#Db78bA

0x24b5 - moldy shirt                [email protected]@O9HXbuO [email protected]

0x24b6 - houndstooth tee            VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pppelrIb78bY

0x24b7 - big star shirt             VYAeSODoIHWkob KAppI9G#Db78cY

0x24b8 - orange pinstripe           [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x24b9 - twinkle shirt              VYAtSCDo9HWooo K%pJ69yrIb78bA

0x24ba - funky dot shirt            VYAtSODoIHWoob K%pJI9lrIb78cY

0x24bb - crossing shirt             VYAeSCDo9HWkoo KAppI9yrDb78bY

0x24bc - splendid shirt             [email protected] K%[email protected]

0x24bd - jagged shirt               [email protected] [email protected]

0x24be - denim shirt                VYAtSODo9HWoob K%pJpev#Ib78bY

0x24bf - cherry shirt               VYAeSCDo9HWkoo KApJpeG#Db78cY

0x24c0 - gumdrop shirt              [email protected]@t9FX3uO [email protected]

0x24c1 - barber shirt               [email protected] [email protected]

0x24c2 - concierge shirt            VYAtSCDo9HWooo K%pppev#Ib78bY

0x24c3 - fresh shirt                VYAeSCDo9HWkoo KApJI9G#Db78cY

0x24c4 - far-out shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x24c5 - dawn shirt                 VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pJ99G#Ib78cA

0x24c6 - striking outfit            VYAtSODoIHWoob K%pJI9lrIb78bY

0x24c7 - red check shirt            [email protected] Kmj999ylFV78cY

0x24c8 - berry gingham              [email protected] [email protected]

0x24c9 - lemon gingham              [email protected]@O9HXbuO [email protected]

0x24ca - dragon suit                VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%ppI9v#Ib78bY

0x24cb - G logo shirt               [email protected] UqjM99BrFg78wY

0x24cc - tin shirt                  [email protected] [email protected]

0x24cd - jester shirt               VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pJ99yrIb78cA

0x24ce - pink tartan                [email protected] [email protected]

0x24cf - waffle shirt               VYAeSODoIHWkob KAppI9G#Db78bY

0x24d0 - gray tartan                VYAtSOD49HWkob K%pppelrDb78cA

0x24d1 - windsock shirt             VYAtSCDo9HWoob K%pp99yrIb78bA

0x24d2 - trendy top                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x24d3 - green ring shirt           VYAeSCDoIHWkoo KApppeyrDb78cY

0x24d4 - white ring shirt           VYAtSCD4IHWkob K%ppI9v#Db78cA

0x24d5 - snappy print               [email protected] K%[email protected]

0x24d6 - chichi print               [email protected] [email protected]

0x24d7 - wave print                 VYAeSODoIHWkoo KApJI9yrDb78bY

0x24d8 - checkerboard tee           [email protected] [email protected]

0x24d9 - subdued print              VYAtSODo9HWoob K%pp99G#Ib78bA

0x24da - airy shirt                 [email protected]@O9FWbuO [email protected]

0x24db - coral shirt                VYAeSCDoIHWkob KApJpeyrDb78bY

0x24dc - leather jerkin             VYAtSCD4IHWkoo K%pppelrDb78bA

0x24dd - zebra print                VYAtSCDo9HWooo K%pp69yrIb78cA

0x24de - tiger print                VYAtSODo9HWoob K%pppelrIb78bY

0x24df - cow print                  [email protected] bYH6g9yrFg78bY

0x24e0 - leopard print              [email protected]@t9FW3uO [email protected]

0x24e1 - danger shirt               [email protected] K%[email protected]

0x24e2 - big dot shirt              [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x24e3 - puzzling shirt             [email protected] Uqj999BsFg783Y

0x24e4 - exotic shirt               VYAtSOD49HWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78bA

0x24e5 - houndstooth knit           [email protected] [email protected]

0x24e6 - uncommon shirt             [email protected] [email protected]

0x24e7 - dapper shirt               VYAeSCDo9HWkoo KApppeyrDb78bY

0x24e8 - gaudy sweater              [email protected] [email protected]

0x24e9 - cozy sweater               [email protected]@O9HWbuO [email protected]

0x24ea - comfy sweater              [email protected] [email protected]

0x24eb - classic top                [email protected] KYjM99ysFg78cY

0x24ec - vogue top                  [email protected] [email protected]

0x24ed - laced shirt                [email protected] [email protected]&ku78bA

0x24ee - natty shirt                VYAtSODo9HWoob K%pJI9lrIb78bY

0x24ef - citrus gingham             [email protected]@O9FX3uO KOH6g9y&Fg78bY

0x24f0 - cool shirt                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x24f1 - dreamy shirt               [email protected]@O9HWbuO [email protected]

0x24f2 - flowery shirt              [email protected] [email protected]&mu78wY

0x24f3 - caterpillar tee            VYAeSCDoIHWkoo KApJpeyrDb78bY

0x24f4 - shortcake shirt            VYAtSCD49HWkob K%pJpelrDb78bA

0x24f5 - whirly shirt               [email protected] [email protected]

0x24f6 - thunder shirt              [email protected] [email protected]

0x24f7 - giraffe print              [email protected]@O9FW3uO KOHZg9yUFg78cY

0x24f8 - swell shirt                [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x24f9 - toad print                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x24fa - grass shirt                [email protected]@O9FXbuO [email protected]

0x24fb - mosaic shirt               VYAeSODoIHWkoo KApJI9yrDb78cY

0x24fc - fetching outfit            VYAeSODoIHWkoo KApJI9yrDb78cY

0x24fd - snow shirt                 [email protected]@O9HWbuO [email protected]&ku783A

0x24fe - melon gingham              VYAtSCDoIHWooo K%pJpev#Ib78cY

| Handheld Items..........................................[hand] |


0x2204 - gelato umbrella            Xq6iDZtQA8tjx7 [email protected]

0x2205 - daffodil parasol           XY6iHaOZP8eaxF QdGQgG9ABpQSMt

0x2206 - berry umbrella             XY6iD2dQP8tjx7 odGMgG9kBpQSMt

0x2207 - orange umbrella            bYpuaGtMcpH5Ju [email protected]

0x2208 - mod umbrella               [email protected] [email protected]@B

0x2209 - petal parasol              9q6iDZtJA8tjx2 QdGQgV9%Bp%SJ6

0x220a - ribbon parasol             Jq6iDjdZYLHaAm s6G9ngIEtSmfTs

0x220b - gingham parasol            bYpuaMtZcpH5Ju [email protected]

0x220c - plaid parasol              bZpupvt#cpH5Ju %lVp2CBgdq22JI

0x220d - lacy parasol               Xq6iDqtQA8tjx2 QdGQgG9kBpQSMt

0x220e - elegant umbrella           9Y6iHhOMP8eaxm odGMgV9QBp%SJ6

0x220f - dainty parasol             bYpuRVdMcpP5JW [email protected]

0x2210 - classic umbrella           bZpu7GdzcpP5JW %6Vp2rBvdq22Z7

0x2211 - Nintendo parasol           XY6iDadQP8tjx2 QdGQgV9kBpQSJt

0x2212 - bumbershoot                9Y6iHjOMP8eaxm odGMgV9QBp%SM6

0x2213 - sunny parasol              bYpuRVdZcpP5JW [email protected]

0x2214 - batbrella                  bZpupVt#cIH5Ju %lVp2MBgdqcSfI

0x2215 - checked umbrella           Jq6iQhdxYLHaAF A6GInuI3tSFWxs

0x2216 - yellow umbrella            Jq6iDhdMYLHaAm s6G9nGI3tSmfTs

0x2217 - leaf umbrella              9q6iHcd9A8eaxm odGQgV9QVS%SM6

0x2218 - lotus parasol              Xq6iDYtQA8tjx7 [email protected]

0x2219 - paper parasol              Jq6iQZtxYLHaAF A9GInuI3tSFWxs

0x221a - polka parasol              XY6iH2OZP8eaxm odGMgG9ABpQSJt

0x221b - sharp umbrella             Xq6iDqtIA8tjx7 odGQgG9kVSQSJt

0x221c - twig parasol               [email protected] [email protected]%fSy

0x221d - noodle parasol             Jq6iFaOxYLPaA2 AdGInuI3tSFWxs

0x221e - pastel parasol             bYpuaEtZcpH5Ju [email protected]

0x221f - hypno parasol              Jq6iH2OMYLPaA7 sdG9nGI3tSmfxs

0x2220 - retro umbrella             bZpupGtzcIH5Ju %lVp23BvdqcSfI

0x2221 - icy umbrella               Xq6iHcdZA8eaxF QdGQgG9ABpQSMt

0x2222 - blue umbrella              9q6iDqtJA8tjx7 odGMgV9%Bp%SJ6

0x2223 - flame umbrella             XY6iHhO6P8eaxm odGQgG9AVSQSMt


0x2254 - bluebell fan               9Y6iDYtJANdjx7 [email protected]%BH%fSy

0x2255 - plum fan                   XY6iDhdQP8tjx2 QdGQgG9kBpQSJt

0x2256 - bamboo fan                 Jq6iHZdZYLPaA7 [email protected]

0x2257 - cloud fan                  bYpuRGdMcpP5JW [email protected]

0x2258 - maple fan                  [email protected] [email protected]%[email protected]

0x2259 - fan fan                    Jq6iFjOxYLPaA2 AdGInuI3tSFWxs

0x225a - flower fan                 9q6iDctJA8tjx7 odGMgV9%Bp%SM6

0x225b - leaf fan                   bYpuRVdMcpP5JW [email protected]


0x224c - yellow pinwheel            bZpu7gdzcIP5JW %6Vp23BvdqcSfI

0x224d - red pinwheel               Xq6iDctQA8tjx2 QdGQgG9kBpQSJt

0x224e - tiger pinwheel             9Y6iHaOMP8eaxm odGMgV9QBp%SJ6

0x224f - green pinwheel             bYpuRgdZcpP5JW [email protected]

0x2250 - pink pinwheel              bZpu7VdzcIP5JW %6Vp2rBvdqcSfI

0x2251 - striped pinwheel           Jq6iQctYYLHaAF A9GIngIEtSFWxs

0x2252 - flower pinwheel            9q6iDqtJA8tjx7 odGMgG9%Bp%SM6

0x2253 - fancy pinwheel             bYpuRxdMcpP5JW [email protected]


0x2244 - red balloon                bZpu7GdzcIP5JW %6Vp2rBvdqcSfI

0x2245 - yellow balloon             9q6iHYdMA8eaxF QdGQgV9QBp%SJ6

0x2246 - blue balloon               9q6iHcdMA8eaxm odGMgV9QBp%SJ6

0x2247 - green balloon              9q6iHqd9A8eaxm odGQgV9QVS%SJ6

0x2248 - purple balloon             bZpupGt#cpH5Ju %lVp2CBgdq22Z7

0x2249 - bunny p. balloon           9q6iDctJA8tjx2 QdGQgV9%Bp%SJ6

0x224a - bunny b. balloon           9q6iHZdMA8eaxm odGMgV9QBp%SM6

0x224b - bunny o. balloon           bYpuaEtMcpH5Ju [email protected]


0x2200 - net                        bZpu7Gd#cIP5JW %6Vp2CBgdqcSq7

0x2201 - axe                        Jq6iFYdYYLPaA2 [email protected]

0x2202 - shovel                     Jq6iHZdZYLPaA7 [email protected]

0x2203 - fishing rod                9q6iHYd9A8eaxm odGQgG9QVS%SM6

Golden Tools

0x251f - golden net                 gQkxWOLAiIlnTq oHDtpfxhfVTpXP

0x2520 - golden axe                 #hcr&avaF&Nl2d [email protected]%3iGK7

0x2521 - golden shovel              hdxTOY7ahsGabh SC2op2bLu6Kcgi

0x2522 - golden rod                 VNYJ3jRJq3Rp7M HqyfAW5#ia2yqN

| Stationery..............................................[papr] |

0x20c0 - 4x airmail paper           gz4UWVFz7RynZR sH7kfC5&LEzboH

0x20c1 - 4x sparkly paper           C&UNTIunLcQQJv VJWdl4atSlZGtb

0x20c2 - 4x bamboo paper            y&N#ozob%m%8Y% zBXNRDBaSK59HK

0x20c3 - 4x orange paper            8pu#lABq3RGdqH RFFGJWnaysihUz

0x20c4 - 4x essay paper             [email protected]%IZv boWKyoakSlOGdb

0x20c5 - 4x panda paper             55w#oz2YkTGqYY 8F2OfFocsDFhbz

0x20c6 - 4x ranch paper             y&N#ozob%7%%Y% zBfN7DtaSKc9Hh

0x20c7 - 4x steel paper             F&UNWeh2LukAMg wy4zloKQSlOGzb

0x20c8 - 4x blossom paper           n54UWvFz7RbnZA sH7maC5&LE4bmH

0x20c9 - 4x vine paper              5rw#oHpYmTGqAY 8FFOaFocsDFhbz

0x20ca - 4x cloudy paper            55##oYFYRTyYAY 8F&OqFocoDO2OH

0x20cb - 4x petal paper             m&UNkesnLWkQMg VykzyoakSlZGzb

0x20cc - 4x snowy paper             G&N#4Khb%OLoAk zAXSRDBGSK59iK

0x20cd - 4x rainy day paper         55w#oz2YLTGcYY 8F2OfuocsDb2bz

0x20ce - 4x watermelon paper        55w#oY2Y%TGcYj oFa6aGocoDo2OH

0x20cf - 4x deep sea paper          8pu#lABq3RGt%z sFFGJgna5sFhKz

0x20d0 - 4x starry sky paper        m&UUA9snLW%IQv bmWdloacSlOGdb

0x20d1 - 4x daisy paper             55##ozFYITyqAY 8F7dqNocsDb2bz

0x20d2 - 4x bluebell paper          r###ohJY#TBYYY 8FDcqFocoDFhbH

0x20d3 - 4x maple leaf paper        m&UNA9snLWAQJv VQktyoacSlZGtb

0x20d4 - 4x woodcut paper           n54UWvFz7RbnQR sH7maC5&LE4bmH

0x20d5 - 4x octopus paper           C&UNWDunLbQQMv wGiKyoKISlOGtb

0x20d6 - 4x festive paper           rzw#oZ2YATVqAj oFaZaJocoDFhbH

0x20d7 - 4x skyline paper           y&Niuzso%nk8xk wl%iRQtaSK59Xh

0x20d8 - 4x museum paper            [email protected]%IZv boWKl4akSlOGdb

0x20d9 - 4x fortune paper           5rw#oHpYQTGcAY 8FFOauocsDb2bz

0x20da - 4x stageshow paper         rzw#oZ2Y%TVcAY 8FaZfGocoDb2bH

0x20db - 4x thick paper             NPi#lstqCxBt%z sF7gyfnaysz2Uz

0x20dc - 4x spooky paper            y&N#uKso%O%8Y% zBXNRQBaSK59HK

0x20dd - 4x noodle paper            C&UNTIunLcQQJv VJWdy4atSlZGtb

0x20de - 4x neat paper              y&N#ozob%m%8Y% zBXN7QBaSK59HK

0x20df - 4x horsetail paper         8Ii#lRtqCRytqH RF7gZfnaysihUz

0x20e0 - 4x felt paper              y&N#i5so%n%%A% zAfS7QtvSKc9Hh

0x20e1 - 4x parchment paper         C&UNTmunLb%QJg wJidyoK6SlOGzb

0x20e2 - 4x cool paper              r#w#ohpYPTVqAj oFSZfJocoDFhbH

0x20e3 - 4x elegant paper           8pu#lABq3RGd%H RFFGhWnaysihUz

0x20e4 - 4x lacy paper              G&N#o5hb%nLkYk zBfNRDthSKc9ih

0x20e5 - 4x polka-dot paper         55##ozFYITyqYj oF7dqNocsDb2bz

0x20e6 - 4x dizzy paper             [email protected] boWKy4aASlOGdb

0x20e7 - 4x rainbow paper           G&Niozhb%OAox% #lLiRDBhSKc9ph

0x20e8 - 4x hot neon paper          y&N#ibso%OL8Ak zAXSRQBvSK59iK

0x20e9 - 4x cool neon paper         s&Ni4Nho%mk8Tk #fXS7DBXSKc9Xh

0x20ea - 4x aloha paper             C&UUT9unLcAIQv bmWdyoaYSlOGdb

0x20eb - 4x ribbon paper            [email protected] VykzyoaASlZGtb

0x20ec - 4x fantasy paper           m&UUkesnLWLIZg boWKy4akSlOGKb

0x20ed - 4x woodland paper          C&UNTmunLc%QJg VJWdloatSlZGzb

0x20ee - 4x gingko paper            y&N#ozob%7%%Y% zBfN7QtaSKc9Hh

0x20ef - 4x fireworks paper         8Ii#lRtqCRytqz sF7gZfnaysihUz

0x20f0 - 4x winter paper            g#4UWxFzwRy6ZA sHmkau5&sE25uH

0x20f1 - 4x gyroid paper            m&UNWPo2Lb%QMg wGiKl4KDSlOGzb

0x20f2 - 4x ivy paper               m&UUWeo2LckIZg boWKloakSlOGKb

0x20f3 - 4x wing paper              NHi#lQtqgxBt%H RFmgyfnaysz2Uz

0x20f4 - 4x dragon paper            gz4UWVFz7RynQR sH7kfC5&LEzboH

0x20f5 - 4x tile paper              y&Ni4Nsb%mk8Tk #fXS7QBNSKc9Xh

0x20f6 - 4x misty paper             55##oYFYRTyYYj oF&OlFocoDO2OH

0x20f7 - 4x simple paper            [email protected] VykzloaASlZGtb

0x20f8 - 4x honeybee paper          y&N#ibso%OL8Ak zAXSRDBvSK59iK

0x20f9 - 4x mystic paper            y&Ni4usb%mA8T% #fXS7DBNSKc9ph

0x20fa - 4x sunset paper            5r##ojJYUTyqYY 8FDOluocoDo2OH

0x20fb - 4x lattice paper           8Iu#lRBqwRGdqH RF2GhWnaysihUz

0x20fc - 4x dainty paper            g#oUWx2zmRGtQR sHFQvu5&sE25uH

0x20fd - 4x butterfly paper         s&Ni4Nho%7k8Tk wffS7DtXSK59Xh

0x20fe - 4x New Year's card         r###ohJYUTBqAj oFDcluocoDb2bH

0x20ff - 4x inky paper              NHu#lQBq3xVdqz sFFGhWnaysz2Uz

| Fossils.................................................[dino] |


0x1eec - tricera skull              DY%TQQkVyyPQyI E6QSyPBNK8JAse

0x1ef0 - tricera tail               DqLTLsuvyyPQyI E6QSyHBNb8JHse

0x1ef4 - tricera torso              I%qaAdm&DreP6R [email protected]


0x1ef8 - t-rex skull                DY%[email protected] E6QS5HBNK8JmoC

0x1efc - t-rex tail                 &%5HIyugALe76G ElKvvim%sOCFR#

0x1f00 - t-rex torso                [email protected]@t9FX3uO [email protected]&mg78bA


0x1f04 - apato skull                VYRtSCD4IHWkoo K%ppI9v#Db78bA

0x1f08 - apato tail                 [email protected] [email protected]

0x1f0c - apato torso                VYRtSOD49HWkob K%pJpelrDb78cA


0x1f10 - stego skull                VYRtSCD49HWkoo K%ppI9v#Db78cA

0x1f14 - stego tail                 [email protected]@t9FW3uO [email protected]

0x1f18 - stego torso                VYRtSOD49HWkoo K%pppelrDb78bA


0x1f1c - ptera skull                [email protected]@t9FX3uO [email protected]

0x1f20 - ptera right wing           [email protected] [email protected]

0x1f24 - ptera left wing            VYRtSCD4IHWkoo K%ppI9lrDb78bA


0x1f28 - plesio skull               [email protected] [email protected]

0x1f2c - plesio neck                [email protected] b%[email protected]

0x1f30 - plesio torso               VYRtSOD4IHWkob K%pJpev#Db78bA


0x1f34 - mammoth skull              VYRtSOD49HWkoo K%pJI9lrDb78cA

0x1f38 - mammoth torso              VYRtSCD4IHWkob K%pJpev#Db78bA

Smaller Fossils

0x1f3c - amber                      [email protected] [email protected]

0x1f40 - dinosaur track             VYRtSCD4IHWkob K%pJpelrDb78cA

0x1f44 - ammonite                   [email protected] [email protected]

0x1f48 - dinosaur egg               VYRtSCD49HWkob K%pJpev#Db78cA

0x1f4c - trilobite                  [email protected] [email protected]

| Gyroids.................................................[gyrd] |

0x15b0 - tall gongoid               hgAXz5BNWlgMJa 7ktNSJPSACKCVF

0x15b4 - mega gongoid               hgRXz5BNFlgMJa kkeNSOPUAC8CVF

0x15b8 - mini gongoid               [email protected]%N [email protected]

0x15bc - gongoid                    hgAXz5BNWlgMJa 7kYNSFPKsCUCVF

0x15c0 - mini oombloid              hgAXz5BNWlgMJa 7ktNSJPKQCKCVF

0x15c4 - oombloid                   hBD4#qzNwRnCMa kWxvptPbJMKCvF

0x15c8 - mega oombloid              [email protected]%N [email protected]

0x15cc - tall oombloid              [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x15d0 - mega echoid                TVCL2&Kf#T6#xE Ai9&6yMwhIaMRF

0x15d4 - mini echoid                TVwLpRKf#T6#xE Ri6&6bMOs7l3RF

0x15d8 - tall echoid                TVCL2&Kf#T6#xE Ai9&64MwhIaMRF

0x15dc - mini sputnoid              [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x15e0 - sputnoid                   hgRXz5BNFlgMJa kkeNSZPDAC8CVF

0x15e4 - mega sputnoid              [email protected]%8 [email protected]

0x15e8 - tall sputnoid              [email protected]%N [email protected]

0x15ec - mini dinkoid               hBD4#qzNwRnCMa kWxvpdPFTMKCvF

0x15f0 - mini fizzoid               hB84#qzNwRnCMa kWxvptPbJMKCvF

0x15f4 - mega fizzoid               [email protected]%8 CVCVRXQh5ucFNK

0x15f8 - mega dinkoid               [email protected]%8 CVCVRXQh5ucFNK

0x15fc - mini gargloid              hgAXz5BNFlgMJa kkeNSZPDAC8CVF

0x1600 - gargloid                   [email protected]#[email protected] [email protected]

0x1604 - tall gargloid              lpKCUCxJm4Exth N%RVMkEDw9&vKE

0x1608 - mega buzzoid               mAc9lzNmw6hMX9 93Th8#y8c9OpDx

0x160c - tall buzzoid               %[email protected]#[email protected] [email protected]

0x1610 - buzzoid                    [email protected] Xm%[email protected]

0x1614 - mini buzzoid               [email protected] [email protected]

0x1618 - sproid                     kVCEUAw%#zqo4r gmiHePUbyCwhF#

0x161c - mini sproid                WBUEDAV%#zlo4r gmiHePMFB3mpF#

0x1620 - mega sproid                [email protected]#[email protected] RRerwIkq5vJVQR

0x1624 - tall sproid                l6zCDCxJm4Exth N%BVJkESGI&EKE

0x1628 - tootoid                    [email protected]%#zqo4r gmiHePrbyCwhF#

0x162c - mini tootoid               [email protected]#[email protected] RRProIoq5vhVQR

0x1630 - mega tootoid               UhmC%AoQLtldP9 Po7HF825yeChdx

0x1634 - tall droploid              [email protected]@axep [email protected]

0x1638 - mega bovoid                KhoC%ARQLtldP9 Po7HF8bFBewhdx

0x163c - tall bovoid                [email protected] [email protected]

0x1640 - mini metatoid              %[email protected]#[email protected] [email protected]

0x1644 - metatoid                   [email protected] [email protected]

0x1648 - mini bowtoid               [email protected]#[email protected] [email protected]

0x164c - bowtoid                    FTc9lzNmw6hMX9 93Th8#y8c9OpDx

0x1650 - mega bowtoid               [email protected] [email protected]

0x1654 - tall bowtoid               ldzCDCxJm4%xth u%BVJkEDwD&EKE

0x1658 - mega lamentoid             S9lCDCCJkUaxep iD&&Z7MH#[email protected]

0x165c - tall lamentoid             [email protected]@axep XD&&Z7MH#[email protected]

0x1660 - lamentoid                  KhmC&AoQLtqdP9 Po7HF825yVC5tx

0x1664 - mini lamentoid             [email protected]%#zlo4r gmiHePUby3wpF#

0x1668 - mini timpanoid             vpKCUCxJmPExth N%RVMkESG9&vKE

0x166c - timpanoid                  D9lCwCxXkCaxep im%[email protected]

0x1670 - mega timpanoid             lpKCUCCJm4qMth NkxVMkESM9&vKE

0x1674 - quazoid                    [email protected] [email protected]

0x1678 - mega quazoid               v6zCDCCJm4qMth NkAVJkEDCI&EKE

0x167c - mega dekkoid               l6zCDCCJm4qMth NkAVJkESMI&EKE

0x1680 - dekkoid                    [email protected] Xm%[email protected]

0x1684 - mini dekkoid               [email protected] XD&&Z7MH#[email protected]

0x1688 - mega alloid                UhmC&AoQLtqdP9 Po7HF825yVC5tx

0x168c - tall alloid                ldzCDCCJm4fxth ukAVJkESMD&EKE

0x1690 - mini alloid                UsmC&AoQLtqdP9 Po7HF8H5yVC5tx

0x1694 - mini freakoid              vdzCDCxJmP%xth u%BVJkEDwD&EKE

0x1698 - mega freakoid              [email protected] [email protected]

0x169c - tall quazoid               kVwEDAV%#zlo4r gmiHePEFB3mpF#

0x16a0 - mini quazoid               [email protected] Xm%[email protected]

0x16a4 - squat dingloid             [email protected]#[email protected] RRProIBq5vhVQR

0x16a8 - mega dingloid              WVwEDAV%#zlo4r gmiHePEFB3mpF#

0x16ac - tall dingloid              [email protected] [email protected]

0x16b0 - dingloid                   D9lCUCCJkUaxep [email protected]

0x16b4 - mini dingloid              lSKCUCxJmP%xth u%[email protected]&vKE

0x16b8 - wee dingloid               mTc9lzNmw6hMX9 93Th8#88c9OpDx

0x16bc - mega clankoid              [email protected] XmE&Z7MH#[email protected]

0x16c0 - clankoid                   S9lCmCxXkwaxep imE&Z7MH#[email protected]

0x16c4 - tall clankoid              %[email protected]#[email protected] RRProIBq5vhVQR

0x16c8 - mini clankoid              [email protected]@axep XD&&Z7MH#[email protected]

0x16cc - croakoid                   [email protected]%#zqo4r gmiHePUbyCwhF#

0x16d0 - mega croakoid              %[email protected]#[email protected] [email protected]

0x16d4 - tall croakoid              lSKCUCxJm4%xth u%[email protected]&vKE

0x16d8 - mini croakoid              [email protected]#[email protected] [email protected]

0x16dc - mega poltergoid            kVwEUAV%#zqo4r gmiHePEFBCmhF#

0x16e0 - tall poltergoid            ldzCDCCJmPfxth ukAVJkEDCD&EKE

0x16e4 - poltergoid                 l6zCDCCJmPqMth NkAVJkESMI&EKE

0x16e8 - mini poltergoid            [email protected]%#zqo4r gmiHePUbyCwhF#

0x16ec - tall warbloid              mTc9lzNmw6hMX9 93Th8#y8c9OpDx

0x16f0 - warbloid                   [email protected] Xm%[email protected]

0x16f4 - mini warbloid              UsoC%ARQLtldP9 Po7HF8bFBewhdx

0x16f8 - mega rustoid               mAc9lzNmw6hMX9 93Th8#88c9OpDx

0x16fc - rustoid                    [email protected]%#zlo4r gmiHePrby3wpF#

0x1700 - mini rustoid               &AqH7ZkvArB&6G xlKvv4m%oOCA&#

0x1704 - mega percoloid             SqLSlI7RByjmyt qZySKeAXb8QSMc

0x1708 - tall percoloid             DY%TAQkVyhaAyI E6QSyPBNK8Jkse

0x170c - mega puffoid               I%qaEdmEDLBI6R [email protected]

0x1710 - mini puffoid               SqLSRI7xBh&Dyt YZySKeAXb8QSMc

0x1714 - tall puffoid               &AqH7qkvArj76G ElKvU4m%oOCT&w

0x1718 - rhythmoid                  Qq%SlImR4yjmyt qMySKtAXb8JkCc

0x171c - mini rhythmoid             &AqH&yugALV76G xlKvvim%oOCmR#

0x1720 - slim quazoid               DY%T%&uvyyBQyI x6QS5HBNK8JPoC

0x1724 - mega oboid                 Jq%SlI7RByjmyt qMySKeAXb8JFMc

0x1728 - oboid                      DqLT4suvyhaAyI E6QSyHBNb8Jmoe

0x172c - tall oboid                 DY%T%&uvyyBQyI x6QS5HBNK8JHsC

0x1730 - tall timpanoid             &%5HDyugALV76G xlKvvim%sOCFR#

0x1734 - mini howloid               Jq%SRD7xBh&%yt 5MyKzeAXb8JmCc

0x1738 - howloid                    &%5akdm&DrVP6R 5dSWGzwQsOO%x2

0x173c - mega howloid               DY%T%%kVyyBQyI E6QS5PBNK8JTRC

0x1740 - mega harmonoid             I%qaEdmEDLBI6R [email protected]

0x1744 - harmonoid                  DY%T%suvyyRQyI x6QSyHBNK8JPoe

0x1748 - tall harmonoid             &%5aEdmEDLBI6R cdSWGzwQsOO%x2

0x174c - mini harmonoid             Qq%SRImx4h&Dyt YMySKtAXb8JkCc

0x1750 - tall strumboid             DY%T%suvyyRQyI E6QSyHBNK8JPoe

0x1754 - mega strumboid             &%5HDqkvALR76G ElKvU4m%sOCk&w

0x1758 - strumboid                  &%5HmyugArB&6G xlKvvim%sOCHR#

0x175c - mini strumboid             DY%TA%kVyhvAyI E6QS5PBNK8JksC

0x1760 - mega lullaboid             DqLSlDmR4yjkyt 5ZyKztAXb8Q%Cc

0x1764 - tall lullaboid             &%5HDlugALR76G ElKvUim%sOCFRw

0x1768 - lullaboid                  Jq%SlD7RByjkyt cMyKzeAXb8JFMc

0x176c - mini lullaboid             p%qaEd7E%LBI6R [email protected]#wQsOCmx2

0x1770 - mega drilloid              SqLSRI7xBh&Dyt qZySKeAXb8QDCc

0x1774 - drilloid                   Jq%SRD7xBh&%yt cMyKzeAXb8JFMc

0x1778 - mini drilloid              DY%TA%kVyhvAyI x6QS5PBNK8JksC

0x177c - mega nebuloid              Jq%SlI7RByjmyt qMySKeAXb8JmCc

0x1780 - nebuloid                   Jq%SRD7xBh&%yt 5MyKzeAXb8JFMc

0x1784 - squat nebuloid             DY%TAsuvyhaAyI E6QSyHBNK8Jmoe

0x1788 - tall nebuloid              DqLT4suvyhaAyI x6QSyHBNb8Jmoe

0x178c - mini nebuloid              p%qak67&%rVR6R [email protected]#wQsOCFx2

0x1790 - slim nebuloid              Qq%SlImR4yjmyt YMySKtAXb8JkCc

0x1794 - mega plinkoid              &AqH&ZkvALV76G xlKvv4m%oOCk&#

0x1798 - plinkoid                   p%qaEd7E%LBI6R [email protected]#wQsOCFx2

0x179c - mini plinkoid              I%qak6m&DrVR6R [email protected]

0x17a0 - squelchoid                 DY%T%suvyyRQyI x6QSyHBNK8JHse

0x17a4 - mega squelchoid            DqLSRImx4h&Dyt YZySKtAXb8QfMc

0x17a8 - mini squelchoid            &%5ak6m&DrVR6R YdSgGzwQsOO%x2

| K.K. Songs..............................................[musc] |

0x2a00 - K.K. Chorale               jjqKk2Hab7wG&4 EQM6g2Q5L8Jtg7

0x2a01 - K.K. March                 LPR5ruelVn7f8R [email protected]

0x2a02 - K.K. Waltz                 VjlKW2HqbAo9&# %QS6g2Qr4sJtgR

0x2a03 - K.K. Swing                 xAsZXo9yVILf8j [email protected]

0x2a04 - K.K. Jazz                  UilqYWH6SO6J%P OAqVB5EjzeXv7C

0x2a05 - K.K. Fusion                FHY5hMlWa3dWD# [email protected]%[email protected]

0x2a06 - K.K. Etude                 uzdacnFpbome&I %[email protected]#9xdaR

0x2a07 - K.K. Lullaby               ZJ6ZykBTaXbfDz mdboyYCrz8b%[email protected]

0x2a08 - K.K. Aria                  rVBdTkaqSn5J%t YAfyy5q7Xvch6C

0x2a09 - K.K. Samba                 xAQZL89yVDkS8j QOVgBzsy3bOG9M

0x2a0a - K.K. Bossa                 VjqKW2HqbAoG&# %yJ6g2D5LsJtg7

0x2a0b - K.K. Calypso               JT5ZykBBa9bSD4 mdjLyYC55Nb%vM

0x2a0c - K.K. Salsa                 jjlKk2Hab7w9&4 [email protected]

0x2a0d - K.K. Mambo                 AAsZL89ZV8kf8B [email protected]

0x2a0e - K.K. Reggae                b5dacnF6bome&z [email protected]@92Jf#6xdaR

0x2a0f - K.K. Ska                   rPR55uelVnIf8V [email protected]

0x2a10 - K.K. Tango                 VjqKk2H%bkwG&# EQM6g2Qr4NJtg7

0x2a11 - K.K. Faire                 LPR5ruelVn7f8R [email protected]

0x2a12 - Aloha K.K.                 NilqxWH6SOpT%e TlXvt5UTzOXa7C

0x2a13 - Lucky K.K.                 LPR55ueaVnIf8R [email protected]

0x2a14 - K.K. Condor                XVBdTkalSk5J%H qBfyy5q2ilch6C

0x2a15 - K.K. Steppe                xAsZL89hVDkf8j [email protected]

0x2a16 - Imperial K.K.              XVYdA%alSAXH%H fl5ny5q2ipch6x

0x2a17 - K.K. Casbah                xAsZXo9hVILf8j [email protected]

0x2a18 - K.K. Safari                uzda3yFpboCe&I [email protected]#vxS2R

0x2a19 - K.K. Folk                  rPR5rueaVn7f8V [email protected]

0x2a1a - K.K. Rock                  UilqxWHpSOpT%P FlfvB5rTzCXa7C

0x2a1b - Rockin' K.K.               AAQZXo9ZVLLS8B COjGBz&y3VOv9M

0x2a1c - K.K. Ragtime               b5da3yFpboCe&z [email protected]&#lxS2R

0x2a1d - K.K. Gumbo                 ZJ6ZGkBTaNKfDz [email protected]

0x2a1e - The K. Funk                XVBdA%alSAXT%H f%qny552ipch6C

0x2a1f - K.K. Blues                 JT5ZykBBa9bSD4 mdjLyYe55Nb%vM

0x2a20 - Soulful K.K.               VjlKk2Hqbkw9&# [email protected]

0x2a21 - K.K. Soul                  AAsZL89QV8kf8B [email protected]

0x2a22 - K.K. Cruisin'              XVYdA%alSAXH%H fl5ny557Xpch6x

0x2a23 - K.K. Love Song             FHY5sMlWa3OWD# [email protected]@

0x2a24 - K.K. D & B                 uzda3yF6boCe&I [email protected]#vxS2R

0x2a25 - K.K. Technopop             LPR5ruelVn7f8R [email protected]

0x2a26 - DJ K.K.                    UilqxWHpSOpT%P T%Xvt5UA5CXa7C

0x2a27 - Only Me                    AAQZXo9ZVLLS8B COjGBz&GrVOv9M

0x2a28 - K.K. Country               uzda3yFpboCe&I [email protected]&#vxS2R

0x2a29 - Surfin' K.K.               [email protected] [email protected]

0x2a2a - K.K. Ballad                rVYdA%aqSBXH%t Tl5ny5q2iIch6x

0x2a2b - Comrade K.K.               ZJ5ZykBYaXbSDz mdjLyYe558b%vM

0x2a2c - K.K. Lament                VjqKk2HqbkwG&# EyM6g2Q5LNJtg7

0x2a2d - Go K.K. Rider!             ZJ6ZGkBYaNKfDz [email protected]

0x2a2e - K.K. Dirge                 uzdacnF6bome&I [email protected]@92J%#9xdaR

0x2a2f - K.K. Western               ZJ6ZykBTaXbfDz m8boyYCrz8b%[email protected]

0x2a30 - Mr. K.K.                   NilqYWHpSO6J%e YB5Vt5sjztXv7C

0x2a31 - Cafe K.K.                  FHY5hMlca3dWD# [email protected]%[email protected]

0x2a32 - K.K. Parade                NilqxWHpSOpT%e F%fvB5EA5OXa7C

0x2a33 - Senor K.K.                 rPR55uelVnIf8V [email protected]

0x2a34 - K.K. Song                  VjlKk2H%bkw9&# [email protected]

0x2a35 - I Love You                 xAQZL89hVDkS8j QOVgBz&y3bOG9M

0x2a36 - Two Days Ago               NilqxWHpSOpT%e T%Xvt5sA5OXa7C

| Other Codes.............................................[xtra] |


0x2103 - 100 Bells                  BXYJWjRJTMhHnx HKsfjkI#4layMu

0x2100 - 1,000 Bells                GZ3T%E&YR%#tWc baye#[email protected]%CHML&

0x2101 - 10,000 Bells               vZ3T%E2YRQtdkc baoewSBC%gHML7

0x2102 - 30,000 Bells               VQkTkdeji8qnTc ozDtuFQ5YgFGXI


0x2f00 - 10 turnips                 YLlrNOaGLp&j4Z tFc5&G5LVrkQeu

0x2f01 - 50 turnips                 JMmEEYkXAeiyJT 9VBwAqczPwgD2e

0x2f02 - 100 turnips                YLdrN6auyX&B4Z tFcrkNp4Rrk%tN

0x2f03 - spoiled turnips            [email protected]%vtAFtI2 &vnUUcWETMqnlg


0x250e - empty can                  VNYJ3jRJfMRp7M HqyfAk5zha2yqN

0x250f - boot                       HG3TnEE6zClnjq bp5P&FrJxuWscD

0x2510 - old tire                   #hcX&aga2sNl2d [email protected]%3iGK7

Ground Related

0x2511 - fossil                     GdTF74vj5mySOr H7L&5hgAyppsIu

0x2512 - pitfall                    SSEHnxRb7syFkr PhydysSKGqcnQN

0x251e - sign board                 HG3T7EVpj9qtjq b55PApOpxUTIcD


0x2530 - knife and fork             SSEHnxRhRZbFkr PsydnhS#RqcnQN

0x251c - random item                VNYJ3jRTJysp7M HEyfLk5ria2yqN

Exercise Cards

0x2523 - exercise card              SSEHnxRbIGyFc# PhsSYs8#jc5nSG

0x2524 - exercise card              VNYJ3jRTZnsp7M HEyfLk5rVa2yqu

0x2525 - exercise card              hdxTOY7ay7Gabh SC2op2bL26Kcgi

0x2526 - exercise card              [email protected] b5cPApcpxUTIcD

0x2527 - exercise card              gQkxWOLAiDltTq oHDtpf#hfVTpXP

0x2528 - exercise card              SSEHnxRhRZbFkr PsydnhS#VqcnQu

0x2529 - exercise card              #hcX&aljFsDn2d w5oAWVcC%3iXK7

0x252a - exercise card              HG3x7EVpzeqtjq b5cPRpOpxUTIcD

0x252b - exercise card              gQkxWOLAiIlnTq oHmtpfxhfVTpXP

0x252c - exercise card              #hcr&ava2&Nl2d [email protected]%3iGK7

0x252d - exercise card              #hcr&aljFsDB2d w5yAWVOC%3iXK7

0x252e - exercise card              VNYJ3jRJq3Rp7M HqyfAk5#ia2yqu

0x252f - exercise card              HG3TnEE6zelnjq bp5P&FMJxuWscD

Unused Items

0x2500 - letter*                    #hcX&ava2&Nl2d [email protected]%3iGK7

0x2501 - shirt                      #hcX&anj2sDn2d w5oA2VOC%3iXK7

0x2502 - 1,000 Bells**              [email protected] b5cPApOpxUTIcD

0x250d - Money1000Bell**            hdxTOY7ay7Gabh SC2op2bXu6Kcgi

0x2513 - ���*                         gQkTWO4AiDltTq oHDtpfxhfVTpXP

0x251d - present                    hdxTOY7ahsGabh SC2op2bXbnKcgX

*If you drop it out of your inventory, the game resets.
**An item that only looks like a bag of Bells

Vilager Jobs

0x2503 - videotape                  SSEHnxRbIGyFc# PhsSYs8#zq5nSu

0x2504 - organizer                  VNYJ3jRTZnsp7M HEyfLW5rVa2yqu

0x2505 - Pokemon Pikachu            #hcr&anjF&Dn2d w5oAWVcC%3iXK7

0x2506 - comic book                 SSEHnxRbgsyFkr PhydysSKsqcnQu

0x2507 - picture book               HG3xnEE6zelnjq bp5P&FMJxuWscD

0x2508 - Game Boy                   SSEHnxRhRZbFkr PsydnsSzrqcnQu

0x2509 - camera                     GdTF74vj5mySOr H7L&5hgAXHpsIN

0x250a - watch                      HG3x7EVpzeqnjq b5cPRpOpxUTIcD

0x250b - handkerchief               gQkxWOLAiIlnTq oHDtpf#hfVTpXP

0x250c - glasses case               #hcr&avaF&N62d [email protected]%3iGK7


0x2514 - lion's paw                 #hcr&avaFsNl2d [email protected]%3iGK7

0x2515 - wentletrap                 #hcr&aljF&DB2d w5yAWVcC%3iXK7

0x2516 - venus comb                 HG3x7EVpzCqtjq b55PRpOpxUTIcD

0x2517 - porceletta                 SSEHnxRbIGyFc# PhsSYh8zXc5nSu

0x2518 - sand dollar                #hcX&agaF&N62d [email protected]%3iGK7

0x2519 - white scallop              #hcr&anjF&DB2d w5yAWVcC%3iXK7

0x251a - conch                      VNYJ3jRJfMRp7M HqyfAW5#ja2yqu

0x251b - coral                      VNYJkjRJqWjHnx HqsEAWpKLlpyMG

Fruit and Edibles

0x2800 - apple                      WpzIebwpTfXjRN [email protected]

0x2801 - cherry                     GYkTMW48il5Rrd ASYdtrneOcNk58

0x2802 - pear                       Xpz7ebwpTfXYRN HZvKlzXdVQWEZa

0x2803 - peach                      f4lisndvN6p9RM 3s9saEDS7h#cVQ

0x2804 - orange                     [email protected] [email protected]

0x2807 - coconut                    G4dis7dvN6p9RM 3s9&aEDS7J#cVQ

0x2805 - mushroom                   [email protected] eZPKlt28GMW&M2

0x2806 - candy                      XpzIebwpTfXYRN HZvKlzXdVQWvZa

Tree Saplings

0x2900 - sapling                    WpzIxbwpTfX2RN [email protected]

0x2901 - cedar sapling              GYkTGW4lil5Rrd ASYdtrnebcNk5K

Flower Bags

0x2902 - white pansy bag            Xpz7xbwpTfXcRN HOvKlzWdVQkxZa

0x2903 - purple pansy bag           filisndlN6p9Rr 3s9saEDS7j#cVQ

0x2904 - yellow pansy bag           WpzIEbwXTaX2RN [email protected]

0x2905 - white cosmos bag           [email protected] eZPKltp8GMkRZa

0x2906 - pink cosmos bag            XpzIxbwpTfXcRN HOvKlzWdVQkVZa

0x2907 - blue cosmos bag            Gidis7dlN6p9Rr 3s9&aEDS7T#cVQ

0x2908 - red tulip bag              filis7dlN6p9Rr rs9&aEQF7hibv%

0x2909 - white tulip bag            GYkHGW4lil5Rrd ASYdtrnCbcNk5K

0x290a - yellow tulip bag           dtxNZ99EvtOf2o l5mDfXP3mBWW4n

Raffle Tickets

0x2c04 - 5x January ticket          ksehjdly4LYp6A EaEtxviCgeKIQU

0x2c0c - 5x February ticket         P#sKrkyBJigWJ6 YVjkPT9HVbLLS3

0x2c14 - 5x March ticket            oseXhSgy4XBp6T EKEtxviCCeKIMU

0x2c1c - 5x April ticket            P#sKrkytJinfJS qVjkPT9HwbL4S#

0x2c24 - 5x May ticket              ksehjZly4LYa6A E&EtMviCgeJPQU

0x2c2c - 5x June ticket             P#sKrwytXinfJp qVR%PY9HwbL4S#

0x2c34 - 5x July ticket             oseXhpgy4XBp6A EKEtEviCCeJPMU

0x2c3c - 5x August ticket           kseXhDvy4XYp6A EaEtxviCCeKIQU

0x2c44 - 5x September ticket        osehjMny4LBa6A EUEtMviCCeJ#MU

0x2c4c - 5x October ticket          P#LKr3ytEzvWJ6 [email protected]

0x2c54 - 5x November ticket         ksehj6ly4LYp6T EaEtEviCgeJPQU

0x2c5c - 5x December ticket         oseXhfgy4XBa6A EUEtCviCCeKIMU

Grab Bags

0x2e00 - grab bag                   sHhz2c8nK5nkfs [email protected]#

0x2e01 - grab bag***                jUGVszYKlVushx [email protected]

***Contains K.K. Love Song and two Common NES games

| Credits.................................................[thnx] |

Mooglyguy - for creating the first password generator!

Garycxjk - for converting and upgrading Mooglyguy's generator to
the online generator! His was the one Bombchu16 used to make most
of the codes in this guide! And for all of his time I took up
learning from him. Honestly Gary, thank you.

Bombchu16 - for building the bulk of the passwords in this

Dog64 - for helping me get started when I decided to start
understanding the password system.

Bowsersenemy - myself, for making several changes to Bombchu's
guide, and for finishing up the passwords and adding several

Nintendo - for bringing Animal Crossing stateside in the first

| Contact Info............................................[mail] |

If you need help with something, other than getting a custom code
made, you should be able to contact me at these places.
[email protected]

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