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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's Underground 2

We have 13 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's Underground 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : PC

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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Cheats

Complete Skatopia in Story:
Ryan Sheckler
Unlock Nigel Beaverhausen:

Unlock Paulie:
Infinite Rail/Lip balance:

Unlock Natas Kaupas:

Unlockable: Characters
Complete New Orleans in Story:
Complete Australia in Story:
Shrimp Vendor

Complete Berlin in Story:
Graffiti Tagger
Complete Boston Story:
Ben Franklin

Complete Barcelona Story:
Bull Fighter

Complete Story on Easy mode:
Complete Story on Easy mode:
Space Monkey 1

Complete Story on Easy mode:
Phil Margera

Complete Story on Easy mode:
Geeky Kid.

Mario (Super Mario Bros.) created skater:

Head options
Head: K
Hat: Golf Cap
Hat Color: Red
Hat Hair: Hair Medium 3
Hat Hair Color: Black
Torso options
Shirt: Long Sleeves
Shirt Main Color: Red
Gloves: Gloves 2
Leg options
Pants: Snow
Pants color: Blue
Shoes: Boots Work
Scale options
Body: All the way to the left
Head Top: X: Al the way to the right
Face: X: All the way to the right
Jaw: X: All the way to the right
Chest: All the way to the right
Biceps: All the way to the right
Waist: All the way to the right
Forearms: All the way to the right
Hands: All the way to the right
Thighs: All the way ..

Cheat Codes

No caps unless it has one
All Charachters = wakpak
All movies = sikflick
Always Special = likepaulie
Level select= urown3d
Perfect rail =straightedge
Tony Hawk 1 and Natus dude = unscrewed
Phil (Bam's Dad) = XXLarge
Nigel = Sellout


First it HAS to be skatopia. Go 2 where you find the bigfoot picture. That stall bside the guuy is the cheat. Go on off you're board then you gota click Z and if you do it right he will be stuck in air! So you can higher stats! PS: if you're tring 2 get points for air it wont work but the otha air stff might work!

Unlock natas kaupas

When on main menu go to "cheats" on options menu and type unscrewed

Natals Spin, Australia, and New Orlanes

Hey!Sonicteam101 back to give you a cheat from Tony Hawk's UnderGround 2 (THUG2)!
To do a Natals Spin, hold R&Y near a fire hygdrant,pole,or anything that sticks out.In Astralia,for the goal,'Wake up Sleeping Beauty',Natals Spin the Fire hygrant for 5 sec.,and the words will say,'FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!'. Water will take aim at the crane and cause mishcif.Go where the crane hit and you will find the secret caracter.
In New Orlanes, to Natals Spin the Neversoft eye,you must spine transfer the gate,but this part is tricky.before you go to the other side,press R&Y when you think you are close to the top.You will Natals the Neversoft eye.
And for'Wake the Dead',grind the crypts to knock over the skulls fast. Three of them are easy, but these two are hard. For the..

Answer to Bam blow out

Grind the quarter pipe by bam ad jump over to the letters. you have to grind the I-beams that lead up to them and then grind across the top of the letters.
I am sure we all knew who the fat guy is. Bam introduces him in the opening cinematic, or some people watch viva la Bam.

Natas spins, secret characters, and quests

A lot of people are having a hard time doing a natas spin. Just so you know, it is the "R" (the button under the "Z" button) button and "Y", not right on the stick.
Another thing is about the "combo on the high seas" goal. This goal should be done right after the "skate the liberty trail" quest.
After you acid drop from the crow's nest, use that speed to blast off one of the sides, making it eazy to get a 10,000 point combo.
Jesse James- under the "Jeers" restaurant, go downstairs and enter the pub
Ben Franklin- inside the historical building, go to the half pipe on the right hand side, jump up, spine transfer, and follow him
Bull fighter- free him from the bull (free the bull fighter goal)- th..

Reset Game

Hold buttons: Start + B + X

Jumping and jumping and jumping and...

Go to Barcelona, then go inside the building that you grind while spiraling down.
Get next to the wall opposite the stairs. Get on your board and push Y and A rapidly kinda like your wallriding.
If you get it just right you will keep wallie-ing and you will come out the top.
It really works!

Hint for the kid on the gurney quest Boston!

Go through the alley with the dumpster and througth the park then turn right to get to Tony Hawk!

Level select

When on main menu go to "cheats" and enter urown3d and you should be able to have every story and classic mode level

no gravity

go to the cheat code menu at the main menu and enter in noforce.

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