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Animal Crossing Pack Shot

Animal Crossing


Fishing Guide

by Hi Mom

Fishing Guide
By Me

This guide in it's whole is under copyright of me. This guide is allowed on the following sites:

Should I find this guide anywhere else, I will contact that site and have it removed.

In any case:

Guide History:
Version 1.0 - Guide was finished, had basic features
Version 1.1 - Fixed the Line issue, added Table of Contents, and Guide History
Version 1.2 - Added Lines before new subjects, added "Preffered Fishing" and "Fishing Common Sense"
Version 1.3 - Added "Cool Trick" and fixed "Piranah" to "Piranha"

Table of Contents:
Intro (Fsh1)
Basics (Fsh2)
Fishing Common Sense (Fsh3)
How to Use Your Fish (Fsh4)
The Fish (Fsh5)
Easiest Way to get Every Fish (Fsh6)
Cool Trick (Fsh7)
Golden Fishing Rod (Fsh8)
Preffered Fishing (Fsh9)
Thanks To (Fsh10)

Intro: (Fsh1)
Hey people, I'm back once again to bring you another walkthrough. This time it's for fishing. Fishing is one of the best ways
to make a living. In fact, I paid off almost every debt by fishing, and I've gathered a bit of knowledge, and I'm going to
share it with you. I have grown to love fishing. It's one of my favorite ways to spend my Animal Crossing time. Let's get

Basics: (Fsh2)
Ok, the basics of fishing are extremally simple. I think a 3 year old would do decently well, actually. Anyways, buy
a fishing rod from Nook, obviously. Now, get it into your hands. So far, so good, right? Now here comes the fun part. Now,
walk, and I mean, WALK, along the side of your river, or ocean. If you decide to ingore me and run, go ahead, but good luck
finding fish! If you run, you can see the fish, but it will swim away, just before you're close enough to cast. Now
,continue walking (get it? Walking...) along, until you see a silhouette moving in the water. Now, if you don't know what a
sihouette is, look at the water. It is basicly the black shape of a fish. Anyways, if you see one, press A to cast. Your
chances are better if you cast near it, or have the Golden Rod, but we'll get to that later. Now, listen for a sound that is
sort of like a "Plunk". Or, watch for when it goes down. Now, press and hold down the A button, and voila! Your first catch!
But what if you don't like what you caught? Don't fear, if you click A on the fish, and select Release by a body of water,
you toss the fish back into the water. It doesn't have to be in the place you caught it either! (A goldfish in the sea? Good

Fishing Common Sense (Fsh3)
That sounded pretty simple, didn't it? Well, it's not really a HUGE challenge, but there is a bit more to it than just that.
Here are some tips to maximise your fishing e-fish-ency. (Hahaha!!!)

Size DOESN't matter. That is critical! Whether it's in the river, or on the shore, don't only go for the huge fish! If you're
afraid of a unvaluable fish, there is a release option when you select a fish that I explained above. In some cases, smaller
fish are better. In others, larger are better. Red Snapper are slightly littler than Sea Bass, and are 30x as valuable
(almost). Goldfish are more valuable
than Carp, and way smaller. Yet, Giant Snakehead are worth more than Small Bass. Back to the point, try to catch a variaty of

There is no rush! If you are playing this game, obviously you have time. So, there is no need to run when you see a fish. The
game has an extraordinary system that keeps the entire game map loaded at the same time, so if you leave an acre, the fish
will still be there until you enter a house. So, don't run through acres to get to fish. Relax, and walk. This way, there is
no risk of scaring away fish.

Be alert! Don't sleep with your bobber in the river! If you cast that pole, watch it! A fish can steal your bait if you leave
it on the hook to long! Just keep an eye on the bobber, and be atentive to the "plunk" noise.

Those are tips that have made me very successful.
How to Use Your Fish: (Fsh4)
Now, here's the best part. There are 3 things that you can do with your fish, You can:

1: Sell them to Nook for a tasty profit (which can go up to 15,000 a fish)

2: Donate them to Blathers at the Museum

3: Keep them as a pet

The 3rd option is a bit odd, but people have done this. All you do is drop it in your house, and bam, it's in the tank
already. Cool, huh? Maybe you can beat Blathers, and start your own Fish Museum! I have a friend who has done this, it's
actually pretty cool.

The Fish: (Fsh5)
No, Crucian Carp are not the only fish out there, strange as it sounds. In fact, there are 40 or so different fish, and here is the scoop on them.

Angelfish- May-Oct / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 3,000 Bells

Arapaima -July-Mid Sept / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 10,000 Bells

Arowana -June-Sept / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 10,000 Bells

Barbel Steed- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Barred Knifejaw-Mar-Nov / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / ocean / 5,000 Bells

Bass -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Bitterling -Dec-Feb / All day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Blue Gill -All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 120 Bells

Brook Trout- All year / All day / reservoir / 150 Bells

Carp -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Catfish- May-Oct / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Cherry Salmon- Mar-Jun, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am, 4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Coelacanth -All year / 4pm-9am(Only in rain) / ocean / 15,000 Bells

Crawfish -April-Mid Sept / All Day / pond / 250 Bells

Crucian Carp- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 120 Bells

Dace -All year / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Eel -Jun-Sept / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 2,000 Bells

Freshwater Goby-All year / All day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Frog -May-Aug / All Day / pond / 250 Bells

Giant Catfish- Jun-Aug / 4pm-9am / reservoir / 3,000 Bells

Giant Snakehead- Jun-Aug / 9am-4pm / reservoir / 6,500 Bells

Goldfish -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Guppy- Apr-Nov / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Jellyfish- 2nd half of Aug / All Day / ocean / 100 Bells

Killifish -Apr-Aug / All Day / pond / 300 Bells

Koi -All year / All day / river, reservoir / 2,000 Bells

Large Bass- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 3,000 Bells

Large Char -Mar-June, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am,4pm-9pm / waterfall / 10,000 Bells

Loach -Mar-May / All Day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Pale Chub- All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Piranha -June-Sept / 9am-4pm, 9pm-4am / river, reservoir / 6,500 Bells

Pond Smelt- Dec-Feb / All Day / river, reservoir / 300 Bells

Popeyed Goldfish- All year / 9am-4pm / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

Rainbow Trout -Mar-June, Sept-Nov / 4am-9am, 4pm-9pm / river, reservoir / 650 Bells

Red Snapper -All year / 4pm-9am / ocean / 3,000 Bells

Salmon -September / All Day / river, ocean, reservoir / 650 Bells

Sea Bass- All year / All day / ocean / 120 Bells

Small Bass- All year / All day / river, reservoir / 200 Bells

Stringfish -Dec-Feb / 4pm-9am / river, reservoir / 15,000 Bells

Sweetfish -July-Sept / All Day / river, reservoir / 1,300 Bells

So... still think Sea Bass and Crucian Carp are all that there is? Think again!

Easiest Way to get Every Fish: (Fsh6)
I have tested this method myself, and it has proven to do me very well on several characters.
Start at a certain date of your choosing, say it's New Year's. I'd suggest making it a holiday, or personal special event,
because it makes it easier for you to remember to start on that day, whereas a day you pick at random is very easy to forget.
Now, your in Winter. Playing only an HOUR a day at minimum,
fish. Try to not do it at the same time every day, because certain fish only appear at certain times. Don't freak out if you
don't catch anything new, just fish. It's no big deal. Sell whatever you catch, and keep fishing.
Do this an hour a day, like I said. Before the end of Winter, in my scenario, you should have every fish exclusive to Winter.
That was simple, and you probably made some good cash doing it. Now on to Spring. Playing an hour a day, at different times,
fishing, you can easily get all the Spring fish. Same for Summer and Fall. It's a very simple, and proven method of getting
every single fish. Now you can get your beloved Golden FIshing Pole. What is that you ask? Keep reading!

Cool Trick: (Fsh7)
This has worked for me, so hopefully it works for you. If you are fishing in the ocean, and happen to get a Sea Bass (which, really, happens quite a bit) you can actually trade them in for a Red Snapper. This trick works about 60% of the time, which is still pretty good. Now, let's say you just caught a Sea Bass. Don't move! Now, release it in the exact same spot that you got it. Now, walk to across the shore, and catch all the fish you sea. If they are Sea Bass, release them. When you get to Acre F5 (bottom-right corner or town), head in the opposite direction.Now, the shadows should be back. Catch them, and most of them should be Red Snappers. It works for me, and for a few other people I know. I don't know if other fish work, or what happens when you release 2. I'll have to check that out sometime. 

The Golden Fishing Rod: (Fsh8)
Yes sir, this bad boy is one of the most aclaimed items in the Animal Crossing world. This bad boy
can reduce the time it takes for a fish to get loured by a whole 5 seconds. That's right, it absolutetly crushes lour time.
But how might one go to get such a marvel? Well, to get this beauty, you must catch every fish I just told you up there. You
must prove yourself a master Fisherman to aquire such might. Now, let's put you in the scenario, where you just caught the
last fish. Now, rush down to the Wishing Well, and speak that Tortimer, who will be eagerly awaiting you. Congratulations
buddy, you won the Gold, so to speak!

Preffered Fishing (Fsh9)
As with real life, there are certain fish you may want to keep an eye out for. When fishing for pure cash, these are the fish
to keep. Unless you like a certain kind of fish, or find a rare one, release the rest.

NOTICE: I am only listing the ones you will find fairly often. For the ocean, I have down Red Snapper. This does NOT mean you
should release a Coelecanth of you get one. If it's worth more than what I have, KEEP IT! Thank you, here they are.

Red Snapper
Barred Knifejaw

Popeyed Goldfish
Giant Catfish
Large Bass
Large Char (By the Waterfall)
Giant Snakehead

Ignore the Ponds in your town if you are going for purely money.

Thanks to: (Fsh10)
My brother, for testing yet another of my guides
Nintendo, of course.

I hope this helped you!